Roblox: Haunted House Obby! [Annoying Orange Plays]

Roblox: Haunted House Obby! [Annoying Orange Plays]

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(upbeat music) (laughing) – [Orange] (giggling) Hey yo
it’s A to the O back again with another game video! Look where we’re at,
once again, it’s Roblox. Grab your spooky hookies
and your ghost roast ’cause it’s time for Escape
the Haunted House Obby. Obby. Obby. (giggles) Please don’t scare me. I hope I don’t see any vampires ’cause they’re a pain in the neck. (giggles) Yeah, you know you love it. Alright, well it looks
like we’re here trying to make a Roblox totem pole. The weather’s getting
bad; we better get inside. Okay. Ooh, spooky. Hey what do you guys
want on your tombstone? (giggles) I want mine to say, I am zesty. (screaming and laughing) Ooh. Who’s screaming, who’s laughing? I don’t know what’s going on. Well this place isn’t creepy at all. Yeah it is. (giggles) Hey lady! Whatcha doing? Oh please don’t try to scare me. Well I’m glad she didn’t scare me. That’s a breath of fresh scare. (giggles) Ooh. Ow-ey. Well I got. I got cubed by the mist. Why’d that happen? I don’t have the foggiest idea. (giggles) Oh I see what you’re saying. I got to avoid the fog. So I got to go above it. It’s kind of like the floor’s hot lava. Only the floor is toxic fog. Yeah, toxic fog. That’s kind of what happens when I fart. (giggles) Ooh, don’t touch the toxic fog. And there’s a lot of fog in here. Did the Jolly Green Giant
fart in here, or something? (giggles) Gross! Oh no. I touched the fog again. But luckily I hit the check
point so we’re all good. I fall to pieces. This place is falling apart, we need to get through that door. You betcha. You got it Clucky. Hey guys. What kind of beans do monsters put in their spooky Halloween chili? Human beans. (giggles) Definitely not oranges. (giggles) Here we go. Yeah. Gonna run down here. Oh. Look at that. Okay. Don’t touch the glowy things. Otherwise I’ll probably jump scared by Freddy Fazbear or something. Hey guys. Why did the witch refuse
to go to the party? ‘Cause she was having a bad scare day. (giggles) Get it? Bad hair day? Bad scare day? It happens to witches all the time. Okay Clucky, where we going? Aah. What the? Oh boy. Just like every obby reality,
it has hot lava, yeah. I gotta respect that. Even haunted houses have hot lava. Oh, I gotta go around this way. ♪ I got them boos ♪ ♪ I got them grooves ♪ Hey guys. Why are vampires really easy to trick? ‘Cause they’re all suckers. (giggles) Well here we go, here we go. (voice laughing)
That’s how he laughs. Huh huh huh. Oh look at that obby reality. We’ve got action going on
here, you can’t stop me. I’m gonna get through this haunted house. Nobodies gonna stop me. ♪ Hot lava, hot lava, hot lava, yeah ♪ Grilled hot lava sandwiches for everyone. What you’re guys favorite
food to put hot lava on? Oh, this seems to go back to the house. Why we going this way then? I don’t wanna go back to the house. It’s a haunted house. It’s got scary things. And baby ghosts. You wanna know why? ‘Cause its a day scare center. (giggles) Ooh, burly stairs. (giggles) Ooh, ga ga ga ga uh. Ooh, look. Uh oh. Oh no. These are random. Oh no. This looks like it could be difficult. Just gotta time it right. And go! (screaming) (screaming) One more step. (screaming) Think I got it timed just right. Just gotta go right now. (crying) Almost there, almost there. Yes! No! Game cheats and cheats. It’s totally a cheater. (crying) I’m not crying, You’re crying. (crying) I didn’t need legs anyway. Got this. We can do, (crying)! You’re gonna, no go the other way. I didn’t even touch it. Okay, just gonna go, just gonna go. Okay, just keep jumping. Okay. I feel good. I definitely touched that one but it didn’t count it so, okay, I touched that one too but
it didn’t count it either. Yeah, I made it, I made it. It only took 482 times. Hey, why wasn’t there any food
left after the monster party? ‘Cause everybody was a goblin. (giggles) (scary screaming)
Whoa. Okay. Now we gotta go over here. Can I go over there? That doesn’t look like a place to go. Oh I see. (giggles) I’m just so happy I beat that one part. It was so hard. My first chant. (giggles) Delayed reaction. Hey, what has webbed feet, feathers, fangs and goes quack quack? Count Duck-ula. (giggles) That joke was just ducky wasn’t it. (giggles) It really fits the bill. Running on the marble, okay there we go. Just use the book case. Okay. Down there. Down there. We’re almost there you guys. Oh boy. You know what this reminds me of? It’s reminds me of the time
that I had this horseman, had to fix his pants. Yeah. He used a pumpkin patch. (giggles) Get it? Holy moly. I don’t know what I gotta do. I guess, maybe, I just gotta jump. All right. (screaming) Did I make it? I made it, yes. Touch it. Oh, I almost didn’t touch it. (scary laughing) What’re you laughing at? There’s nothing funny. I didn’t even say jump. You gotta wait till I say
jump before you laugh. Here’s one. What’d the ghost do for lunch? A boo-logna sandwich. (giggles) Get it? Boo-logna? I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. (giggles) Excuse me. I just jumped on top of that again. (giggles) It didn’t count it. Excuse me. I’m trying to get out, there we go. Hey, what’s a ghosts’ favorite toy? A boo-merang. (giggles) Get it. Boo-Merang? ‘Cause they yell boo. You want me to explain some more? Maybe then you’ll understand
and think it’s more funny. (scary laughing)
Exactly. See, weird haunted
house thinks it’s funny. Hey, what does a bird say on Halloween? Trick or tweet. (scary laughing)
He thinks it’s funny. Okay, we gotta pick the right doors. Is this the right door? I think it was the right door, actually. Okay, let’s go over this one. Oh man, I cant’ believe
I actually chose right. Two times in a row? Three times in a row. Look at that. Look at that action. Okay, we got some glowy bars You love glowy bars. I love this glowy bar right in the middle. I’m gonna pick that one. Yeah. Oh hey, I chose right. (giggles) Oh so I can’t jump over there? Oh, I see. I’m not supposed to jump
over there in the water. Well not water, toxic gas. Yeah, don’t touch the toxic gas. (crying) Okay well, I chose wrong that time. You can’t choose right
first every single time. Sometimes you gotta
make a couple mistakes, that way you learn some lessons in life. You know what lesson I learned today? That the Jolly Green Giant farts a lot in this place. (giggles) ♪ Green Giant ♪ Farts. Green Giant farts. Your favorite. (giggles) Okay, that’s the one you go on. Choose right. Choose right guys. Let’s go to this one. Okay, okay, I knew that
one was not the right one. I was just testing you guys. Hey, why didn’t the
skeleton cross the road? ‘Cause he didn’t have the guts. (giggles) Get it? ‘Cause he’s a skeleton. He doesn’t have any body to help him. (giggles) Oh boy! Where do we go now? (screams) Ah, okay. Are we moving? I thought we were moving. Okay, the fluid is moving. Ooh it’s like the ooze. Yeah, don’t jump in there. The ooze gets in your buns. It’s real sticky. You don’t want it in there. (giggles) Oh man. Hopping on rocks. That really rocks. Hey, what did the mommy
ghost say to the baby ghost? Don’t spook until you’re spooken to. (giggles) Spooky cookies. Oh okay, gotta get to the next one. Whoa yeah. Uh oh. Looks like a creepy tree. I hate creepy trees. He says there’s a door up there. Must be the way out. Okay, we just gotta climb these. (mumbles) What are we doing? Just kind of jumping on
the branches a little bit. I’m a little stuck but I can’t get past. Okay, leave me alone tree. You don’t even have any leaves. Going up, yes. Oh I just gotta branch out a little bit. That’s what you’re talking about. Yeah, we punning for days up in here. Woo, woo! Hey, where does Dracula water ski? On Lake Eerie. (scary laughing)
(Orange giggles) Uh oh, it’s a maze. It’s an amazing maze but
I know how to do this. You just gotta zoom it out, then we can get a good look at the maze. See, I learned this trick from
that other level that I did, ’cause I was wondering around in that level for like 18 hours. Yeah. That’s not happening this time. Zoom out. Looks like we gotta go to the right, and then I think we’ll just go up there. Yeah, that looks like it is right. Hey, where do mummies go for a swim? The Dead Sea. (giggles) Yes. This is the answer. Can you just stop it? We did it. We’re outta here. Yeah, look at that, look at that. I gotta out of the haunted house. Did you see that? Someone just flashed in front of me. That was scary. Scary Larry. Was that a ghost roast? I think that was a ghost roast. I gotta style my hair, get myself some scare spray. (giggles) Feel good. Alright. This is a good level. Oh yeah. I almost forgot the badges. Gotta get those badges. If only I had like a backpack or something to put all the badges on. Can I get the gold coin? Probably not. I know it’s a golden
opportunity but (giggles) All right guys. Well thank you so much for
watching this great episode of the haunted house. Make sure you do everything you can to vote for video of the year next. ‘Cause I’m good. Wow, cool creepy car. Nice. Alright, till next time. Later, hot spooky potaters. (upbeat electronic music)


  1. Happy Halloween everyone

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  4. i dont think that is fog i think its supposed to be a type of acid or gas you could have had a lot of jokes if you knew it was gas

    thx for this ha bisky game play i love you orange you are so entertaining

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  11. hey Orange im ur biggest fan of you I seen ur gaming with pear marshmallow apple and grapefruit I LOVE YOU Orange and I am 9 yrs old And my name is Kristine Henderson and my birthday is August 4 1978

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