Room for Rent: Horror Movie (2012) by Debatma Mandal

Room for Rent: Horror Movie (2012) by Debatma Mandal

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You’re up? Make me some tea? You know, From yesterday night I’ve been thinking Very hard Very deep And realised that, Take for instance, you.. me.. And how that we co-exist together.. I mean Now that we are married and all.. I getting married to you Is The biggest blunder of my life! You must be thinking, why is that? Quite natural.. Look, That we are married for three years and.. Are you listening? But considering your actions last night, I mean the way you made a bloody mess
of my back. I agree..these things are normal First you’ll hit.. Then I’ll hit you back..err anyways But..the way you did it, i mean if.. Oh tea! How nice! Anyway, but the way… you did I mean.. if… if… yesterday Instead of my back, had it been my face somehow.. i mean can you imagine the consequences in that case Can you… just… realize Why are so mum… At least… say something The fact… that… that we are entwined for seven lives In this holy matrimony and all… But, if we go on at this rate, I dont think I would be able to emerge after seven lives with all my limbs intact. Shut up. Yes, certainly, I’ll keep shut. Rather I must keep shut. What else could I do. Silly me and I thought..let me get married.. And then I will be pampered You’d cook up Cutlets on weekends Bed-tea in the mornings, Take good care of me, And lo! nothing of that sort is remotely happening! All there is ‘shut up’ and ‘keep shut’! I’ll go shut forever! You asked for fish, I bought it. You didn’t like it, you could have told me I would’ve exchanged it But why would you hurl it at me? I buy veggies, you hurl ’em at me; I buy eggs, you throw that too, Your habit of throwing things at me.. Disgusts me now. In fact… I am absolutely convinced… You won’t even let me live in peace! Again I’ll have to clean the vegetables! Enough of your drama… get up now… Come. Be careful, you. Where did you say you were from? Jamshedpur. I see.. Just a moment. So, you arrived directly? From Howrah (Train Station)? Yes. I see…so what do you do? Me? I am a student.. Exactly like my brother, Fantastic! Your brother is a student too? No. I bought him a paan (betel) shop! See! He makes them wonderfully! Want to taste some? No no thanks. Come. You have taken a very good decision. Apartments are taking over the country these days! Those are apartments! Worse than matchboxes to me! Neither can you ‘live’, nor ‘leave’. Sqeezing the life out of you! Can there be anything better than a house? Eh! Did I not tell you to not call me now! Are you deaf or something? huh? Yes yes show them. Okay I’m with a client now! What’s with you! Yea. Call me after a couple of hours. Don’t you dare call me now! Come, let me show you the rooms. This locality is just great, you know. Very peaceful. You won’t find a better locality in all of Kolkata. It’s superb for your studies. come…Let’s see the room. Hold on, let me get the lights for you. Eh…look at the mess! Mess! What mess? Just needs a little bit of tidying up. See, it’s all fine now! God! Looks like someone abandoned the house
overnight. Well said! In fact the last tenant, They settled abroad. And they left these furnitures behind… come.. It’d be rather foolish to haul so many furnitures…
to abroad, would’nt it? Come. This would be your drawing room. What about these things? If you want, I could get rid of them. Use it if you wish. No big deal. This is your kitchen. Bathroom. These are the stairs to the terrace. Like a store room. You can use if you want to. Just needs some arranging and cleaning… You know the rent… Where’d you get a house this cheap? How much for the advance? Here’s the keys. Your home, your problems. I’m off. Crazy… Maa… Yes, rented a house. You can’t even imagine… so close to the main road. A few minutes walk from the road. That won’t be a problem.. No, why now. College starts next week. Nope! Didn’t make any aquaintances yet! The locality seems to be nice, you know. Although a bit too quiet. Not quite like our place there! Why don’t you come down for a few days? You’d see, couldn’t clean up anything yet. Yes. And if you see the house… Appears like a war went in here! Nothing much… just did the bed sheets… Okay, listen. I will call you back later, okay.. Okay then..bye.. Alright. Dada! Dada! Anybody in there? Yep, coming. Yes? Dada, come here please. Yes, what is it? Dada, I am Katwik. I stay around near.. Actually I am the paper boy here. Oh..I see.. You are new here… Yes. You’d need newspaper then? Yea! Certainly I’d need newspapers, But why are you standing here, come on,
come inside Morover it’s raining out here. No-no… not today… Just passing by and thought, I’d tell you… Just tell me which papars you’d take. I would give you right here… No-no, let’s talk about it indoors. Coming. Who the hell man? Maa… Tell me what can I make for breakfast? Go on… just tell me… I can handle it… When was cooking such a big deal.. Hey. New here, is it? Since how long? Not long… Yesterday… from Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur..I see. Robi… Abhinay Sen. Abhinay Sen, nice. Which apartment? No, it’s a house.. House? Which one? What’s the house number? 104/1 Beside the lane there… BhootNath Park. Impossible… you must be making a mistake… Nobody told you anything yet? What… Haunted… what do you mean? Start thinking rationally… man In this city… Nobody let’s you stay under their bed this cheap! They rented you a whole house! Y’know what ‘murder’ means? That’s what has happened there.. Hacked in the neck! Died on spot. Get it now? Nobody can stay there… One or two days at the most. You are a nice guy… and they fooled you outright! You still don’t get it, do you? Hey Poltu. Get me pack of cigarettes. Listen.. You are like my younger brother. A family tried to stay there before you did. Four people! Probably Marwari. IN by the morning. OUT by evening. You still didn’t feel anything odd? Although it’s better that you didn’t… Scumbags won’t even utter anything regarding that. All they know is money. Whether you live or die is none of their
headache now. Got it now? You live here… I am like you elder brother… So, told you these. I won’t be able to accept it if you fall in
a mess. You get me? That house, It’s roaming around in it. What’s roaming around? Ghost. The number you dialled is… Is currently not reacheable. Please try after some time. What is it? What is the matter with you? Last few days I’ve been watching you Trying to scare me here and there… What the hell is wrong with you? No-No, it’s not working. it’s not.. I’m telling you it’s not working at all Yes..I am talking to you and you only… It’s not working… That’s not how you scare people! Try n’understand that! Scaring from this way! Vanishing away from that way! Tell me what is wrong with you? This place is mine…isn’t it… ? This is my house… You’ll have to understand that. I pay rent to stay here! Please try to understand. Is it fair to try scaring like this? Nobody is even getting scared here… Infact… I am absolutely convinced… You won’t even let me live in peace! So…what should you do now? Get out of here.. Can’t? I knew. Try going out this way then. Use which ever way you feel like…but leave… Go on… Get going..


  1. I swear I saw the ending coming! Nevertheless it is an excellent movie. And the guy is kinda too cute to die

  2. Boss,
    ending ta bujhlam na
    plz explain.

    May bhoot ta original noy ?
    oi husband ta ki bhoot ???
    Boti niye shulo kano ???
    bujhlam na
    plz reply
    good Job

  3. Amazing vid! Keep up the wonderful work! We'd love for you to visit our channel as well and view some short films, educational videos and more! Have an amazing and inspirational day!

  4. jodi banglay kota kacha khisti marte partam,tobe ei short film namok ass hole take,,tobe er perfect proshongsha hoto…"amar adh ghonta noshto korar jonno tomar opor case korte iche korche,director…

  5. Mr. Arindam thanks for ur ''invaluable'' and cheap comment … Viewers like us would completely disagree with you. If you really had a good taste of films, this wouldn't have come from you. N most importantly apnar 'adh ghonta Jodi noshto' hoe thake tahole er puro Puri daye apnar so kindly apnar omullyo kacha paka khisti nijer jonno tule rakhun, in future apnar e kaje lagbe. Dhonnobaad!!!

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  7. superb movie debatma.. story line is compact.. acting also good.. if this is your first movies, kudos.. keep up the ante..

  8. Quite interesting… Directorer uddeshye bolchi…onek fal2 comment paben. Onek lok er kheye deye kaj nei bt criticize korte expert!!!! You should keep up with your spirit and continue…

  9. Well done, unlike kichu short english film ami eta te besh valoi voy peyechi kichu jaygay..ending tao besh..kintu end ta ek2 clear kore bojhale khub valo hoy..plz keu jodi

  10. khub bhlolaglo shortflim wonderfulljst wsm nicestory i am avijit jody shortflimer kajthke plz contact koro plz avijit 8981283811

  11. Hero head phn e jei gaan suntesilo oi gaaner nam ta ki dwa jabe?? :p val lagse..

  12. khub bhalo. the husband was a good ghost and able to threw out his wife from the house for the sake of this boy

  13. Amazing movie . My name is Anupam Mishra . I am in USA as an exchange student . I am representing India here . I have qualified for state level in all four events I have participated . Now I need your help and I think An Indian will help the other Indian . Can you give ur mail adress and facebook Id so I can talk about it . Thanking you .

  14. লাস্ট পার্ট তা একটু এক্সপ্লেইন করলে খুশি হব 🙂

  15. The Horror and supernatural events turn into a Neutral ending. Unique story that ends in an Unexpected twist. Very prominent Direction and Background Music.

  16. The Direction of the movie is at par.. watching 2012 made movie in 2017 is still fresh in terms of direction only.. the movie lags in screen play.. which i guess being a short movie no one cares so much.. story is mediocre except the sweet twist.. 2 out 5 stars only for direction and direction. Title suggestion: To-late 😛

  17. সেরা লাগলো…দেখা সেরা হরর শর্টফিল্ম।

  18. Ami bujeshi….sob……bhut vlo film……ui mora mnush ta ui chlrtr vitore dhukiye vut tke bhagiye dilen…..

  19. I saw this movie when I was at 3rd year. Later I searched it on YouTube as I have remembered the movie name. Very nice movie and a great twist at the end.

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