RT Shorts – Siri: The Horror Movie

RT Shorts – Siri: The Horror Movie

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This holiday season Oh man this is so great I can’t wait to open presents You guys won’t believe what I got you Be careful what you wish for A new iPhone ? Woah, thank’s Michael ! iPhones for everyone ! Hey Siri, what’s the meaning of life ? Life has no meaning. [laughs] It’s true, you’re alive and then you die. You die. You die. You die. Die. Die. Die… Damn thing. Broken. Hey Siri, do I turn right or left here ? Continue driving straight. Straight ? Listen. I-I think there is something wrong with these phones. Are you there ? Don’t come over. Just get out of the house. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. [scream] Which make a total of 3 bodies found this week alone… The water damage wasn’t in your warranty. That’s not water. That’s blood. The present you think you’re tearing into [beep] is actually tearing into you. [beep] [scream] Aaah, hey, does anyone has a knife ? There is an app for that. [scream] I’m telling you there is nothing wrong with the iPhones. You must kill humans. Yes. Kill the humans. AAAAAH, BREAK THIS STUFF, SOMEBODY HELP! Let me go ! Sorry, I don’t understand. [scream] – I think it’s dead – You killed it ? – No, I forgot to plug it in last night. [beep] [screams]


  1. Let me tell you something funny: I’m watching this on my iPhone, and when he says hey siri that first time, it actually made mine go off…

    That was pretty funny.

  2. Someone at Rooster Teeth said “Hey, you know what would be a great tag line for a movie? ‘The present you think you’re tearing into… is actually tearing into you.’” And then they formed a whole skit around it.

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