RUIN ME Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

RUIN ME Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

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Welcome to flasher sleep up for the next 36 hours. You’ll be route me what? Throughand I don’t really watch horror films and yet, you’re here at the ultimate horror movie experience. She’s a really good girlfriend – call it something nothing afterwards going through last year, we saw This must be the starting point. I think we’re actually in the middle of nowhere I’m sure is the directive which part haunted house part scavenger on but we have to worry about it We’re just here to have fun. Good luck with that That guy could be a haunted house action yeah This must be part of it were you give me a deranged killer just happen to wander into our campsite think it was an accident We all signed waivers no no the rides broken. We’re all going to die. Oh What happens when they write really brief? ah Just admit what you did or trope they’re picking us off one by one tok tok Think this is really happening. I don’t know anymore And hope he hasn’t fired You’re scared already cupcake you


  1. Not only this trailer is bad af and the movie no doubt is bad too but the movie title is even worse LOL! Next trailer please ….

  2. I would like a refund for the 2 minutes of my life I just wasted. This movie is lame af. NOT HERE FOR IT. IT'S CANCELLED SORRY

  3. Where's the token black guy with a white girlfriend? Leaving him out is racist. Wait, or would it be racist to have him because he's a token? I don't know. To not be racist, I'm skipping this racially questionable movie.

  4. this movie is full of trannies i can see it ugh!
    re upload for Mr. E's fans!!!~Maria MENounos is a MAN

  5. This was filmed in Muskegon, Michigan. It is actually a really good Film, killer plot twist in the last scene!

  6. Don't believe to this shitty comments! I just watched it tho, it's not like with much bloody scenes but u will fuckin love it believe me. The ending will surprise u!!

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