1. Reads “Ate in bathtub while everyone worked”
    Me sitting in a bathtub eating: is that like, a personal attack?

  2. okay but DOES ANYONE watch ghost adventures? This video was inspired by it, such a funny parody! Also you look so much like Zak in this video 😂

  3. I always find it sickening when I see people getting fascinated with death. I mean the woman was talking about a little girl being slaughtered and laughing saying how she LOVES her story being told. Yeah because when I'm raped and beaten to death, I hope that I'll get to hear about it for the rest of eternity! That just makes me suuuch a happy ghost. People are so disconnected and uncaring.

    But outside of the obvious fakeness and words that sounded nothing like what they thought was being said, it looked like they had a lot of fun. So, I guess in the end at least they had an interesting experience. I just find it personally disrespectful to chill out and laugh my head off when I'm sitting next to an area where a little six year old was brutally murdered.

  4. NIce one dude, I heard Ruby voices clearly. But the woman's voice is kinda disturbing when she laughs ( the lady who is in your team )

  5. Special thanks to: dark underwear because this video freaked the sh*t out of me. Ryan… I love you for this note🤣👏

  6. You being professional and serious is extra attractive

    Also, it would be cool for Ryan Bergara to collaborate with you so it's kinda like two Ryans one maybe neutral abt the supernatural and the other a believer

  7. I feel like ghost or demons are real if you really believe it, I’ve had many ghost experiences before as a kid when I believed that stuff and also lots of my other family members, it runs in the family I guess but we don’t experience stuff like that anymore and my lol brother and his cousins that are the same age don’t experience it so their lucky

  8. The reason they’re laughing is because they know how much money they’re going to make us idiots such as you are starting to buy into their bullshit stories

  9. For what it is, it is nice to see a skeptic who shuts his mouth, gets out of the chair for once, and actually look into the unknown events themselves. Than sit going bla, bla, bla, and never checking anything but his own words… props man for even doing it. Got my vote.. OBTW, was a funny GAC intro approach… had me laughing. Well thought out..

  10. The scariest thing in this video is that woman laughing and talking……it give me the chills….maybe it is because I am under the ac

  11. Ryan tries his best for a serious vid I like I really like it the horror touch the dragon emperor likes it hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

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