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Sacrificial Youth | Award-Winning Film | Horror | Fantasy | Musical Movie

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(record scratching) (record scratching) (record scratching) (record scratching) Okay, everybody shut up for a minute. I’m serious! SHUT UP! Okay, listen… This next song is about people trying to tell you what to do, what to think, how you should act, how to live, and how to fucking die. But it’s all bullshit! Theyjust want to use you up and throw you away But I ain’t falling for it again! Fuck no! ‘Cause I ain’t a fucking sheep, or a robot, or a puppet, or a martyr and most of all, I am not… a Sacrifice! (punk music) ♫ Churches and schools make up their rules ♫ and they claim it’s a prophecy ♫ It’s my body and it’s my blood ♫ and they won’t get a drop from me ♫ Because I am not a Sacrifice ♫ You’re not gonna kill me twice ♫ Get yourself another pawn ♫ To pin your worship on ♫ Reject false idols with official titles ♫ Feeding off your donations ♫ It’s a timeshare afterlife ♫ And you’ll never own ♫ Your salvation ♫ You are not a Sacrifice ♫ Heaven doesn’t have a price ♫ They just want another pawn ♫ To force their bullshit on (punk music) ♫ Holy shit, It’s a Holy war ♫ The hamster wheel keeps on turning ♫ And all the war profiteers ♫ Laugh and sneer as the planet’s burning ♫ We are not a Sacrifice ♫ You can tighten up the vice ♫ We won’t be your eternal pawns ♫ Now the real war’s on ♫ – [Voiceover] Our Leader. (punk music) (lockers slamming) – Check it out man, I printed some fliers
for the show on Saturday. – (sighs) I can’t believe
you took this gig! What are the kids gonna think? – How else can we get the money to put on our own shows at the Youth Center? – But that’s how it starts! Take one sellout gig
one day and the next day you’re adding a second
guitarist for guitar solos! – Hey, TJ! – Hey, Maggie. – Awesome set last night! – Thanks! I’m glad you made it. – Yeah, when are you guys playing again? – Tell her Jud, tell her
about the show you booked. – -This Saturday at Starzzz. – (scoffs) Are you kidding me?! Hellbound Boy?! What’d you guys do, win
a contest or something? – Win? I think we lost! – This crowd is going to hate you! I am so there. – Great. You can witness my demise. – Every scene needs a martyr. (sighs) I gotta go. I’ll see you later, TJ – See ya. – Why do you talk to that chick, man? She makes me want to puke! – I happen to think she’s cool. – Yeah, but…she’s got a reputation. – Since when does a
reputation matter to you?! – Hey, look! It’s the Punk fags! I thought punk went out in the 90’s,bro? – Yeah, 1996. You know, the year you
were supposed to graduate. – I’ll kill you, you faggot! – Kick his ass! Fuck him up! – Faggot!
– Kick his ass! – Faggot!
– Fuck him up! – Alright, take it easy, boys. – Hey! Touch me again and I’ll sue! – His dad’s a lawyer! – I’ll see you around, man… …soon (punk music) – Hey, TJ! – Hey, Mom! Oh cool! You copied my ‘zine! – Why don’t you blog like the other kids? – So the Government
can watch my every move and sell it to marketers? – You got a package today. – We got our records! – That is so cool! You’re going to have to sign one for me. – I’m not a rock star, Mom! – Not yet! Hey, where are the record covers? – About the covers… – TJ, you know if I get
caught making more copies for you at work, I’m going to be in trouble! – Do it for the scene, Mom! – Very funny. I’m late for my second shift, I gotta go. Your father’s down in
the basement working. If you could go down and
see if he needs some help? – Mom, all he does is yell at me! – That’s only because he loves you. I gotta go, I’ll see you later TJ! (machine whirring) – Hey, TJ! Give me a hand! Hold it still! It’s fine, it’s fine. I got it. – What is this thing? – What does it look like? This is where baby Jesus sleeps with his two parents and
the three rich assholes. – But, Dad, we’re Jewish. – It’s not for us, TJ Business sucks right now. I can’t afford to turn any work down. What’s that? – It’s our new record,
we just got it in today. – Let me check it out. I didn’t think they still made vinyl! Why didn’t you put it on CD? – CD? Dad,that’s more dead than vinyl is. – Since when? – Since they invented this
thing called the ‘internet’. – The internet! What kind of idiot listens
to music on a computer? – Everybody. – How’d the show go the other day? Did you have a good turnout? – Yeah, it was good. You should come down to the
Youth Center and check us out. We got a really good scene. – When’s the next gig? – Saturday. But it’s not at the Youth Center. Jud booked this horrible show at that lame ass rock club, Starzzz. – You guys are playing at Starzzz? That’s like a real club! – Yeah, don’t remind me. We’re opening for this poser band called Hellbound Boy. – I’ve heard of those guys! – What?! How? (rock music) ♫ When you’re feeling hot and thirsty ♫ I mean, thirsty as Hell ♫ For something that’s cool and refreshing ♫ My soul, I’d gladly sell ♫ BLUUD drinkers ♫ We’re BLUUD drinkers ♫ We’re BLUUD drinkers ♫ We’re drinking BLUUD When you need an extra boost
to get you through the day, try Bluud Energy drink! It’s rich in iron and
Super Natural ingredients! Bluud Energy- when you’re thirsty as HELL! ♫ We’re drinking BLUUD ♫ – Doesn’t surprise me,
They’re total sellouts. – TJ, you’re looking this the wrong way. This is a great opportunity for you guys. – Dad, I’m not in a band to make money! (laughs)
– Okay. – You don’t understand! – No, you don’t understand! Money rules this world, without it you’re a piece of shit! You wanna end up like
me, building stupid ass Christmas decorations? – You guys didn’t sell out! – And look where it got me! You couldn’t sell that
music back then anyway. It was a totally
different world back then. In ’82… – Dad, can I go? – Go. (whirring) (punk music) ♫ Every thing would just be fine ♫ If I shut my mouth and fell in line ♫ Why can’t they see ♫ That’s not me ♫ That’s someone I could never be ♫ Nobody understands ♫ Nobody understands me ♫ I might as well be on the moon ♫ Because I was born 2000 years too late ♫ And 2000 too soon ♫ Who am I anyway ♫ Is this the role I was meant to play ♫ Chalk it up to human behavior ♫ But I am not some teenage savior ♫ Oh, nobody understands ♫ Nobody understands me ♫ On this planet I’ve been marooned ♫ ‘Cause I was born 2000 years too late ♫ And 2000 too soon ♫ Too soon ♫ 2000 years too late ♫ 2000 years too soon ♫ Too late ♫ Too soon ♫ Too late ♫ Too soon ♫ Too late ♫ Too soon ♫ Too late ♫ Too soon ♫ Too late ♫ Too soon ♫ ♫ Don’t need technology controlling me ♫ I Reject It ♫ Don’t need technocracy compelling me ♫ I Reject It ♫ You say convenience when it looks ♫ More like compliance ♫ You say it’s progress when it’s ♫ Just another product ♫ Don’t need AT&T controlling me ♫ I Reject It ♫ Don’t need a PDA anyway ♫ I Reject It ♫ You say it’s freedom when it’s ♫ Monitored discreetly ♫ You think you’re rebellious when you ♫ Do just what’s expected ♫ I Reject It ♫ I Reject It ♫ I Reject It ♫ I Reject It ♫ – You guys suck. – I don’t know. I thought it sounded pretty good but… we should definitely
get in one more practice before the gig on Saturday. – What’s the point? They’re gonna hate us anyway. – Well, how about for the
people coming to see us? – All three of them can
see us at the Youth Center. – I can do Friday. – I can’t do Friday. – Is that what your little
plastic box is telling you? – No, it says, ‘TJ’s an asshole’. Besides, I gotta go to Rock Camp. (laughs) – Why don’t they just call it “Project Your Lame Rock
Fantasy On Your Kid” Camp? – I’m going for a smoke break. Anyone joining me? – Simon, you really should quit that shit! – Whatever, Mom. You’re such a puritan! – I’m not a puritan! I’m straight edge! – And the difference is? – Better music.
– That’s debatable. – Ok, all right, so we’re meeting up here before the gig on Saturday? – Whatever you say,boss. – TJ,why do you have to be such a dick? – Me? – Yeah, I get us one gig and it’s like I’m ‘stealing your throne’. – Stealing my throne?! We’re playing with Hellbound Boy, the biggest fucking
sell out band there is. At the ultimate Temple Of Shit, Starzzz! Ever heard of guilt by association? – Those dudes rock! – Ever heard of not playing
for the exact same people at the exact same place
for every single show? – Alright,fine. We’ll play the show and see what happens. – And if it sucks, you can say ‘I told you so’… – Like you always do. – [TJ] I do not! (rock music) – Are you guys Superficial Youth? – No, they’re the headliners. – We’re Sacrificial Youth. – Whatever you’re name is, you go on at seven sharp. – Do we get a sound check? – Hellbound Boy’s sound check went a little long and we’re running late. You can set up in front
of their gear on stage. – That leaves us no room on the stage! What are they, British? – Whatever. You’ve got a 15 minute set and then you load out immediately. – Wait, we don’t get to
watch the rest of the show? You can watch the rest of the show… just get your gear out of the club and make some room. – Make room? This place is bigger than my house! – Look, Rock Star, those are the rules! – Uh, excuse me. – Oh, look! It’s the punk faggots. – Hey, if you guys are
here for the Limp Bizkit reunion show, it’s next week. – Fucking Durst! Nah man, he’s just being a
smart ass little punk faggot. – Why are you guys here? Aside from seeing us, of course. – We joined Hellbound Boy’s street team… and we’re going to be
security for tonight’s show. – Which means we can beat the
crap out of you…legally! – I’m glad to see they’re
utilizing your ‘talents’. – At least we have talent! Hellbound Boy’s gonna blow
your ass off the stage tonight! – Yeah, we suck! – Yeah, you do suck. – Yeah, we do. – Yeah, that’s right… four little faggots sucking! – Yeah, we do. – Real bad. – All four of you. Yeah, we really suck a lot. – Ditto, what you said. – We suck. – All four of you… suck.
– A lot. – Yeah, we do. – Faggots. – Fucking sucking. – Fags…
– Suck… – Suck…
– Suck… – Four…
– of you… – Suck… – all day long. – Alright, ladies. Showtime. – This next song is about everyone in the scene sticking together! Because even though there
is an ‘I’ in Unity… there’s also a ‘U’! ♫ Down in the streets,
there’s anger to spare ♫ The rich and powerful, they don’t care ♫ They just see messed up girls and boys ♫ We’re gonna show ’em
that’s it more than noise ♫ We’re gonna speak our minds ♫ They’re gonna hear it this time ♫ Too long since they’ve had their way ♫ Finally the kids are
gonna have their say ♫ United we stand against society ♫ You gotta fight if you want to be free ♫ Can’t do it alone, now won’t you join me ♫ You’re the U in Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Government thugs, they try to divide us ♫ Jocks and preppies, they try to fight us ♫ Same old struggle that’s lasted forever ♫ Someday we’ll beat them
if we just stand together ♫ We’re gonna speak our minds ♫ They’re gonna hear it this time ♫ Too long since they’ve had their way ♫ Finally we’re gonna have our say ♫ United we stand against society ♫ You gotta fight if you want to be free ♫ Can’t do it alone now won’t you join me ♫ Because you’re the U in Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ United we stand against society ♫ You gotta fight if you want to be free ♫ Can’t do it alone now won’t you join me ♫ You’re the U in Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ Unity ♫ – That was so awesome. You guys are really tight. – Yeah, we’re even better
when the PA doesn’t get shut off in the middle of our song! – I love your outfit. Where did you get it? – Uh, the Salvation Army. – Never heard of it. Is there one in L.A.? – Are you for real? – You’re so funny! We should hang out sometime. Do you guys want anything? I’m thinking about going Vegan, but the coke is awesome. You should totally do some. – I’m fucking Straight Edge, dude! – You totally are! – TJ, you’re fucking bleeding, man! – Ow, that must hurt. – Yeah, the pit can get
pretty rough sometimes… not that you’d know! – Hey, Sacrificial Youth! What up? I’m Max Thorne, Hellbound Boy’s manager. I really dig what you kids do. That whole ‘old school, DIY thing’. It’s a fuckin’ great gimmick! – What do you mean ‘gimmick’? – You had that crowd eating
out of the palm of your hand! Who’s your publicist? – We don’t have a fucking publicist! – I’ve been trying to get a
hold of you for five minutes?!! Where the fuck have you been?!! – What are you talking about? – Are you serious? I got a band right here! The opening act for Hellbound Boy’s tour just got killed in a van accident. We need a new opening act. Do you guys want to do it? – Are you serious? – I think it would be a great fit! And the tour’s sponsored by Bluud, the energy drink. Bluud’s totally cool! They do a different flavor of
a different band every month, and this month it’s Hellbound Boy. – Let me tastes like Vanilla? – Nah man, it’s a secret recipe. I’m telling you, maybe one day you guys can have your
own flavor of Bluud. – Let’s cross our fingers. – Look, this tour is going to be huge! It’s booked by LiveChannel, the biggest concert promoter in the world. With that kind of exposure, I could totally see you
guys getting a record deal. We’d probably have to do a little work… I’d get you a session drummer… autotune the shit out of your vocals… but I’m telling you,
you guys could be huge! – Hmmm, as tempting as that sounds… no fucking way! – Hey, take your time, think about it. The tour is already Sold Out. He’s a stubborn one, isn’t he? – Yeah, well he practically
built this scene. It means a lot to him. – Yeah, but don’t you get
tired of living in his shadow? Your talent is wasted
in that group of his! – Actually, it’s our group. We started it together. – Sure it is, Jud. But how far can a group like that go? You have to think about your future. – That’s what my parents keep telling me. – Yeah, but I’m talking
about your future in Rock! – Yeah well, I don’t
play ‘Rock’, I play Punk! – ‘Rock’, ‘Punk’, whatever, man! The point is you can have a real future if you had the right vehicle for your talent! ♫ Do you want to go on a real tour ♫ Or do you want to
sleep on somebody’s floor ♫ ‘Cause you think it’s hardcore ♫ Do you want to be real star ♫ Do you want everybody
to know who you are ♫ And drive a Hybrid car ♫ Stop being so enamored with the ♫ Fascist anti-glamour of your scene ♫ Your naivete shows like the ♫ Righteous rebel pose of a teen ♫ Just look at those amps ♫ And I don’t mean to be rude ♫ But you need Pro Gear and Pro Attitude ♫ To make you feel like a dude ♫ Just look at your bass, ♫ It’s only got four strings ♫ How do manage to play it live ♫ When all the Pros use five ♫ You act like making
a profit is such a sin ♫ But I say Not-For-Profit is un-American ♫ Come on now, ♫ Who are we kidding ♫ You know you want it ♫ Just admit it ♫ I could tell by the look in your eye ♫ Why don’t you just admit it ♫ For the chance we’re giving ♫ Most others would sell their soul ♫ Call it Punk, call it Hardcore ♫ It’s only Rock ‘n Roll ♫ You got nothing to lose ♫ So what’s the problem, Jud ♫ All expenses are paid for- ♫ paid by Bluud ♫ And as an extra incentive… we can offer you a $3000 signing bonus. Think about it, Jud. Three grand could do a lot of good at that Youth Center of yours. – I better go help TJ – Here’s my card. Call me when you change your mind. (rock music) ♫ When you’re feeling hot and thirsty ♫ I mean, thirsty as Hell ♫ For something that’s cool and refreshing ♫ My soul, I’d gladly sell ♫ Bluud drinkers ♫ We’re Bluud drinkers ♫ We’re Bluud drinkers ♫ We’re drinking Bluud – I hate to admit it but their
songs are so damn catchy! I can’t get them out of my head. – That’s because you hear them a million fuckin’ times a day on television! ♫ We’re drinking Bluud! – They don’t need all of this beer! – Give me that. (coughs) Tastes like shit! Let’s go grab Simon and Jud
and get the hell outta here. Come on, let’s go! – I’m coming! ♫ We’re drinking Bluud! (clang) – Hello? – Hey. – How was work today? – Well, we finished the job… They said they’d call if they needed me, which means ‘start looking for work’. What are you doing? – You don’t want to know. – Bills? Yeah, you’re right. I don’t want to know. – Are you going to answer that? – Do you want to talk
to the bill collectors? – No, thanks. I had to take a call from the bank today. – What did those crooks want? – The mortgage check bounced. – Oh, great. – Oh, and they turned the cable off, too. – Goddamnit! (punk music) ♫ What are we gonna do ♫ How can we survive ♫ The money we make can
barely keep us alive ♫ Do you think I don’t know that ♫ I’m doing everything that I can ♫ Sorry, I’m not a great provider ♫ Sorry I’m only a man ♫ I’m not blaming you ♫ I blame the situation ♫ We can pull through ♫ If we have communication ♫ So talk to me ♫ Why don’t you talk to me ♫ Just talk to me ♫ Why don’t you talk ♫ Sometimes I don’t feel like talking ♫ Sometimes I feel like walking ♫ You say you blame the situation ♫ But not our participation ♫ I never wanted this life ♫ You mean you never wanted a wife ♫ No! It’s not that ♫ It’s much more complicated ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ I can take care of me ♫ But now I have to take care of three ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ What are you getting at ♫ Do you remember when we were young ♫ We used to have so much fun ♫ Then out of nowhere, he came along ♫ and everything just went wrong ♫ How dare you say that ♫ You fucking asshole ♫ This is our son we are talking about ♫ I am the bad guy, I am the asshole ♫ But am I his father ♫ I have my doubts ♫ You go to hell ♫ Get out of my fucking face ♫ Go to hell ♫ You’re a fucking disgrace ♫ You bitch and you nag
and you nag and you bitch ♫ How about a third
thing to break up the day ♫ Coming from you, that’s quite a laugh ♫ If you can’t complain,
you’ve got nothing to say ♫ I’m so sick of this ♫ I can’t take it anymore ♫ You think you’re better alone ♫ There’s the fucking door ♫ I’m so sick of this ♫ I can’t take this shit anymore ♫ I’m so sick of you ♫ I can’t take your shit anymore ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ I’m so sick ♫ Of you ♫ – Mom? Dad? What’s going on? – Oh my God! What happened?! I don’t know. They just started bleeding. – TJ, are you a…cutter? – A cutter?!
– Yeah. – Mom, they probably
just got cut in the pit. – You know how I feel about that ‘slamdancing’ or ‘moshing’… or whatever it is that you do. – [Joe] Moshing? – This is not a laughing matter! I don’t lnow that I want
you going to these shows if you’re going to come home bleeding! – Mom, this could happen anyplace! – That’s nothing, man! In ’81, when I saw Flag… I jumped off the balcony… and cracked my head… Okay, smart ass! At least we didn’t go running to our mommies with a little paper cut! – Fuck you, dad! – You watch your fucking mouth! Hey, hey! Come on, let’s go
wash it off in the bathroom. – Why don’t you change his
diaper while you’re at it? – [TJ] Asshole. – What’s going on with you and dad? – Nothing. Money’s tight and we’re just stressed out. It’s nothing for you to worry about. – How can I help? Do you want me to get more
hours at the ice cream shop? – No. I want you to concentrate on school. You need to pick up your grades if you’re going to get into a good college. – Yeah, I know. It’s just that the band… – No, we’re not having this discussion! The band is fine for now, but it’s not going to pay your bills… and it’s not going to
put food on the table. You need to think about your future, TJ! (soft music) – The ritual needs someone who is pure. Someone like him. So purity is an annoying little shit? Who the fuck makes up these rules anyway? – It’s not my area of expertise, sir. I’m just the project manager. – I was being rhetorical. Ok, so how’s it coming
along, Mr. Project Manager? – The feedback data we’re
getting is phenomenal. Sales of Bluud are through the roof! – The geeks are good for something. – Hellbound Boy’s tour
is completely sold out. They’re hitting all
the right demographics! – But what about our little hero? – Well, him… I had a little problem. I made him our standard
offer and he refused! We’ve never had a band turn us down! What’s wrong with this kid? – What’s wrong with the salesman? – Well, I decided to try
a different strategy… I’m going to lure away the bass player… and create a sense of chaos
in his safe little scene. – The old ‘divide and conquer’ approach. How ‘old school’ of you! – I thought you’d appreciate that. Once we break down his confidence… he’s not going to be threat to anyone but himself. – You self-righteous little shit! I thought your kind died in the 80’s. We’ll break you just
like we broke the rest. And then you’ll come
crawling right on up… to me! – Well, that was an interesting show… Sacrificial Youth unplugged! – I know! Can you believe that bullshit?! I knew we shouldn’t have played with those rock star assholes! – And what’s up with everyone wearing Hellbound Boy t-shirts? Seriously, they weren’t even that good! – I know! Look at this shit… It’s a devil and he’s sad. How adorable! Why not just have a band of kittens? – TJ, I need to talk to you man. – Jud, if it’s about last night, you don’t have to apologize Apologize? We made $300! I think we should reconsider
doing the Hellbound Boy tour. – What?! Are you insane?! – Yeah, are you insane?! – Think about how many
kids we could reach! It’d be great exposure. – Exposure?! You sound like my fucking dad! No way, man! And that’s final! – So you just decide for all of us? None of us get a say? I thought you said our
band was a democracy! – Well, yeah…it is…but…I mean being a corporate tool is not an option. End of discussion! – TJ is right.
– Who are you?! Listen, people have been calling you the King of the Scene for a long time… I think you’re actually
starting to believe it. – He’s really mad, TJ – He’ll get over it. Oh shit! I’m late for work. Maggie, I got to go. I’ll talk to you later. Oh by the way… Caustic Defiance is playing at the Youth Center this Thursday… If you’re not busy, maybe we could go together? – Yeah, I’d like that. – Okay, I’ll come by at eight then. – Perfect! – All right, I’ll see you then. – Sorry I’m late. – Jud is pissed at you! – Yeah, I know. – He says he’s gonna quit the band. – Why?! Because we won’t goon
that shitty sell out tour? – He says you’re becoming a fascist. – Me?! A fascist?! I think he’s got it backwards! He’s the one who wants to sell out! Well, what do you think we should do? – I’m the drummer, dude! I don’t care what we do. – Yeah, that’s true. – It would suck if he quit, though. – He won’t! ♫ I thought it was us ♫ But now it’s just him ♫ It’s gone to his head ♫ I never can win ♫ But now he will know my true worth ♫ He seemed to know his since his birth ♫ He’ll call me a ‘Sell Out’ ♫ I’ll be banned from the Scene ♫ But my conscience is clear ♫ And my hands are clean ♫ I’ll use their money
to put on a dozen shows ♫ Then we’ll see who’s
dedication is merely a pose ♫ Hate my methods, but not the results ♫ What does he want ♫ A scene or a cult ♫ This is the game played by adults ♫ What does he want ♫ A scene or a cult? ♫ I can live with the consequences ♫ I can look myself in the mirror ♫ I can go to sleep at night ♫ I’m sure I can ♫ I’m sure someday he’ll understand ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ I did it ♫ For the Scene ♫ – Quit your day jobs! Here it is! The debut 7” by Sacrificial Youth! Awesome! – Now for the bad news… – Guess who quit the band? – What?! We put out a record
and he quits the band?! Fine. Fuck it. We’ll just find somebody else. – Like, who? – I don’t know right now, okay?! We’ll find somebody else! Let’s just play. – What are we playing first? – [TJ] ‘Implosion’ – Jud starts that one. – Let’s just play! Just play! (punk music) ♫ Cave in ♫ Give in ♫ Inner ♫ Explosion ♫ Implosion ♫ Implosion ♫ Everything’s falling apart ♫ Structural failure ♫ Faulty construction ♫ Implosion ♫ Implosion ♫ Implosion ♫ ♫ Implosion (punk rock) – He’s coming over
later…probably pretty soon. Yeah, I’m excited! Shut up! Where did you hear that? – Hi, is Maggie home? – You must be the new one. – Huh? – Yeah, come on in. – You’re so full of crap, you know that? I like don’t know why
I’m friends with you! – [Voiceover] There’s no speed limit… on the Highway to Hell – Hey Maggie! Your new boyfriend’s here! – Oh fuck! I’ll call you back later, okay? Bye! – Have a seat. – [Voiceover] There is no
more Rock ‘n Roll for me And for that… Thank you, God! I thank you, Lord! – This is Brandy! – Hi, Brandy. – Hi! What’s your name? – TJ – TJ? Does that stand for Trust Jesus? – It doesn’t stand for anything. I think my parents just liked the name TJ. – Your parents…are they rich? – Not at all! – Really? I just thought that, you know, because they’re… – Not really. – You know, TJ, let’s cut the bullshit. – Okay. – Maggie… (flicks lighter) was raised to practice abstinence. So if you plan to get busy.. you better get busy planning a wedding! – What?! – And about that Jew
conversion bullshit… She’s a Christian, and she’s always been a Christian! – Mom! – Oh, hey Maggie! Sorry, I’m early. I had to get out of my house. – Yeah, I totally understand that. I’m ready. Let’s go! – Wait, I have something for you. – Awesome! Okay, let’s go. – Nice to meet you, Ma’am. – Hey! I want her back here by 3 a.m.! And if she’s not back in
this house by 3 a.m… it better be because the Rapture hit! And you’ll know it… because you’ll be in the car by yourself! Won’t he be in the car by himself, Brandy? Yes, he will! He’ll be in the car by himself. Oh, Brandy! You love Jesus, don’t you! Yes, you do! – Sorry about my mom. – It’s no big deal. I just didn’t know she was so religious. – Yeah, it’s really annoying. – She kept talking about
‘converting you’ and marriage… – She’s very into marriage.. which is why she’s done it five times. – Five times? – Yep, and counting. What about you? What about your parents? – My mom’s cool. My dad… we don’t really click. I mean, we should… He’s an old Punk rocker, and he used to play bass… He’s got a sick record collection, that he keeps locked up. – Locked up? Why? – I don’t know. I guess he’s got some rare stuff. Once he made a CD for me. And when I was a baby, he used to play Flipper for me. That explains a lot, actually. – Your dad sounds so cool! – Yeah, I don’t know, I just think… he’s always pissed at me all the time. Sometimes I feel like… my dad didn’t want a kid. – Don’t say that. I’m sure he loves you. – Yeah, well he should let me
listen to his records then! (laughs) (slow music)
(indistinct talking) (upbeat music) – This show sucks! – This is an all ages show! There’s no drinking allowed! – Dude, I’m 30! – Well, then you should know better! Why would you drink this stuff anyway? You think it makes you look cool? It makes you look tough? You know what happens if you
keep drinking this, right? What are you looking at? – This is water?! What did you do? – I…I don’t know. – That was so cool! You never told me you were a magician! – Let’s go in the show, Maggie. – Pretty good turnout, man. – Yeah, it’s great. Thanks for promoting the show. – No problem. Doing it for the Scene. Oh hey! That reminds me! This awesome Latvian hardcore
band is coming in June. We should have them play here. – June? There won’t be a Youth Center in June. – What are you talking about? – Didn’t you hear? The City Council voted to
tear down the Youth Center so LiveChannel could build
a huge fuckin’ venue. – How can privately owned
company like LiveChannel take over public land? This is bullshit! – And they got a huge
tax break to do it, too. – Is there anything we can do to help? – Move to Canada? No, no, no, man. We’re fucked. – What’s he doing here?! Oh, well, we didn’t have enough money to rent the space for the show… so Max Thorne said he would
front us the money if … we let him set up a couple merch tables. Hey, it was the only way
we could put on the show! I had to compromise, man. – Compromise? Our
integrity is all we have! If we let scumbags like that infiltrate, then we’re all fucked! Wait here, Maggie. I’ll be right back. – Hey kids! Don’t forget to get your free can of Bluud with every purchase! And sign up for ring tones and text message updates! Hey TJ! You want to buy a hoodie? – Take this shit out of here! I won’t let you make our
Scene a place to buy and sell! – Hey, who died and made you King? – The Scene has no King! – Well, it looks like it does to me. Hey everybody! All Hail King George! (laughter) – You think it’s funny? Like it’s all a big fucking joke? This asshole is trying
to destroy what we have! – Relax, TJ! It’s the future! ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ The Scene must grow ♫ And you can’t stop it ♫ You can still be Punks ♫ Punks for Profit! ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ The way it was meant to be ♫ You think you can take over ♫ Over my dead body ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ As you wish, Sacrificial Youth ♫ It’s funny how you can’t see the truth ♫ I know who you are ♫ I know your type ♫ We’re gonna stop you now ♫ We’re ready to fight ♫ You know me? Ha ♫ You don’t even know who YOU are ♫ Mr. Teenage… ♫ Superstar ♫ I’m not a Star ♫ I’m just me ♫ But a Sell Out, I can never be ♫ I can see your eyes ♫ I can sense the doubt ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ Call it cashing in ♫ Not selling out ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ The kids are sheep ♫ They’re trained to buy ♫ It’s Destiny ♫ The choice is yours ♫ Join us ♫ or die ♫ No ♫ – It’s cool. No, it’s cool! I get it. I get it. Punk Rock! All damaged merchandise is half off! That’s what I call Punk Rock! – What the hell is
happening to the Scene?! – Hey, TJ, before you go, I’d like you to meet our new bass player. – I’m sorry, TJ – I thought you were my friend… but you’re one of them! – TJ, wait! – Leave me alone! (rock music) ♫ I can’t explain the way I feel ♫ He’s just a friend, so what’s the deal ♫ When we’re together it’s bonafide ♫ So why does he run away and hide ♫ I’m so confused, I just don’t know ♫ Do I follow or just let him go ♫ But I can’t get him out of my head ♫ It reminds me of what my mother said ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything ♫ I got a reputation built on lies ♫ Spread by girls and believed by guys ♫ But I don’t need no one’s pity ♫ ‘Cause there’s a boy who really knows me ♫ And maybe he’s the troubled kind ♫ But a truer love I’ll never find ♫ Does he feel the way I do ♫ Is this real? Is this true ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything at all ♫ Project love on a screen ♫ Most use a human being ♫ To reflect their pain and fears ♫ And drown out all their tears ♫ It doesn’t mean a thing at all ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything at all ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything at all ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything at all ♫ Love does this, Love does that ♫ Love doesn’t do anything at all ♫ ♫ Better run boy ♫ It’s getting too late ♫ Better run boy ♫ It’s getting too late ♫ Better run boy ♫ It’s getting too late ♫ Better run boy ♫ It’s getting too late ♫ ♫ What is happening ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ What is happening ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ My whole world is crumbling down ♫ Looking for hope but there seems ♫ To be none around ♫ Why are these things happening to me ♫ I get the feeling it was ♫ Always meant to be ♫ What is happening ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ What is happening ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ Tried so hard to be true to my path ♫ I stood up to evil, so ♫ Is this the aftermath ♫ Broken my heart ♫ It’s been ripped and torn ♫ But my soul’s intact and I will be ♫ Re-born ♫ What is happening ♫ You can’t stop it ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ Never ♫ To my Scene ♫ What is happening ♫ You can’t stop it ♫ What the hell is happening ♫ Never ♫ To my Scene ♫ Now I know evil takes on many shapes ♫ It infects your surroundings ♫ And makes you think ♫ There’s no escape ♫ I’m through running from who I am ♫ Now it’s time to put stop to ♫ Their plan ♫ What is happening ♫ What the fuck is happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ What is happening ♫ Got to stop what’s happening ♫ To my Scene ♫ (soft music) (rock music) ♫ What is this creature ♫ Half boy, half man ♫ A teenage preacher ♫ So tall he stands ♫ What is his motive ♫ What is his plan ♫ What is his plan ♫ To save the damned ♫ Well it’s too bad ♫ Such a young lad ♫ Has such a heavy cross to bear ♫ You think you’re the Savior ♫ You can’t even save yourself ♫ You know what I’m seeing ♫ You’re all by yourself ♫ Look at you, little teenager ♫ You’re just a baby, that’s all ♫ Well, who’ll save the Savior ♫ Who’ll save the Savior ♫ Who’ll save the Savior ♫ Such a damn shame ♫ What a cruel game ♫ But someone ♫ Has to die ♫ Has to die ♫ Has to die ♫ Has to die ♫ You know why ♫ You know why ♫ You know why ♫ You know why ♫ He must die ♫ He must die ♫ He must die ♫ He must die ♫ You know why He must die ♫ You know why He must die ♫ (buzzing) (knocking)
– Come on, TJ You’re going to be late for school! – Is everything okay? – Everything’s fine. Well, actually everything’s falling apart – What’s wrong? Is it school? The band? The Scene ? – Yes, yes, and yes. Jud quit the band… the city is tearing
down the Youth Center… And the people at school are turning into Bluudsucking zombies. – What was that last part? – B-L-U-U-D Bluud. The energy drink? – It’s just an energy drink. I don’t see what the big deal is. – Trust me. There’s something weird going on… and it’s all revolving around me. – TJ, you’re a teenager. You think everything revolves around you. – Yeah, but, everything
that’s happening… it feels like it’s happened to me before. – You mean like deja vu? – More like the whole thing’s scripted. – If that’s the case, you
can always change the ending. – Yeah, maybe. Bye, mom. – So all we ask in return is
that you put several of our Bluud drink dispensers
throughout the school. – This is going to be great! We really needed those
text books and computers and it just wasn’t in
the budget this year. The city has money to build
a giant concert stadium… but none when it comes to education. – We at S.Y.S. Industries believe the children are the future… and we are totally dedicated to helping educate them. – Well, thank God we
can count on you guys! – You can always count on Bluud. But I should get back to
the office, I’ll get this paperwork filed and we’ll
get this deal rolling. – Now, you’ve assured me that Bluud Energy meets all of our nutritional standards? – It’s totally rich in iron and we only use natural ingredients. – Or supernatural ingredients! Whatever is in it, the kids
can’t seem to get enough of it. – Hey TJ! How’s the band doing? – Oh my lord! Mr. Thorne, are you okay? – I’m fine! I’m fine, Bale! But this kid needs to
be taught some manners! – He certainly does! TJ, get into my office right now! What did you spit on him, anyway? – It was just water, Mr. Bale. – Then why did it burn his suit? Can you tell me that? – Maybe it was a cheap suit. – Very funny. As of this moment, you are indefinitely suspended! – What did that lowlife want, anyway? – That ‘lowlife’ is trying
to help out the school and you almost blew the whole deal. – Max Thorne is not
exactly a philanthropist… what did he want in return? – He just wants to put a couple of those drink machines in the school. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. You’re suspended. Go home! – Can’t you see what’s
going on here, Mr. Bale? Look at what this so-called ‘energy drink’ is doing to your students! – If there’s anything wrong
with the students at this school it’s got nothing to do
with an energy drink! – You’re supposed to be an educator! Why would you trust a company
that can’t even spell?! – That’s enough, TJ! Now get out! – Yeah, Boss, great news! The school practically rolled over for us. It was almost embarrassing! – You outsmarted a public high school… should I uncork the champagne? – I had an interesting encounter
with your boy, ‘Junior’. I’ll explain everything when
I get back to the office. That little prick! (rock music) – TJ! Check it out! – Great, dad. Wait a minute! Sit down. Sit down, man! Hold on, dude. Hold on. Wait. Okay, alright. Wait, no, wait. – Is that one of our songs? – Yeah! Come on, man! Look, man… I know… I haven’t been the best dad to you. I know that, alright? I want to make it up to you… I want to help you… I want to help you guys out. – Really? – Really – Dad, are you serious? – I’m fucking serious, alright?! Whatever you guys need, whatever help you need… You guys want me to fucking play bass? I’ll fucking play bass! – Dad, you’ve been drinking! – I’ve been drinking but I’ve been fucking practicing, too! Fuck you guys! Fucking posers. – Sorry I’m late, boss Someone let all the air out of my tires. Can you guess who? – I knew that kid had potential. – Like I was saying on the phone, the school was like putty in my hands. I got a statewide deal in the works and then we’re going to go national! Even conservative projections for the 4th quarter are looking great! – You probably jerk off with a calculator, don’t you? Money’s just the worm on the hook. It’s what’s left afterwards… That’s what I want. That tiny little piece of human spirit. I want to own it… I want to to toy with it… Then I’m going to fucking discard it! I want souls!
– I know you do, sir, and after tonight…they’ll be ours. I mean yours. – Tell me about it! They come to us now? It’s so boring! – Well, it might not be boring for long I think Junior’s catching on to us. – Really? – He’s not as dim as we thought. This kid could cause some
problems if he shows up tonight. – Problems? That’s not a problem… that’s fucking entertainment! Send him a limo if you have to! – That’s crazy, sir! We have way too much invested in this. – Take that stick out
of your ass, will ya? Look at this. I can’t believe how many
years I’ve wasted… going with this ‘Devil’s Music’ I was under a Witch’s spell,
but I’m telling you… the Rock n’ Roll singers did not lie (phone rings) – Hello, Maggie. It’s TJ – Hey TJ – Yeah, sorry I haven’t
called you in a while… Listen, I found out
something really interesting about this whole Bluud thing. Meet me at Starzzz in
20 minutes, if you will. Hellbound Boy’s playing their last show of their tour tonight. – Yeah, I’ll be right there. Okay, see you soon. – Great. Now I have to send her a
fucking mix tape, don’t I? – Where do you think you’re going? – TJ told me to meet him at Starzzz. He said it was important. – I don’t know about that kid. He seems pretty weird. – Ok, like your last two
husbands weren’t weird? – At least they were Christians! – Whatever, mom, I got to go. – Kiss your sister before you go. Come on! Give her a kiss. – Ugh! God, Mom! Bye! – She loves you. She does. Take it easy! You’ll wake the dead! – I’m sorry. Is Maggie home? I really need to talk to her. – Home? She said she was going to meet you at that rock club. – What?! I didn’t tell her to go there! – Well, someone that sounded like you told her to go there. Hey, wait a minute… I want to have a conversation
with you about some of the lyrics on this album because
you know as a Christian– – What time did she leave? – 20 minutes ago. – Shit! – We’re going to have this
conversation eventually! – Alright, this is our last song… You guys have been so awesome! We’d love to take you home with us! What do you say? Do you want to come home with us? Do you want to come home with us?! ♫ You tasted Bluud ♫ Not from above ♫ But from the deepest well ♫ Ignorance ♫ Is no defense ♫ When you liked the taste of Hell ♫ We heard your voice ♫ You made your choice ♫ So follow me ♫ Eternally ♫ A deal was made ♫ Now the debt must be paid ♫ In full, right here, right now ♫ Did you think ♫ That this day would never come ♫ You’d escape it all somehow ♫ We’re in control ♫ We own your souls ♫ Do as you’re told ♫ Get in the hole ♫ There’s no excuse ♫ You made your noose ♫ It fits you well ♫ I bid you Hell ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ You’re going to Hell ♫ – I thought you hated that stuff, dude! – I put some Vodka in, it’s not that bad. Plus I gotta get fucked up to watch Hellbound Boy play ♫ You’re going to Hell ♫ Hellbound ♫ You’re Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ You’re going to Hell ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ You’re going to Hell ♫ – Hey! Have you seen TJ? – No. I guess he told you to come here, too? – Yeah. – That was pretty cool! Fuck yeah! Pyro! – Everybody get the fuck outta here! ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ Hellbound ♫ ♫ I am not a Sacrifice ♫ You’re not going to fool us twice ♫ The time has come to break your spell ♫ And send your minions back…to ♫ Hell ♫ I am not a Sacrifice ♫ You are not a Sacrifice ♫ We are not a Sacrifice ♫ I am not a Sacrifice ♫ You are not a Sacrifice ♫ We are not a Sacrifice ♫ They won’t steer my destiny ♫ Define who I’m supposed to be ♫ Victory is mine to claim ♫ I beat them at their fucking game ♫ I am not a Sacrifice ♫ There’s no such thing as Paradise ♫ They tried their best to shackle me ♫ But I am fucking free ♫ Free ♫ Free ♫ I am not a Sacrifice ♫ There’s no such thing as Paradise ♫ Tried their best to shackle me ♫ But I am fucking free ♫ – I hate to say I told you so, Boss. – No investment is without risk Besides, we’ve had setbacks before… but we always win in the end. (punk rock music)

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