Sarada Telugu Full Movie || Sharada, Sobhan Babu || K Viswanath || Chakravarthy

Sarada Telugu Full Movie || Sharada, Sobhan Babu || K Viswanath || Chakravarthy

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Next program will commence
with in few minutes. Nothing. Dust has fallen in mummy’s
eye. I’ removing it. That’s all. Dust has fallen in your
eyes? Poor mummy! Dust has fallen in my eyes? Why do
you tell lie having made a mistake? He’s a small kid. Did he ask us?
We must keep up our elderly dignity. I told on the day of marriage itself
to act as an elder after 10 years. Let’s be like kids until then.
Did you heed me?. You begot a child urgently
with in one year. . Yes. Entire mistake is mine.
Have break fast. You gave it! Why do you eat hurriedly? Food will
not digest if you do not hewit. Health wouldn’t improve with out
”digestion. About it, in U.N.O, …” Hubby. Yes. I’ve a doubt.
You’ll ask knowingly in general. I could not understand only this.
I see. Carry on. Our mother in law gave you any over
dose of herbal medicine inboyhood?. Why? Nothing. You talk like a
”chatter box, aren’t you? That’s why.” ”That too, I’m a Psychiatrist.”
”Means, I’m a doctor of mentalities. ” ”I must converse with patients, ”
diagnose diseases and heal them. Diabetes will come if we eat
more sugar. What’s this!. ” How quickly my son has grown up, ”
you see? Has he become a doctor? Keep quiet. Why?
Your evil look will effect him. Why you’re upset? What happened?
Raju is missing. He’s not on bed. He’s not missing. Bed begot me.
She asked me to go to my daddy. I’m fixed in this. Will you take
me out? Do it. Take me out. Where’s my daddy?
He’ll come. Please get in. When will he come? No sooner
you recover and move happily. When can I move? You must
take medicines regularly. When should I take medicines?
Whenever it is given. When it’ll be given? Right
now. Now? Then I’ll turn back. ”I’ll take medicine and come, doctor.” I’m coming. Doctor means nurse.
Nurse means doctor. Son in law. What happened?
What can I say?. My pulse beat is rising.
I don’t know when I’ll die. ”It’s just your doubt, father in law. ”
You’re not sick. You’re like a rock. . What’s the use even
if I’m like a rock .. .. when your mother in law
is eating me like a python?. Where did you go leaving
”me here, daddy? ” ” What’s this nuisance, Son in law?”
” Did you forget Telugu, daddy?” This is not nuisance.
This is a pious relationship. ” I and my daddy will go, doctor.”
”Come, daddy. Where? To the tank?” Why going to tank? Should we bathe?
My God! I don’t know swimming. Who’s this prawn? Again
”you’re talking wrongly, daddy.” I’m not a prawn. You’re daddy.
I’m your son. ” Fatherson relationship, daddy.”
” Raju. He’s your daddy, isn’t it?” ” Yes, doctor. He is my daddy.”
” Then, will you go with him?” ”I’ll go, doctor. ”
”I’ll go home early, doctor.” I see. Then go and pack
your bag and baggage. ”You must be here, daddy.” ”What’s it, son in law? I’m already ”
choking with a house wife and son. Why this fellow like
extra luggage for me? His father died in an
”accident, father in law.” Then he became mad like this.
His father might be resembling you. ”That’s why, he behaved like that”
on seeing you? Why don’t you tell him frankly that
he lost father and he will not come?. ”I fear, he may die with a heart ”
”stroke if I tell him, father in law. ” ”So, I’m treating him to absorb the ”
shock even after knowing the fact. Is it? But don’t make him
an encumbrance for me. Okay. I’ve a surgical operation to
do. Please go home. My God! Reminding me of
my house again! Can’t he put a small one? He put
”a lock, which is as big as his head. ” What are those sounds?
He’s breaking open the iron safe. What? He’s breaking open
the iron safe. Iron safe? He’s breaking open.
Wait. He might not have opened yet. . May I bring some coffee?
No. Bring some poison. What’s this? I’m busy.
Don’t disturb me. It’s Goddess Lakshmi. You will lose
eye sight if you break it like that. I’m your son. Won’t you lose
”eye sight, if you hit on my belly? ” ”Did I ill treat you? I begot, brought ”
”up, gave house and asked to study.” My God! Again he’s
”talking of studies, mummy.” My God! He does not want to study.
Why do you raise that topic again?. What is lacking? He has brain.
Give him what all he wants. Otherwise… He’ll break locks
open? Yes. Break my head. . Will you give money if I break?
I’ll give. Bend it. My God! . Did you break? Not yet.
Okay. Don’t Break. Why do you worry as if you’re giving
your daddy’s money? It’s my daddy’s. ” What about me, hubby? Joint ”
”business, isn’t it? Take from him. ” ”I’ll take. I’ll get Rs. 1,000 ”
at 100/0 interest. Will you take loan? Yes. It
”will be my liability only, isn’t it?” Take it. I see. I thought daddy is have only
a car. He is having a house also. ” Daddy. Who’re you, my son?”
I’m the son of our daddy. . Whom do you want?
I want our daddy. Daddy! You look like blind.
May be next house. Go there. You may be thinking that I’m blind.
I’m hearing everything clearly. You may feel that I’m deaf.
I can see everything. I’m not dumb. I can understand
if anyone speaks. Where’s our daddy?
”Where’re your feet, daddy? ” What’s this nuisance for me?
” Why you’re afraid of me, daddy? ” ” Who’s he, hubby? Didn’t I say?”
I’m the son of our daddy. He’s our daddy.
Is it true? Why don’t you talk?. ” Tell them boldly, daddy.”
My God! I see. You’re afraid of facing us
”only for this, isn’t it? ” ”I understand it. Means, you have”
another house and another family. My God! Why you are after me?
I’ll expose his whereabouts. . I’ll expose how many wives you have
and how many sons your wives have. Who’s she daddy?
Is she our maid servant? She’s my husband. Who’re you
actually? What? Who’re you? ”What’s this, daddy? Why do you ask ”
your son so as if you don’t know me?. You are my son?! When I’m not
”able to bear my own son, ..” .. Who’re you like a ready made
son? Please listen one thing. . ”If we have any relationship, ”
I’ll make it good in my next life. I touch your hands. I salute you. ”My God! You should not salute me, ”
daddy. I must salute you and press your
”feet. I feel hungry, daddy.” Are you hungry? Yes.
Look here. Eat me. ” Son should not eat father, daddy.”
My God! Why are you sorting out
”all these things, Padma?” Can’t you sort them out in the
”morning? Look here, Padma.” ”In life, especially in youth,”
”every moment is precious, Padma.” See. What can I see?
750/0 of the night is still left. 7 kilograms of jasmine are
still left in the house. 30 years of youth is
still left in the body. ”As she is your wife, she will be ”
beside you through out the life. ”Even if it is late, there is ”
no problem. Please bear it. ”Okay. But, what great Omar Khayyam ”
”said in similar situation, you know?” No. But he didn’t say that when
husband is leaving next morning .. .. wife should not pack
his baggage to night. Yes. If you pack baggage
”through out night like this, ..” .. he asked me to stare at you.
Get up. ”My God! If you block everything,”
really it will take till morning. You’ll stay there at the most for
”2 days. 2 pairs will do, isn’t it?” I don’t know why. This beautiful
moon is teasing me like anything. Bring back the articles
you’re carrying with you. This breeze is exiting me. My God! I forgot keeping towel
due to your interruption. This towel cannot stop excitement.
It cannot stop this chill. Come. Son in law. Get lost.
Please go. Son in law. ” Please go, darling.”
Son in law. My God! Please come out. My God!
Who? Father in law. Salutations. Leave the formalities.
You’re a gay lord. My pulse rate has gone up.
Nerves are breaking like balloons. ”It’s usual, isn’t it?”
Come to the point. One boy was after me calling me
”as daddy, you see? ” He straight away came to house.
Who? Raju? He’s not Raju. He is a piece of
glass piercing my heart. I feel as if I’m sitting in an
oven with the strife at home. He came and added fuel to fire.
”My wife means, your mother in law.” ”She asked me, `What?!”
Is he your son?’ `Is he having a mother?
Do you have relationship with her?’ `How many wives and sons you have
like this? will you tell or not?’ See. She held me by this tuft and
started insisting to tell her. How can any woman refrain from
”having such a doubt, uncle?” Uncle. You heard the tragic
”story of Raju, isn’t it? ” He has lot of attachment
”with his father, who died. ” He could not forget
that attachment and .. ..and also could not leave you
as you look like his father. We must make this illusion
true for a while. ”If it is made true, his heart will ”
become strong. Then I’ll tell truth. You should act as his father
till such time. How? Already my wife
is sitting on my neck .. ”.. doubting that I’ve 16,000 ”
maids all over Andhra Pradesh. ”Why do you fear, when you are ”
confident that you are not guilty? Be bold. I’m with you.
Can I stand boldly before my wife? No. I’ll run. I’ll see that
aunt runs on seeing you. Okay? ” But in this matter, ..”
” It is a must, isn’t it? ” ”If he calls me as father, I should ”
”respond affectionately, isn’t it?” Yes. I’ll do it. You should
take care my death rituals later. ”Okay? Bye, dear.” Doctor. Yes. Your
advice is very nice. Should he act as father
if a stranger calls him daddy? ”If someone calls you husband,”
should I act as her cowife? Is it the mode of your treatment?
Did you sort out everything? Yes. Close the door I say.
My God. Don’t shout. I’ll close. Come on. I’ve urgent work.
Okay. ”Get aside, mad fellow.” My name is Prema Bairagi.
She is Mata Bairagi. Which Bairagi? Mata Bairagi.
This Prema Bairagi’s mother. Do you prevent us from
entering our own house? You’re scolding me in a language
which is not known to me. I’m angry. I built inns for
ascetics like you. Go there. Mummy. Why do you bother about
him? Go and call police first. They’ll put in jail. That’s all.
We have a phone in our house. We know. Wait. Are you here?
Do you dare to come inside? Let my father come.
I’ll see your end. ”If you dare to entire meanwhile,”
I’ll nail you. That’s all. Mummy. Don’t shout.
I’ll have to sew your lips. My God! What is this? Do you
”bring someone, incite him on us ..” .. and send us out of the house?
Dirty fellow. ”Please come in, Daddy.”
You’re not felling well. ”Please be seated here, daddy.”
I’ll see their end. Do you make us to stand out side
like this? Are you a human being? Shut up. I said what you should
”say. Forgive me, daddy. ” ”I’ll not sleep, daddy.”
Daddy should sleep. I should sleep. Badlu. Hubby. Yes.
Kerchief. See. You’re going to a village.
Don’t wear suits to look smart. It won’t look nice.
I’ll drape towel. Not so. If you look different from
others … Evil looks will fall. ”Next, drink boiled and cooled water. ”
Don’t drink water just like that. I don’t drink water at all.
” See. As you came to a village, .. ” .. don’t climb on trees.
No. I’ll sit like a rock. By the way… You’re talking
as you like. I’m getting late. ” Am I a kid? By the way, Babu …”
Am I a baby? I can look after. Get down. Look here. I know. You’ll come.
Brother Seshu. Brother. Brother. Seshu. Here. Brother. What happened?
” He has come, brother. ” Who? Why should I tell you
if somebody comes? Means? I should not utter
”name, brother. Shouldn’t you say?” It’s my fate! I’ve such an innocent
brother. Your brother in law! Yes. No. You might have
mistaken. My Goodness! I’ve seen with my
”own eyes, brother. Come here. ” ” No, Sarada. You mistook somebody”
to somebody. Listen. Come on. Where?
” Come on, I say.” ” Where? Come on, brother.”
Where? I’ll show. Where else? ” Here only, brother. I’ve seen ”
just now. Then where is he? ”I don’t know, brother. He stood ”
there. I saw with my own eyes. ” I swear. You bear it in mind,”
isn’t? So your eyes too saw it. ”My God! No, brother. ”
I talked with him. But I felt shy. I came to you.
”He must be somewhere here, brother.” ” Come on, brother. ”
” See, Sarada.” ”When he comes here,”
wouldn’t he come to our house? ” Where would he go, brother? ”
” I’ll find him, Sarada. Go home. ” What’s this? Come on. Master. Sir. Yes. Could you
give the house address of munsiff? Munsiff’s house? Yes.
Please follow me. He is the munsiff.
” Salutations, Sir. ” ”Welcome, Murty. ” I thought you may not attend my
marriage as you are a busy doctor. How can I miss your marriage?
” He is Mr. Murty, munsiff.” We’re schoolmates. He’s clever
and lucky. He became a great doctor. Please get in.
Tell me one thing first. I’ve been observing ever since
I stepped in to the ghat. People are stunned on seeing me
as if they saw a ghost or a devil. What’s all this?
I’m really surprised. That’s all a story. There was a boy
”here, who was looking like you.” He… Why all that now? Go and
take bath. You’re tired. Come. ”How is your practice, Murty?” ”By the way, have you seen any ”
girl near temple on your way? Yes. I’ve seen. ”On seeing me, she ”
greeted with joy and .. .. ran towards fields
calling her brother. ” Everything is over, Master.”
What’s over? What can I say? ”It’s a tragic story. You said, ”
”a girl ran on seeing you, isn’t it?” She is a boon given by God to our
village along with River Godavari. ” Did brother Kesava go to fields, ”
sister? Not yet. ” Ranaga What sister? Your said, ”
”a nail cut grandma’s leg, isn’t it?” How’s she now? What should I
say? She’s not yet healed. Poor grandma. I’ll cook flour and
send from our house. Apply bandage. ” Okay, sister. We don’t have”
even a doctor in our village. ” Hubby. Listen, son in law.”
What should I listen? ”See, father in law. If you talk ”
”about the gold chain, I’ll listen.” Listen. Even if you talk a
”thousand things, there’s no use.” ” What’s the matter, uncle?”
What should I say? I gave a chain to my daughter
at the time of marriage. I sold it for the sake of land. He says that he would not take her
with him if it is not given now. ” My married life is ruined, sister.”
Why you do you talk like that? Give this chain and send Savitri
”to in law’s house, uncle.” I don’t want your chain. I’ll pay
with interest by shedding my blood. Should Savitri sit crying like
this until you discharge loan? ”I don’t lose anything, if I don’t ”
have this chain. Go happily. Sister! Accompany her and
”drop her at in law’s house, uncle.” ” See you, auntie. You are the ”
”goddess of our village, Sarada.” Come in front of them as a good
omen. Come on. Proceed. Did people allow you to come home?
” You talk peculiarly, brother.” How would it be if everybody
is indifferent? ”Though brother is hungry, you would ”
inquire about people’s welfare.. .. and return home late in the
morning. Is it so? Our brother will be angry in a
spurt of a moment. Sit down. Did you prepare any curry or
should I go for only pickles? Why should our brother eat only
with pickles. He will have a feast. You would like it. My Goodness!
Where are you going again? See. You left the calf in hot
Sun. I’ll keep it in the shed. Would you feed me with out curry
as if you feed a dog! I don’t eat. Why do you come with empty hands
instead of bringing vegetables? Should I bring vegetables despite
working day and night in fields? Stop eating then Get lost.
” What’s this nuisance, auntie? ” See. Your uncle would not
bring vegetables. Should I cut myself into pieces
and serve? I see. Just wait. Brother. Would you scold me?
Why? Give this curry to aunt. ” Not so, brother. I pity them ”
I heard it. Why pitying them when you are here?
I must eat with pickles. Take it. No. You should give with a smile.
My innocent sister! How to deal with you when you
feel if others are hurt? ”Take it, I say.” Do you go with out having meals
”as you are angry with auntie, uncle? ” ” Auntie. What, dear? Take ”
this curry. Thanks. Come in. ”Go and have meals, uncle.” ”Brother. I’ll prepare a good curry,”
soup and all for your lunch. Not necessary. Even if you serve
”porridge sitting in front of me, ..” .. my hunger will be satiated.
Innocent brother! ”By the way, uncle has sent a word.”
Have you gone there? How? You have come just now.
I’ll go after having meals. ” Why did you call me, uncle? Our ”
”Krishnamurty is coming today, Kesav.” Is it? Yes. Did he complete
the study of medicine so early? Yes. Go to ghat on your cart. He is coming after completing
”higher studies, you see? ” ”If we do not honour him, it’s an ”
insult to us and our village. What do you say?
” Okay, uncle.” How naughty our
”Malli is, you know? ” I’m unable to bear her
mischief every day. Brother. Wait.
Brother. Here. ” What is this, sister?”
” Holy food, brother. ” ”Look here, Sarada. Doctor is ”
there in the cart. Give him. Doctor?! Yes. Why do you stare? We used to call
”him Kittayya in childhood, you know?” He is the same. Give him. ” Our sister, doctor. You might have”
seen in childhood. Is she Sarada? Yes. Oh! What a change in her!
Face was like a pumpkin flower! Plait was like a branch of Godavari!
Small Gowns like a doll! What a great change in her now?
Okay. Come on. She is like an innocent child
”though she is grown up, doctor.” I don’t know whom she will marry
and how she will lead married life. He should forget that he is her
husband and act as mother or father. Innocence is many times better than
”ignorance with arrogance, Keshava.” ” Really? Yes, auntie. Doctor”
has entered our village just now. I see. He will open a hospital
”also, Venkanna. I see.” Master! Do you know this? What?
Doctor has come to our village. Nobody need to worry about
any diseases hereafter. ” Chenchayya. What, sister?”
Hospital will be built here. Is it? Yes. What’s this? You’re highly
educated and moreover a doctor. ”No. Though I’m a doctor today,” ”.. I’m the same poor orphan, whom ”
you pitied and took into your fold. Okay. You undertook journey.
Come on. Take bath first. Long live. Our Doctor. Indicate a place for the hospital
of the Doctor. We will arrange. Wait. It’s not even 10 minutes
since he has come. Why do you hurry? ”Moreover, what’s his opinion?”
He want to be in city or here? What’s this? Entire village says
that he will build a hospital here. Have you already announced that
you will open a hospital here? ”It is surprising, uncle. Though”
”I wished it, I did not express it.” How everybody came to know?
Our Sarada told us. Why do you interfere in unnecessary
”matters, Sarada?” Did you announce in the village that
doctor will open hospital here? Did he tell you?
Is he not opening here? Should we go to a far off place
if someone is sick in our village? My God! What is too hot. Grandpa Chenchayya had a
heart stroke you know? ”If there is a doctor in our village,”
”he would have survived, you know?” You’re talking unilaterally. Should
we not consider others ordeals also? What are those ordeals?
What do you know? Could he move in this dirt and dung
after moving with shoes in city? ”Enough. If it too hot, ”
skin may sustain burns. Sarada. Investing heavily on higher
studies is to squeeze with interest. Also to grab 3 times the investment
”as dowry, if somebody will give.” Okay. Serve meals quickly. Go
and change dress. I’ll bring water. ” See you, doctor. Bye.”
You come in. Doctor. Come out once. What’s
the matter? I’ll tell. Come on. What happened? I’ll tell.
Come on. Please wait. I’ll come. Come on. Sit down.
No formalities. You said someone is serious.
Where’s the patient? Why do you search in the nests?
It was here. Where did it go? Your patient is a human being
or a beast? What if it is a beast?
It is more than a human being. It can understand whatever we say.
Poor creature! ”When I came, she closed eyes”
and lied here like a corpse. Malli means a cat or what?
” Yes, doctor. Malli.” ”Come here, my dear girl.”
You brought a good patient. Sit here and search it. See you.
Doctor. It may be seriously ill. ”Otherwise, why it became dull”
when it was very active? Just wait. Malli. Sarada!
” Did you see our Malli, Kamala?” Our Malli delivered four babies.
It is there. Come on. Let’s see. Mother and babies are healthy?
Yes. Come and see Malli once. ” She delivered safely, isn’t it?”
No. Again … ”Not needed. In case of danger, tell ”
my name in it’s ears. It’ll get up. Come on. No problem. Did you call doctor simply for
this? Naughty! Let’s see Malli. ”You know, isn’t, uncle. We know the ”
beauty and qualification of our girl. ”Though we like our girl, groom wants”
”a cute and educated girl, isn’t it?” ”Though he wants or not, I understood”
that you want to marry such a girl. ” What’s this, uncle? Why do you”
deliver lectures? Come to the point. That groom failed in 5th form and
working as a clerk in Rajahmundry. There is some dispute among
son and father. I see. Some case is pending in Court
for his share of 2 acres of land. ”If you interfere, make him win”
and get him his 2 acres of land … ”Is there any dowry etc., or we”
should just perform marriage? ”What’s this, uncle? When he studied”
”5th form and has 2 acres land, ..” .. would he simply marry with out
any dowry? Then how much he wants? ”They are asking Rs. 10,000, uncle.”
”If we help him win court case, .. ” ” .. he may agree for Rs. 8,000.”
” My God! Rs. 8,000?” Do you have so much of money?
” What is unknown to you, uncle?” You should take my piece of land
and adjust the amount. I see. Do you want to sacrifice
everything for the sake of sister .. .. and roam in the village with a
begging bowl like a beggar? Not so. What else the parents
”of a girl can do, uncle?” Don’t do anything.
Our village itself will do. Look here. Sarada is a jasmine. We should not give such a goddess
”to one, who cuts tree for a flower.” You feel that she is a goddess and
anyone will be fond of marrying her. Uncle. Find fault with
every match I bring. You will repent later that you made
a mistake regarding her marriage. It is left to you. I may bear
that pain but I’ll not accept .. .. if you perform her marriage
with some idiot. She is big doctor in this village.
My God! What’s it? Nothing. ” Pain in the leg. Then, let’s”
go to doctor. Come on. Why doctor for a simple thing?
It will go by applying castor oil. ” Anyway, I’m not hurt. Come on.”
Are you not hurt? No. I see. You need doctor for cat but not
for you? Come on. I don’t want. Come on I say. My God! Whose
face I saw while rising at dawn? You should not neglect such things.
Bones may break at any moment. It’ll be very dangerous. I can’t
help. Get checked up. See you. Where it is? Let me check up. Sprain is not
here. It is for the leg. ”Innocent girl! Wherever it is hurt,”
it’s impact will be on the heart. ”If heart is strong, no would can ”
hurt us. Let me check up. Do you fear that
I would steal your heart? ”Anyway, you have concealed it”
”carefully, isn’t it?” Can I steal that easily?
”By the way, leg is hurt, isn’t it? ” Lord Krishna! Do you
feel for my touching your feet? Innocent girl! Lord Krishna also
touched the feet of Satyabhama. Come on. Show me.
Here? My Goodness! Sister Sarada!
”Why did you come here, sister?” ”Today is auspicious `Ekadashi’, ”
isn’t it? I came to give holy food. Today is auspicious `Ekadashi’?
You saved me. Then I’ll make doctor fast. He
will be pious. I’ll not be scolded. Why should he scold? This
vessel is adulterated it seems. ”Whatever I cook in this, it smells ”
like gum and palm seeds. ”Nothing cooked in this is tasty, ”
sister. He scolds my cooking .. .. as he does not know that
”this vessel is faulty, sister.” Your cooking! This kitchen!
These vessels! Oh God! Okay. Don’t cook anything.
I’ll bring from our house. ”My goodness! If you do so,”
I’ll be indebted to you. Poor fellow! Okay. Carry on. I’m telling you.
Have meals. Are you not able to listen?
I’m able to see. That’s all. What’s it? Two wide eyes.
One long nose. White and soft cheeks
on both sides of it. What’s special?
Everyone would have those things. ”Even if anyone has, shouldn’t”
they invite to look at them? Will you have meals first or
go on talking like this? I’ll make you sit in front of me
for years together and talk .. ”.. like a sage, until snake holes ”
rise around me. Where are you going?
To our house. You will not go. You will say so but
you cannot go. You know that it is a great sin. No. I’ve urgent work at house.
Then take ”I’ll spend rest of my life, starving”
and chanting the name of Sarada. ”Go safely, Sarada. ” ”If you do not take meals, it is ”
”as good as killing me, I swear. ” Oh! Are you crying? My hunger
is satiated just on seeing you. why all these things?
”Look here, Sarada.” Munsiff brought me here when
I was an orphan and made me a man. ”After becoming a man, a guide of”
life appeared before me just now. ” What’s the news, Murty?”
Recently in the planet Moon… Why Sarada has come here? As
”Ranga could not cook properly, ..” .. she brought food for me.
I see. Why do you tell lies? You might have called her for some
”feast. No, uncle. He is right.” Keep quiet. Why do you back him? How many lies this Murty was telling
”in his childhood, you know? ” Is it fair on your part? If you
call an unmarried girl for feasts .. ”.. and entertainment like this,”
how onlookers would think about it? ”Even if he calls, would you come”
just like that? ”He is not at fault, uncle. ”
”As he is not having timely meals, ..” .. I’ve … You brought meals. Innocent Sarada is not at fault
in this matter. What is this recitation of faults?
You would say she is not at fault. She says that you’re not at fault.
Then am I at fault? Can I say so?
Say so. Nothing wrong. `Sir. I’m fond of Sarada. If you
”do not perform our marriage, ..” .. you will be making a mistake’.
Say frankly. Nothing wrong in it. Sir. You told what I’ve in my mind.
”Right or wrong, it is my decision.” ”Look here, Murty. Such decisions”
should not be taken in emotion. Did you think properly?
You’re a doctor. That Sarada .. ”I know, Sir. She is a country girl.”
She is innocent. Illiterate. ”But over and above all these things,”
she is good at heart. ” What else anybody would want, sir?”
” So, will you marry Sarada?” What is wrong if uncle is angry?
Why did you give food for an alien? ”Yes. Ask her frankly, my son.”
”You don’t go. Be here, dear. ” Brother is also angry.
I’ll never take hereafter. Then what about his meals?
How can I help it?20 Okay. Will you do one thing?
Just marry him. ” Uncle! Keep quiet, I say.”
What is lacking with Krishnamurthy? Is he handicapped?
” Not so, uncle.” Fight and wedlock … See.
He is fit for wedlock. ”About fight, Sarada alone should ”
decide. What do you say? ” What, uncle! ”
” What is this, uncle?” This country girl and that highly
qualified doctor … Kesava! ”Marriages are not man made, my son.”
They are already God made. Our Krishnamurty is fond of Sarada.
What is our objection then? ” Not so, uncle. Is it possible? ”
It is possible. ”If you accept, I’ll fix auspicious ”
time too. What do you say? Okay. Have I ever disobeyed you?
”If you and your daughter like him, ..” .. why should I object?
” Will you marry the doctor, dear?” Tell me. Don’t feel shy.
You should lead long married life. ” As you please. So, what else?”
The earlier the better. ” Delhi scent. Jasmine scent, sir.”
What’s all this? Delhi scent. Jasmine scent.
”Lily scent. Popular sent, sir.” I don’t want all these things.
Take away. What’s this Sir? You are a new groom. Your nuptials
”are to night. Recommend to him, sir.” Okay. Give a bottle full of
”1st class scent. Okay, Sir. ” Doctor! What happened? My
daughter fainted after delivery. ” Please start immediately, doctor.”
Wait. I’ll come. What’s this brother in law?
Doctor cannot come today. Find someone else. Where can I
go suddenly? You should save her. Why do you worry?
I promised to come. Get up. ”No, brother in law.”
You’re married only today. You should neither cross the
boundaries nor the river. Listen me. ”What are these superstitions, ”
brother in law? I’ll return now. You are feeling shy now itself.
Conceal it for him too. I’ve only one daughter. I don’t
know what will happen. Come on. Are you dreaming? Okay. Will you
ignore God as this God has come? Son. Daughter has survived!
Doctor. Please get up. I’m indebted to you forever. You
have come and saved my daughter. What did I do? I did my duty.
That’s all. Doctor! Saver of untimely death.
Washer of all sins. Holy of water of the feet of Lord
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha will do good. Be prosperous and happy every day. Lead a long married life. Kesavanna. Neither Sarada came from
temple nor doctor after treatment. That’s what I’m wondering.
Kesava. Just a moment. ” What’s up, uncle Venkayya? ”
Doctor’s boat sank in Godavari. ” Boat sank? Yes, Kesava.”
Doctor! Horrible!
”Fateful, Sarada.” Doctor’s boat sank
in River Godavari. ” What did you say? True, Sir.”
Eyewitness Bullibabu told me. Blatant lie. How dare Godavari is
to make our Sarada a widow? All the males should go and jump
into the river. Go and find out. Uncle. I heard. God will never
do injustice to us. Don’t worry. ”No, uncle. Someone told Sarada ”
when she was coming from temple. She fainted. She is brought back
to house just now. I see. You please get in. ”What should I tell, my Sarada?”
Uncle. What is my sin? Why it
”happened to me so, uncle? ” ”No, Kesava. If at all there is ”
”any sin, it is mine.” I rejected the match brought by you
and performed marriage forcibly. That is the result of it. My Goodness! Why did I sleep like
this? Is it already dawn? Not yet. Why you are all dull?
What happened? How can I see Sarada’s face now?
Uncle. Kesavanna. Sarada recouped. But she is talking like mad.
” Did Sarada know about it, uncle?” Sarada. Uncle. Your son in law
left long back. He may not be knowing the way.
Shall we send somebody? Is he new to this village?
How can’t he find way? He will come. Don’t worry.
Uncle! Kesava. Sarada heard that boat
sank but she forgot it. ” She become mad it seems, Kesava.”
Uncle. Would I lose Sarada too?
Why do you utter bad words? Sarada is eternal.
She is a pious girl. Lord. Doctor’s corpse is found! Is he dead? Yes. Why do you
whisper within yourselves? Nothing. Why do you conceal?
”Won’t you tell me, Kamala?” Then keep within yourselves.
”By the way, where is Hari?” Did he go to bring him?
Yes. Then he will come. It is already too late. Please
go. No problem. Let brother come. Kamala. Brother may
”scold me saying, ..” ..`Are you a kid?
Why you need company?’ See. I’m not asking you to go
keeping your brother in law in mind. I’m telling as brother would scold.
Please go. Okay. How can you be alone?
” Your brother law will come, is it?” Even enemies should not
have this kind of misery. She is like a Goddess!
Should be so cheated? Blessing in disguise!
God saved Sarada for us. She might have become mad
on hearing that boat sank. She did not remember it at all. She might be remembering
only his going to treat patient. That innocent girl is waiting
for him to return. ”So, we should all behave as if”
nothing happened to Doctor and .. .. he may return today or tomorrow. ”How long we can conceal this truth,”
uncle? We can conceal forever
if we are unanimous. ” Yes, Kesava. We can conceal.”
Why you are so innocent? She moved with us like a
sister more than with you. ”If she knows it, her heart will ”
fail and she will be no more for us. ”Means, with out telling this, should ”
we keep her bangles and vermilion? I don’t know what sort of sin it is. Is it a greater sin than what God
has committed to an innocent girl? It better to conceal this truth
till she comes out of her illusion. We should all ensure that the
incident would not reach Sarada. ” What do you say, aunt.”
Yes. We will do so. What do you say?
What else? Our duty to see that she would not
get this news. What do you say? Okay. Lord. Brother. Where did you go? Did you
go to find your brother in law? You are not at home through out
”the night. No, sister.” I’ve gone on some other work. Yes. you do not bother as to when
brother in law left and where he is. Okay. Do you know when he will
return? How can he return so soon? Why? Is the patient
so serious there? Yes. It was a very
serious incident. I’m unable to bear it
whenever I recollect it. ”Calm down, brother. Do you feel your ”
brother in law is an ordinary doctor? ”He is God. If he touches,”
corpses also will rise alive. ”True. As brother is God,”
God is very gracious on him. ”What you said is cent percent true,”
brother. Go and mulch milk. I’ll boil
and give. You can give him. He was sleepless through the night.
How come if he misses meals also? ” Brother in law is not there, ”
Sarada. Where did he go? ”That patient is serious, isn’t it?”
He accompanied her to city. Did he go far away?
When would he return? How can I say?
If at all survives … What? ”Means, that patient should ”
”recover, isn’t she? ” ”True, brother. Okay. Brother in law ”
may come tomorrow if not today. ”If that patient survives,”
that is enough. ” Wash your face, brother.”
I’ll bring water. Innocent girl! Let her take care of her health.
Come on. It is a good omen. Please start.
Just wait. Sarada is a widow. Will you go
after facing her? Come on. Shut up.
Sarada is a Goddess. Could our daughter lead married life
if she did not help at that juncture? Are you taking gifts for Savitri
on the eve of her pregnancy? Yes. Which month? 5th month. Ask
”her to beget a healthy child, uncle. ” Okay. Why did you stop? Is it
because I did not come as omen? Yes. Come in front of us
as good omen. Proceed. ” Bye. You are always forgetting,”
uncle. Bring jasmine and bangles. Okay. Sure. ”Don’t worry, auntie. First ”
”delivery for Savitri, isn’t it? ” She will have easy delivery.
Don’t get upset. ” Come on. Let’s go home, Sarada.”
You please go. I’ll come later. Come on. Sarada. Yourself? Why do you
sit here at this late night? Come. ”You please go, brother.”
He may come at any moment. ”Way should be visible in darkness, ”
isn’t it? I’ll guide and bring him. You please go. Give me lantern. Why? So many lamps are lit for him.
He’ll come in that light. Come on. Yes. He’ll come like Moon coming
among the stars in the sky. Okay? Yes. Come on. Oh! They might have lit fondly. How
would the air know? It put them off. Ganga. Doctor did not
”return yet, is it? ” ”He did not return yet means, patient ”
may me very be critical. Isn’t it? Ranga. Will you please do me
a small favour? What? I’ll give money. Go and tell doctor
that our Sarada is awaiting you. ”No, Ranga. If anybody comes to ”
”know, what would they feel?” Wouldn’t they feel that this
”girl has no shy? So, Ranga.” Tell him that our people are sick
and ask him to come at once. Okay? Should I tell a lie?
Please. I’ll tell you truth. Go and tell him a lie.
”I don’t know why, Ranga.” My mind is a blank with out him.
I’m unable to relish food also. Ranga. Take this money. If you
”want, buy some edibles and eat.” I don’t know how you will convince.
You must bring him at once. Okay? What’s this? Am I your servant
to do whatever you say? Why are you crying? Uncle!
What happened? Sister Sarada is asking me to
go to doctor to bring him back. What should I say? Where should I
go? How can I bring him back? Ranga. You’re young.
So you’re telling me and crying. Whom should I tell? Brother is going to the land
it seems. Hurry up. They might not have watered the land
properly. Shouldn’t you check up? Why do you talk like that?
Nothing. I talked so as .. .. I’m happy that my brother is
more fond of land than his sister. Why do you make me cry? Who else is
there for me than you in this world? Oh! How caring you are
to sister and .. .. how much you lament for her when
her married life is being ruined! Okay. Do you find time to
give me at least a post card? What for? To write a letter
to your brother in law. Will you write a letter to
Brother in law? Why? Don’t you like even if
I write it? No. He… He is a male.
He will always be busy. He may or may not write.
Nothing wrong if we write. You are the head of the family. My
writing is unfair when you are here. What shall I write? My God!
Should I dictate? Okay. Write it. ”Dear Brother in law, Salutations.”
We are safe here. Who is safe? Are we not upset
ever since he left? What? Did you write all this?
You’re mad. What did you write? We are safe here. Safe.
”Intentionally or unintentionally, ..” .. if I insulted you or hurt your
”feelings, don’t keep it in mind.” Forgive me and return at once.
Why do you cry now? ”If you were careful, ”
you would not have hurt him. He would not have left.
Isn’t it? Yes. Okay. Don’t cry. He’ll be pleased
with this letter and will come back. Write down. Our Sarada is quite
”innocent. Daily, for you .. ” Write down. Write in a
pleasing tone. Did you write? Yes.
Then drop it in the post box. Brother. Wait. Did you
write address? No. Oh! How come if you are
so absent minded? You would have dropped in
post box like this. Write down. I’ll find out correct address
from uncle and then write. Don’t you know at least
address so far? Okay. Hurry up. My God!
I fear something wrong with brother. Such an active person! He became
”like this means, has he become mad?” What’s this? I’m posting a
letter written to brother in law. ”She is awaiting reply to the letter, ”
also her husband everyday and .. .. worshiping Gods. We have been
consoling with some story or other. She saw you today. She may resort
to some extreme step if we deny. Very peculiar. We loaded
palm leaves on the carts and .. ”Don’t be surprised, Kesava. Your ”
brother in law has not come alive. He is a big doctor in the city.
He is capable of keeping us alive. The property I’ve in this world
”is only Sarada, doctor.” I know. I heard it. Make her
steel hearted to bear this calamity. Usual therapy will not do for this.
She must be treated mentally. ”I know Mr. Joseph, who is one of”
our senior doctors. I’ll give a letter addressed to him.
Show your sister to him. ” Will her madness be cured, doctor?”
” It’s illusion right now, isn’t it?” Show her to him for heavens sake.
” I don’t know, doctor. ” She told she saw you with her own
eyes. I don’t know what’s in store. It’s like a wonder. I saw with my
own eyes. I talked. He too saw me. Is it all unreal? You’re mad.
”If it is true, where is he?” ”You’re mad. Actually, when I took”
”my brother along with me, ..” .. he might be hiding to somewhere
”to tease us, you know?” ” Where are you going, Sarada?”
I know where he is. Sarada! You didn’t believe when
”I said that he has come, isn’t it? ” Yes. He has come. Come on. ”What’s this, brother. See. How”
majestically he’s sitting there? Okay. Why did you sit here instead
of bringing him to our house? ”Marriage is going on, isn’t it?”
He’ll come as soon as it is over. I’ll bring him. No. If you have
”so much of care and remembrance, ..” .. why should I bother being a girl?
See. You need not bring him. I’ll be here till the marriage is
over and bring him along with me. Don’t worry.
” What’s this, Sarada? ” See your shape in a mirror once.
Do you appear before him like this? ”Go home, wash your face, comb ”
your hair and wear good dress. ” Meanwhile, I’ll bring him.”
Will you really bring him? Don’t you trust my word?
Promise me. I swear on me. My God! Don’t say so. Bring him
honourbly and carefully. Brother. I’ll give him hot milk.
Okay? Please go. May I take leave of you?
Why so early? You can go by evening bus. No.
I must go. I left hospital also. ” Even then, my presence here”
is not good. That’s also true. Sarada came to marriage venue
in search of you yesterday night. Is it? I don’t know what
sort of fuss she will make. God alone knows with which
lie we should console her. Don’t worry. Show her to
Dr. Joseph as per my advise. I too will write letter to him.
I don’t know. Everything is in your hands.
You’re our God. See you. Bye. Rajarao. Don’t wake him up.
”New groom, isn’t he? See you. ” Rajanna. Stop the boat. Hubby.
Don’t go. ” He is going, brother. Will he ”
”stop if you call, Sarada? Come on. ” Do you intend to call him actually?
Don’t call. Sarada. Leave me. What is this fuss? I’ll touch his
feet or die on the lap of Godavari. Hubby! Sarada. Hubby. Uncle. Your Goddess!
With these hands … ”Uncle. In this madness, she will ”
”give up food and sleep, .. ” reduce and perish herself but
she will be no more for us. Kesava. Did we take pain so far
only to lose her? He told that there is a big doctor
in the city. Let’s show her to him. ”Next, it is left to God.” Dr. Joseph said he mentioned
”everything in those papers, doctor.” Our opinions concurred in this case.
I’m treating exactly a similar case. ” However, in the case of Sarada …”
” Why do you hesitate, doctor?” About money? There is no
question of money in this. Now Sarada should not be treated
with medicines. I should also make her believe that
her illusion is true .. .. that her husband did not die.
”That’s why, I’m hesitating. ” ”I know your trouble, doctor. As I ”
couldn’t cut sisterly attachment .. .. and as our entire village
”treats her as own sister, ..” .. we could not kill Sarada
with our own hands. ”That’s why, we are making”
”this request to you, doctor.” ”Some how or other, ”
”save our Sarada, doctor.” ”Why do you talk like that, Kesava.”
It is my duty as doctor. Meet me in the evening once.
I’ll tell what to do and how to do. I’m observing you ever since
you came here. Why do you look so? Go and mind your business. I’ll buy a new sari for festival
and take you around the city in car. ” Okay. Go. What, madam?”
Take your salary and get out. ” What’s my mistake, madam? ”
Should I say? Take it and go. ” What happened, Padma? What’s up?”
I’ll tell. Let him go first. Ask me now. He might have
snatched money taken for petrol. No. He is throwing chilly powder
in the eyes of his own wife. No. You would simply suspect.
He is not such a man. ”Not now. After two days,”
he will become inhuman. ”Being married and having children,”
would he tease the maid servant? Why do you laugh? Nothing.
I laugh at your ignorance. ”Why do you make a fuss, if a”
male and female talk after all? If husband is inclining towards
”someone else, ..” .. what would be the fate of the
wife? How would you know it? ”If I were in that situation,”
I’ll hang myself and die. ”Even if your wife refuses this,”
”there’s nothing wrong, doctor. ” ”Not only she but any housewife, ”
”who is possessive of her husband, .. ” .. can compromise for these
”unique circumstances. Not so, sir. ” I feel try to ask you to stay in a
hotel though I’ve house and all. ”We should feel shy, doctor.”
We are troubling you in many ways. ” How can we reciprocate your grace, ”
sir? Don’t use such big words now. Go and bring Sarada at once. I’ll
arrange all amenities for you here. ” Okay, Sir. Right.” Sarada. God heard your prayers.
We’re going to city today itself. ” Brother! Yes, sister. ”
Your troubles are over. He ask us to bring you at once.
” Really? True, sister.” Uncle. Is it true?
Did he ask me to come there? Yes. God! I scolded you.
I blamed you. Forgive me. ”God saved my married life, brother.” Auntie. Bye. Water the snake gourd
plant. Summer is entering. then … ” Come on, sister. Bye.”
Bujji. My darling! ”Take care of Bujji, Kamala.” Bye Lakshmi. Bye Seetha. I’ll
write on reaching there. Okay? ” Bye, master. Bye.” ” Bye Uncle. All the best, ”
dear. Bye. I’ll tell doctor and call you there
”as soon as I reach the city, Ranga.” ” Sister! Why do you cry, ”
mad fellow! ”You’re also coming soon, you see?”
Don’t cry. Kamala. Do you remember what all
I said? I’ll write letter. Why do you get upset?
Wouldn’t I attend your marriage? Send invitation in the name of
your brother in law. Both of us will attend. Okay?
Come on. brother. Bad time may comes. Padma. I’m already late. You are
still packing. Coming. Did you pack everything or
should I go and beg someone? I packed everything in this.
Very Good. Except one thing. What’s it? Get it. I need not
get from any where. It’s beside you. Take it. I see.
”Look here, Padma. ” For fear of forgetting it
”in my hurry, ..” .. I packed in the night itself
and preserved here. Fake words!
Who would believe these males? ”Means, should I carry you in my”
”coat pocket, wherever I go?” ”I’ve no objection. But, Padma.”
”Till we reach Hyderabad, .. ” .. I’ll neither stop for drinking
water nor for going to urinals. Okay. come on. Stop it. Okay.
When will you come back? Why that doubt? I’ll be back
as soon as the conference is over. ”Means, even if it’s not over by”
”16th instant, will you stay there?” Is it in our hands?
Is it in your mind at all? If you have a strong will to return
”by 16th, you need even have limbs.” You can be back by floating in air.
16th will come like 15th and go. What’s special with 16th? You
”concealed here, isn’t it? Ask it. ” ” I’ll ask. What’s it, darling?”
16th instant … Tell me. My God! See. What an
important thing I forgot? Our country got independence
on 15th of August. ”On 16th of August, we both”
got independence. ” Even if you don’t tell, on 16th ”
instant.. No. Don’t talk. I’ll land here. You know
how you should look like? You should be slim and trim
on 16th. I know you will be so. Okay. You are getting late.
My God! What’s it? Nothing.
16th instant. Brother. Did you again tell
a lie that he is coming? Innocent sister! I’ve no
strength to tell even truth. How can I tell lie? Yes.
”If our brother can tell a lie, ..” .. truth would have died long ago.
”Isn’t it, brother? ” ”No, Sister. Your brother died long ”
”ago, as he could not tell truth.” Call me on this number
in case of emergency. ”If others ask, tell that he left for ”
a medical conference at Hyderabad. ” You’re right, brother. He’s ”
”coming. Is it? Yes, I swear. ” ”Salutations, doctor.”
Pleased be seated. Why do you call as doctor? Can’t
you fondly call as brother in law? He may like coconut water.
Will you bring it? ”Just a minute, doctor.” Sarada. What’s this? Did I bring
you all the way here to cry? No. Please don’t cry.
No. I’ll not cry. All my agony has melted and
”washed away with tears, isn’t it? ” I’ll smile now. I’ll be
at your feet with a smile. ”Look here, Sarada. Who am I?”
I’m a doctor. It is my duty to keep the body and
mind healthy for ever. Isn’t it? Then why did you make my body
and mind suffer so much? After leaving that day just to
”treat a patient,..” .. would you return only
for your friend’s marriage? ”After coming, without coming to ”
”our house and talking to me, ..” ”.. with out talking when I called,”
do you leave as if I’m a stranger? Why did you do so? Did I commit
any mistake? No. Did our brother ill treat you?
Look here. I’m not mad to put you to agony
because of your brother. ”So, am I mad? Tell me. I wrote”
a letter also without any shy. Just a word! Did you write even a
word in reply about your welfare? You know how we gulped our own
tears while waiting for you. You know the agony of a woman
when her husband dejects her. ”If you are born as woman,”
you could have understood it. Okay. Past is past.
Forget it as a bad dream. ” Hereafter, you should not shed”
tears for anything. True. I don’t know. If I recollect it …
Leave it. Why all that now? Okay. Why did you become so lean?
How nice you were at our village! Did I become so lean?
” That’s why, I’ve come, you see. ” I’ll cook and serve meals timely
hereafter. ”I’ll change you with in 4 days,”
so that people would envy you. I see. I too will change you
”with in 4 days, you see.” I’m already transformed with your
vernal looks. What’s left to change? Not my looks.
Only the looks of God! I see. Who tied this wedding lace?
Your God. ”I became his own, ”
when he tied like this. Not alone in his looks but
I became his pupils also. ” I cannot talk with you, Sarada.”
Talk something. Brother will come.
What else can I talk? I don’t know what wife and husband
talk when the are alone. How do I too know?
You’re in deep love with me. You must be knowing.
Please talk. Please smile otherwise.
Why don’t you laugh as before? ”On seeing that smile, I recollect ..” ”.. the temple, hills, green fields, ”
”Godavari, and cows of our village.” Please smile. Am I late? No. You
have come very quickly. Shall we go out and relax?
Doctor. Brother in law. You wanted to show your hospital
”to Sarada, you know?” I see. I forgot it.
Shall we go to hospital? Let us start. Why do you hug it like
Casabianka? Won’t you have meals? I don’t want meals and charcoal.
Get lost. Mummy. Let him have it.
It’s his last meals. What’s that? I’m going to
take out daddy’s money and life. ”He is your daddy, after all. If you ”
want take money and leave his life. I’m pleased with your
devotion for husband. See the devotion for iron safe.
He hugged it like a frog. ”Get up. Or else, He is I and he is ”
yourself. Will you please get up? ” What, daddy? Get lost.”
Talk now if you have guts. ” Did they scold you, daddy?”
They’re talking as they like. Are they talking nonsense?
Yes. Lend me your ear. You demon! Yes.
You beggar! Yes. Do you insult me with his backing?
Daddy. Lend me your ear. Not only insulting;
I’ll flay you too. ” If it so, I’ll flay both of you.”
Dad. Lend me your ear once more. Would you flay me? My God!
Will you go out or shall I shoot? He is mad. He may shoot us also. Daddy. My God! Is it this?
I felt this as it. I’m too scared. ” What, sir? Don’t call sir.”
Call me daddy What? Call me fondly as daddy.
Daddy. ”No, Sir. He left for Hyderabad”
4 days back. He’ll come tomorrow. What? Did he buy an injection?
It may be another Murty. He is out of station.
Won’t you listen? Why did you come again? I’ve
come to tell that doctor is here. Is he here? Yes. He’s here
since last 3 days. He’s enjoying with a cute girl
in Room No. 99 of Hotel Ajanta. Hotel Ajanta. Room No. 99. Hotel Ajanta. Room No. 99.
Hotel Ajanta. Room No. 99?! Doctor Murty is here?
” He has gone out, madam.” You? Where’s that girl?
She has gone with him. ” I see. Then, who’re you?”
I’m her brother. ”Shut up. If you’re a brother,”
”who sends sister with a stranger, .. ” .. all the brothers in the world
would die with shame. Madam. Hold your tongue.
Who’re you? I’m doctor’s wife. Madam. Forgive me.
I understand your doubt. ”If doctor is your husband, ”
”he is our God, Madam. ” ”Why do you play this drama,”
when it has become public? ”Yes, madam. Public may feel true ”
what all it sees and spread rumours. But our doctor has to
”play all this drama, ..” .. only to reveal the truth which
neither public nor our sister knows. What’s that truth?
” I’ll tell, madam. ” I’ll tell you what all I concealed
”though my heart is bursting, madam.” Sarada is not just my sister.
”She is my Goddess, madam.” ”Tell me now, madam. Is it wrong ”
to treat doctor as our God? ”Forgive us if we are wrong, madam.” Madam. We’re agonized with
what all has happened so far. Why should you to be in agony? ”No, madam. I’ll go back to our ”
village along with my sister today. ”What all is destined,”
will happen. Brother. I insulted your godly
sister with envy as I’m a woman. I misunderstood my God too.
”Forgive me, brother.” Sister! Sarada is the sister
of both of us from today onwards. She will stay in our house.
In your house?! That mad girl?! ”No, sister. Sacrifice too”
must have a limit. This is not sacrifice.
This is my duty. This is my responsibility
as his wife. Don’t hesitate. Tomorrow is an auspicious day.
Come to our house with Sarada. ” Sister! Brother! Bye, brother.” Sister! You’re a divine couple
Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. Have you seen? Word is a word.
16th instant. Sun may rise at night but
would you tell a lie? Thanks a lot. You realized
at least now. ” So, in Hyderabad …”
Don’t ask about it. Feel that I did not go to
Hyderabad. Why so? What nonsense? There whirl
winds and torrential rains! So? Conference is canceled?
Suppose like that. ”Even then, when weather is rough,”
could we have good moods? ”Moreover, 900/0 of the doctors have”
got degrees but where is the talent? Didn’t you take dowry
forcibly from our daddy? If he weighs me and gives you for
”weight, still your daddy owes me.” Do you simply boast here or
open your mouth there also? Entire hall echoed! My God! When I addressed as
”Ladies and Gentleman, ..” .. all the geniuses present
there were aghast. What?! They requested me to stay back for
two more days to impart knowledge. Today is 16th. I see. So … But how can we tell our trouble to
”them? They will laugh. So, ..” I told a big lie. Is this sari
for me? No. It’s for me. Is sari for me if not for you?
I searched entire Hyderabad. What?! Even in that whirl wind
and torrential rain also? ”Despite thunderbolts, I searched ”
entire Hyderabad for my love … But it bears the label of this
city? Oh! This city’s label? ”Means, oneness and unity you see?”
Those things are in business also. I see. The goods of that city
would be imported here. The goods of this city …
will remain in this city only. Why you are looking there?
Why didn’t they come so far? Who? You will see. Who?
Relatives? No. Friends? No. Oh! Come on. What a big house?!
Brother.Just a minute. Brother! Who’s she? She ..
I’m the cousin of your husband. I’ve come to assist as yours
is a newly married life. Come in. Keep right foot.
”Come in, brother. Come on.” Subbulu. Carry the baggage.
”Give it, sister. Take it.” ”Come in, brother. Sit down.”
I’ll bring some coffee. ”Why, sister? I’ve come. You’re ”
our relative. We should serve you. ” What, brother? ”
” That’s okay, sister. ” You’ve come just now.
House and all are new. House may be new but not cooking.
”Where’s kitchen? That one, dear. ” ”Sit down, brother.”
Just a minute. What’s all this? What else?
I did the job which you should do. I too heard Sarada’s story.
”Hubby. Even if we do good, ..” .. if your stay with a new girl
”in a hotel, what public would feel? ” ” Not so, Padma. ”
” If I bring her to house, ..” Did you feel that
I would doubt and shout? How innocent are you! I’m leading
married life with you since long. Can’t have even a iota
of your goodness? Padma. I never felt that I would
see so much of goodness in you. ”You’re my cousin Padma now,”
isn’t it? ” Have it, sister.”
Who’s she? ” She is `pinni’, Babu. Pinni ”
means? Pinni means auntie. ” He’s our son, Ravi.”
Where’s daddy? Daddy means? Daddy means father. Idiot! He would not heed. He would
not give up even if we beat. He calls doctor as daddy.
No problem. He is a kid. ” By the way, where’s the ”
father of Babu? Why do you ask about it?
He’s in Ambala. I’m here. He writes to start immediately.
”When I pack my bag and baggage, ..” .. I receive a telegram asking me
not to start as he is transferred. I used to pack on receiving letter.
I used to unpack on seeing telegram. That’s it. We met each other some
one and half year ago. ”Don’t worry, sister. All the males”
are like this. He is also… ”After a long time, now. ”
”By the way, where is he? ” You’re going on talking.
Just talk or some coffee also? I’ll bring right now. Sister. Doctor. Our sister
is quite innocent. What she will do and say
I don’t know. You kept such a girl in your
”house. No problem, brother.” I too feel Sarada as my sister as
you feel. I keep her in my heart. Not a sister; You’re going
to keep fire in your heart. Kesava. You should not blame
Sarada hereafter. Sarada is not your sister now. She
is my patient; Our padma’s sister. Doctor. How many lives it will take
for me to reciprocate your grace? ” I’ll take leave of you now, sister.”
”I’ll go, Sarada. Where, brother?” ”Where else, sister? ”
Only to our village. Would you leave me alone
”and go, brother? ” Are we not here for you?
You’re all here for me. But our brother has nobody.
” No problem, sister. By, brother. ” ” See you, doctor. Bye.” ”Brother. Whenever you feel like,”
you come here immediately. ”Even if you have urgent works,”
you must come. Brother. Don’t sit beside window
in the train. Coal may fall in the eyes.
”Brother. If Kamala asks, ..” .. tell them that Sarada
reach safe and doing well. Convey my regards to uncle.
” Okay, sister.” ” May I go, sister?”
” Okay, brother.” ”See you, sister.” My brother looks bold but
he is quite innocent. Sarada. Whom you are
laying this mattress? ”It is for you, sister. Here big ”
window are there. It’s breezy. You can sleep quietly.
What do you say? ”Sleep well, sister.”
”Just a minute, sister. ” Where? To his mother. Why? Nothing. He wouldn’t sleep
anywhere except in my bed. ”He has slept, isn’t it?” ” Babu slept there, sister.”
Poor boy! Slow. Sister. You may feel thirsty
at midnight. Water is here. I’m Padma here. You?!
Yes. What? Padmanabham? You?! What’s the matter?
Is it so serious? I see. Okay. I’m starting now.
Coming. Man did not ask God to create him. Why did he play such a big drama of
creating him making him hopeful .. .. and turning all his hopes into
mirages? ”When I think of Sarada, who is ”
elated with joy feeling that… ”… this is her house, you’re her God ”
”and this’s her day, I pity her.” Don’t you feel that we intentionally
purchased troubles? Why do you say so? If we feel that
”this is miserable, .. ” .. what else can we do
as human beings? Babu. What’re you studying
by reversing the book? I did not wear spectacles
I could not see. ”So, you should wear spectacles”
and then study. Take it. Padma. Yes. Where are
my shoes and socks? Bringing. Why do you attend all these works? ”Moreover, is it fair to call Padma”
for everything even after my coming? He is innocent.
Don’t think otherwise. Okay? Sarada. Why should you do
all these things? I told the same thing to
sister just now. Hubby. Who’s padma?
Who else? My … Is she not a relative.
Yes. Poor girl! ”So, is it fair if you always call ”
Padma for every small thing? It’s not fair. See. I’ll wear
shoes. Ask Padma if driver has come. My God! You’ve told just now.
For every small thing… ”By the way, here you have ”
used a peculiar word. Always. For every small
”thing, always ..” Is it fair to call Padma?
See. You told. I forgot. What a great memory you have!
I don’t forget anything of you. I remember everything here. I preserve here for fear of
forgetting anything. Tell me one thing. Let’s see. ”On that day, means in the”
evening of our marriage day … Okay. In the evening? You came
inside to take medicines chest. Yes. I came. After coming.
Why do you entice with eyes? Oh! Do you remember to that extent? Then what happened next?
Should I tell what happened? Don’t you know?
Is it because I don’t know? You said you have a great memory.
I just wanted to know. Then listen. I’ll tell from
A to Z. Tell me. You should not feel later.
Not at all. tell me. May I tell? Yes.
May I tell? Yes. No. If I recollect all those
”things, I’ll be angry with you. ” I’ll wear. Padma.
” Come on, auntie. ” Why did you come alone?
Where’s uncle? Why do you ask about him? Your
husband is there inside? Yes. Would he keep quiet with out
doing anything? What did he do? ” He kept a mad boy in our house, ”
you know? Has he become normal? I may become mad. He made
”that boy call as daddy, you know?” Madam. Shut up. I pitied
”because he is mad, ..” .. but my husband is after him
calling him as his son now. Don’t laugh. See. If you don’t
tell your husband .. ”.. to cure my husband, myself and”
son will become mad. ” It will never happen, auntie.”
Padma. I’ve come her only for it. See. Go and bring some coffee. Who’s this girl? She is an
unlucky girl called Sarada. She is also married like
any other girl. I see. We use to wonder whether a man
”resembles another man, you see?” Her husband was looking like
your son in law. Is it? ”But, well before the henna on”
”her feet dried up, .. ” Have coffee. See Sarada.
Stop these medicines from today .. .. take these things in the
morning and evening. My God! Why all these medicines
for me? Am I suffering from fever or cold
or liver trouble or madness? Who said that you’re mad?
But you tell me as to .. .. how healthy and bold you’re
after starting these medicines! Always dwelling on that subject! ” My God! Is it? That’s why,”
he has brought her here. How bold are you! If she calls
your husband as her own husband? Mother in law would not come
with out purpose. What’s news? I wanted to discuss so many
”things, son in law.” But you have already started.
” I see. Then, I’ll drop by car.” ” Let’s talk while going. Okay, ”
”come on. Sit for some time, auntie.” I’ve many urgent works.
See you again. Sarada. Why are you dull?
Shouldn’t you tell me? My darling sister! Tell me. He is not allowing me to do
any work. Such a simple thing? ”No, sister. He is not even ”
touching me and keeping distance. ” Why, Sister? Didn’t he ”
tell you? What? He was not feeling well
just before your coming here. Doctor advised him to take
medicines for another 2 months. ”What, sister? ”
Why disease for a doctor too? Why? Is he not a human being?
Yes. ”Had you told me this earlier,”
I would not have exposed myself. ”My foot! Okay, sister. We want him ”
to be healthy. What do you say? Prema. We’re spending so much. We
should not become laughing stocks. ”Do we keep Raju alive, when he ”
resorted to insult us like this? Have you seen our army? Do it
quietly before your daddy comes. Wait and see. That dirty fellow
will come to see only Raju’s corpse. We fed various things so far.
We feed money now. ” Do you remember, what I said?”
Yes. What should you do? We should hit him
as soon as we see him. ”Ducks? This is city, isn’t it?”
Nothing is found here. ”In our village, means where?”
”In Yellamma Cheruvu, ..” .. lots of ducks will be there. ”No. Bath means, washing”
the body with water. Say once. What? Say `bath’.
`Bhat’ Not `Bhat’ It’s `Bath.’ Did you start teaching aunt
even before wearing dress? ”It’s a shame, if anybody sees.”
Please get in. Why don’t you get ready?
You wanted to go somewhere? Why those dirty
”Hindi cinemas, sister?” ”The other day, we saw, you see.”
All of you laughed. I too laughed. ”To be frank, if it is `Sati ”
”Savitri’ or `Sakkubai’,..” .. we get both piousness and
nobility. What do you say? Okay. Sister. What? He may feel
”bad. Let’s go, sister.” Aunt. Whose photo is this?
Show. I’ll tell. What’s your greatness in telling
after showing? How to tell with out seeing?
Then close your eyes. ”He is a boy. Means, not a boy”
of my age. Boy with moustache. This is another boy with out
moustache. This is a girl. Not a small girl. Big girl.
I see. Who? May I tell? Okay. I’m telling. Okay.
I’m opening eyes. Okay. Stupid. He wants all unnecessary
things. Give it. Listen. I’ll show it to aunt.
Let him show. Babu! ”If you take out that photo again,”
I’ll teach a lesson to you. Get in. ” What happened, Sister?”
Nothing. My head is reeling. Head is reeling? Come on.
Where? Don’t sit. Lie down. ” No problem, Sarada. No.”
” Nothing wrong with me, Sarada.” Don’t talk more.
Your head will further real. You’re not listening my words.
You’re killing me. He too has not come. Sarada!
Thank God! You have come? Okay. I’m not come to cinema today.
”Unexpectedly, urgently. My God! ” Why cinema now? Sister swooned
and fell down there. She is unable to sit or stand or
lie down. Go and check her up. I’ll bring hot coffee.
Please check her up. ”What happened, Padma?”
Oh! What’s up? I see. Is it? When?
Is it after that? Padma. You must take care of your
health exactly in these conditions. You too should remember it.
Oh! You reminded me. What’s up my son?
Did you bring anything for me? Why should I bring for you? Your
mummy will give you a small sister. When? Ask your mummy.
” When, mummy? You naughty.” Padma. See you. Bye. Have that coffee yourself.
She made a big fuss. What’s this after all? Your
sister is going become mother. Hubby. Come here. What’s up?
Why do you close the door? Have you become mad?
Why? How can sister become pregnant?
Is she not a women to be pregnant? That’s okay. Where’s sister’s
husband actually? I don’t know where he is.
Isn’t it? Yes. Is it not more than one year
ever since sister met him? ” Yes. Isn’t it? Then, ”
if this happened to sister … My God! If anyone knows about it? Means? I don’t know. God
alone the sins and righteousness. Sarada! Why should we be
angry with that poor girl? Any woman should not be away from
her husband for such a long time. Not sending her is our mistake.
Oh God! You don’t know what
”you’re talking, Sarada. ” I know what I’m talking. You did not
understand though I told clearly. ” So, what shall I do now? Send ”
her quietly to their house at once. Such matters such not be delayed. Okay. Hubby. Don’t just nod. Any further delay will ruin
sister’s married life. We will lose our prestige later.
”Though you are a great doctor, ..” .. no medicine will work once
the case goes out of our hands. Are you listening? What?
Get two tickets tomorrow itself. You’re in a hurry. You may
bring two full tickets. Half ticket is only chargeable
for Babu. Understand? Yes. We should behave before sister
as if are not aware of it at all. That poor girl will for it!
What do you say? Okay? Those are legs. Not throat.
What do you talk like that? I’m surprised as you’re doing
something unusual today. Did you lead married with me
with out any habit so far? I was robust to get away even if
you catch me by neck previously. But now… Do you agree? ”That’s why, we should safeguard”
our interests when we are healthy. What do you say? So what?
Have you seen paper? What’s the news? Government
will impose ceiling on properties. Ceiling means ration. Don’t you
understand? Fool. How do you know? Just like birth control and family
”planing, Property control.” ”Nobody should have land, money”
property after a particular limit. That’s the meaning of it.
” So, I had a nice idea. ” ”If we do so, we do not lose”
any property. Only one idea not to lose
any property! ” Let’s divorce, hubby. What?”
” Divorce. If we do so, .. ” .. property will be divided
into two equal parts. ”Then, Government cannot go”
against us. How is my idea? Are you a woman? Do you divorce
husband for the sake of property? Are enjoying anything now?
I could understand. This is my hard earned property.
Even if you and your son .. ”.. break my head, I won’t give ”
even a pie from this property. ” Means, should we become beggars?”
Should you become afresh now? You have all the requirements. If
”you hold a bowl, role will be apt. ” Hubby. I’m telling you finally. You may be feeling that
Raju will take care of you. ”He should lit your pyre,”
if you die. Shut up. Are you human beings
when you are awaiting my death? Look here. I tell you frankly.
Listen. I’m transferring
my property to my Raju. See. I’m also telling now. If it
”happens, I’ll find a well or a pit.” It is left to you now.
I like it only that way. If you commit suicide by
”jumping into a well or a pit, ..” ”.. postmortem, police, witnesses ”
and other formalities will follow. Jump into sea straightaway. Some
crocodile will eat. You will vanish. ”Then come on, Daddy, Let all ”
the three of us jump together. ” Leave me, I say. Raju.”
Drop both of them at the sea shore. ” Okay, daddy. Go. I’ll go. ” ”If you go to that extent, ”
should we close our eyes? ”I’ll see the end of that doctor,”
who set my house on fire and .. .. then I’ll decide as to who
should die and who should live. Go and die. Dirty fellows! ”Why are you so angry today, daddy?” No. I’m relaxed.
”That’s why, I’m really angry.” ”You should not be angry, daddy.”
Your pulse beat will rise. ”If something goes wrong with you,”
”who will take care of me, daddy?” ”Where would I go, Raju?” ”If every family has a son like you,”
”no father would die suddenly, Raju.” Daddy! My Son! Sarada is sending away
that pious lady? Is she sending her away from her own
house by blaming and insulting her? Uncle. I wanted to kill myself as
I could not see the agony of Sarada. ”Now, I’ll kill Sarada and then kill ”
myself to make everyone happy. I did not treat Sarada
to kill her. Don’t forget it. Not so. Even after all mess …
Nothing happened. Don’t worry. Neither I nor my wife is angry with
Sarada or hate her in this matter. It is better to inform facts
”to Sarada at least now, doctor.” I’ve called you only to do that.
Sarada can bear the facts now. I believe that she has become
bold to that extent now. I thought it is better to consult
you before doing it. Okay. My God! I’ve become absent minded.
It is getting late. Do you want to go anywhere?
” No, sister. To day is a good day.” I want to send you to
brother in law’s house. How long you can stay
in a stranger’s house? ” So, I told him to get 2 tickets, ”
”sister. So, you’re sending me?” Where are you going? You’re going
”only to brother in law, isn’t it? ” You should leave happily.
” Won’t you feed me, mummy?” ” May I feed you, Babu?”
No. Mummy should feed me. I’ll feed you for the last time
”today, Babu. ” Why? Are you going away? If you
”tell, I’ll go. I’ll not come back.” ” Then, go now itself. Do you”
talk with aunt in this tone? He is a child after all. If he
”wouldn’t talk so, will you talk so? ” Your mummy is going to your daddy
”today, Babu. Do you know? ” ”Our daddy is here, isn’t it?”
Where should we go? Your mummy will explain it to you.
Have meals first. ”You too have meals, sister.”
He has gone to get tickets. I don’t know how much time
it will take to pack your baggage. ”Auntie is mad or what, mummy? Why ”
she says that we would go to daddy? Look here. Have meals quietly.
Okay? Please talk with her. It is not a sin even if
”we are burnt alive, sister.” A pious lady like you is
intimidated. Brother! ”Where is Sarada, Padma?” Oh! Brother also has come in time!
Hubby. Have you brought tickets? Sarada! Brother doesn’t know.
Innocent fellow! Sister is leaving
”by this train, brother.” Hubby. I convinced
sister tactfully. Hubby. Why don’t you come?
I’ll serve meals. Won’t you wait till train leaves?
How much late it will be! Come on. Oh! I’m absent minded. Go with
”uncle and take bath, brother. ” They should leave by train.
I’ll attend to their work first. Will you just listen? My God!
I’m tense due to this sudden travel. Look here. I’ll listen to you
”later. Come on, sister.” ” Sarada. What’s up, uncle? ” Doctor may like to say something
important. Why don’t you listen? My God! What’s that important
matter? Tell me straightaway. I should arrange Sari and all
for sister. Sit there. I’ll tell. I see. Why? Shouldn’t you
tell me if I stand here? ”Or else, do you fear that I would ”
be nervy and faint on hearing it? Okay. I sat. Tell me. Do you know this? Some are
scared of Divali. Some are scared of the
wedding music. ”These two are festivals, isn’t it?”
Then why they are so scared? ” Why do you laugh? Otherwise, ”
what’s this? Is it that important? They might have seen someone’s body
burnt while lighting crackers. Someone might have met with
some accident in some marriage. They might have recollected
that incident and scared. ”If something happens due to fate,”
would it recur? It’s their madness. ”So, we should not be scared if we ”
hear of such accidents or see them. We should be bold. Isn’t it? My God! When I said
train time is over and .. ”.. I’ve lot of work, ”
why do you give lectures? Look here. I’m not a child. You need not talk of the fears I
do not have and make me lose heart. Understand? Good. I really
appreciate your boldness now. You must listen attentively now.
On that evening … ”Means, do you know what happened”
in the evening of your marriage day? What happened? ” Come in, aunt. Why are you hasty?”
I’ve come to scold your husband. ” What is my crime, aunt? You … ”
Aunt! Come in. We will discuss. ” What happened, aunt?”
Whatever happened is not enough? Your husband
set fire to our house. He brought and kept a boy in our
”house for treatment, isn’t he?” ”Your uncle is pleased with him, ”
wants to give property to him and .. .. sent us out to find a big pit or
a small well to jump in it and die. ”Why uncle would really do so, aunt?”
He might have threatened jocularly. You too took it as a joke. Didn’t he bring that widow
to your house for treatment? ” I mean, Sarada. Aunt! Her ”
husband will not return as he died. As you feel that your husband
”looks exactly like that dead man, ..” ”.. instead of revealing the fact,”
”as she is fair and good looking, ..” .. if your husband indulges
”with her and sends you out, .. ” .. you will understand my agony. ”Horrible news, Sarada. ” ”The boat in which doctor is coming,”
sank in River Godavari. Your son in law may not find way
in darkness. Shell we send someone? Is he new to this village?
How cant he find way? Who tied this wedding lace?
Your God! ”That widow Sarada, you know? ” Hubby. Sarada understood
the fact. Uncle. See from that side. ”If you commit suicide,”
it is as good as killing me. ”She is not seen, hubby.” Brother. Unable to
”see me like this, ..” .. even while fighting with a cruel
”fact, you never cried like this. ” Why do you cry now?
” Sister! Calm down, brother.” ”If you cry like this now, you will ”
have no tears left after my death. ”Don’t say so, sister.” I retained this cruel fact in my
heart to keep you always before me. Don’t break my heart and
deprive me of my sister. ”How innocent are you, brother!”
”If your sister would so easily, ..” .. would she live even after
becoming a widow? ” Isn’t it, uncle? What can you”
do against the injustice of God? You should become stone hearted
and forget what all happened. ”Yes, uncle. I’ll forget ”
”everything. But, ..” ”What’s all this, Sarada?” I was feeling the idol in the
temple as God and worshiping him. ”But, I could not recognize the”
Gods who are among human beings. ”I suspected your pious your couple,”
which is symbolic to divine love. I suspected your character too.
”Then I was mad, sister.” I did not do it intentionally.
Can you forgive me? Sarada. Though we are not born
”from the same womb of a mother, ..” .. both of us are real sisters. Would my sister commit a mistake?
Should I forgive her at all? ”If at all I have next life, I’ll be”
born as maid servant and serve you. ” Tell her, sister.”
Sarada. Never feel so. Goddess like you
has a cause for birth. ”That’s why, the near and dear and ”
the village and surroundings .. .. wished you to remain among
them as their daughter forever. They concealed this truth also
as they cannot see you in tears. But I dared to reveal that truth
and committed a new sin. You should actually forgive us. No. You told me the truth
and made me realize You gave me with an opportunity
to return to him .. ”.. the wedding lace, vermilion, ”
”lamp black, bangles and all he gave. ” ”Now, my heart has become light.”
”I take leave of you, sister.” Pay a visit to our village
along with sister at any time. ” Babu. What’s this make up, ”
aunt? Babu! Babu. You asked me to go
”jocularly, isn’t it? ” I’m really going now.
I said so for fun sake. Please come to our village.
What’s special there? River Godavari is there. Temple is
there. We have a small house there. Will you come? Yes.
” My darling, Babu!” You should grow up and become
a great doctor like your father. Will you remember this
aunt then also? Yes. ”I take leave of you, Sir.” Sarada. We reached our village.
”Get up,sister


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