Scalps (Full HD Horror Movie)

Scalps (Full HD Horror Movie)

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Forward. Good morning, Dr. Machen. – Good morning, Ann.
– I brought the papers asked. Thanks, he was waiting. I’ll put them on the desktop. No, do not put them in the
desk. They will be lost. Here, let me. It’s pretty messy. If … you need … one needs a detector
to find metal clips. But this is archeology. – Discover things, you know.
– How your log book? It’s here somewhere. Have a good trip, and not
Remember to see Dr. Reynolds. She said she had something for you. Thanks for the warning. – Good morning, Professor Trentwood.
– Good morning, Ann. Dr. Machen’s inside? Oh yeah. Is within. – Hello Fraser.
– Hello boy. Dr. Reynolds said
I had something for you. Yes Yes. You should
stop reading this … and stay with
history, that is real. Excuse me Miss… this is the way to
elephant graveyard? Sit. I’m not as fit as before. By God, Howard, your office
It is down the hall. People had to run with my free hand. I see you’re ready
for the expedition. Well, I can not wait to do it. Let me show you something I have here. This is a letter from the department
State of California and says … It is and always has been
excavate illegal … anyway in places
Indians in the state of California. You have not been part of something, no? Of course not. You know
we received our scholarships … Study University Museum
and depositing devices. So what
What are you going to do now? Well, let’s collect
rock samples … of different
layers of the Earth… to study the
relationship between death and age. Then they do not have to exhume
any dead Indian. For whom do you take me? Spare me the speech. Not yet you came out of the jungle. You mean there’s more? Also I have a note that says that … accordingly, you will
It required a complete inventory of … of all relics
in our catalog. Good… – I was busy, very busy.
– You had to do it a month ago. You need to do for next Tuesday. But my trip … that means … So is. And I have noted that it is
illegal to buy Indian artifacts. Anything else? Remember, Tuesday morning. Oh, come on guys. Looks like
we were going to Europe. Bitch. – Someone saw D.J.?
– Do not worry. Probably will lower the
cloud at any time. Randy, sometimes you are so cruel. I just social commentary. Here he comes. Hello everyone. I’ve arrived late? You’re not late. We are still
Dr. Machen waiting. – Good morning, Kershaw.
– Good morning, D.J. I did not know you were coming on this trip. Well, I need extra credit
this semester. So here I am. Here comes the doc. Now we can go. I want to sit the side of the
stop by if I get nauseous. Let’s all, come in. Everything is loaded. – Good Morning.
– Hello. – We are ready to go.
– There is a small problem. I must stay here for a few days. – Then the expedition is canceled.
– No no. I have the map. The whole area we were seeing. And the old man who buy
said that if you follow this … It is impossible to miss. I think we can find. Well, I want to go more
Beyond this point, you see? Because you have probably already dug
everything was worth then … – You have to go a little further.
– I do understand. Remember… if someone asks, it is
only a field trip. They are not digging, okay? All right. I regret that
you can come with us. Good… so I see there had
place for me anyway. – Probably I’ll see you on Sunday.
– It’s okay. – All right.
– Goodbye, Dr. Machen. – Bye.
– Bye. Have fun. – Oh, Jesus!
– What’s up? The car is warming up. Better stop before
the radiator burst. Give me the bottle of water that is back And a rag. You know? If it were not for the
heat, could like me this. I do not care. It does the soul good. You know what? You are strange. What are those things? They are sacred sticks. The Indians used
to join the gods. – If?
– If. Well, it will endure until
We get to a service station. Well, all reentering. God, I thought we did not reach anymore. Yeah, where the hell are we? Indian Wells Indian Wells, is where you are. Great, I need
coolant, have any? I think so. They need fuel? If, fill it. Insurance. Buy beer. I like that. Very good. They have many visitors around here? Not many, but enough. – My name is D.J.
– Mine is Kyle. Kyle Dunne It is very noisy around here, no? So, most of the time. Yes. – Check this out.
– What? – Arrowheads.
– Y? We can buy and save
some digging. Do not be silly. Dr. Machen
not going to fall into a trick like that. Well, it’s to think. It’s silly, Randall, very silly. You. Go digging. No, we will not dig. I do not lie, listen. They are too young. – Too young to know.
– To know what? I sit down. – Who are you?
– I’m Billy Ironwing What we do not know? black trees. Do not go there. A very bad place. Many years ago… hundred… many Indians died
there in great battle. All dead. After part of the land they became. That is all? Well, probably worth
worth taking the risk. Black trees … We must move. I think we’re ready to go. It’s okay. Goodbye, Billy. How far is
this point on the map? Oh, about 20 or 30 miles. Not too far. Well, we’ll be there soon. – They go there?
– Yes because? No reason, just wondering. The old tried there
give us a warning. Do not pay attention to Ironwing He likes to tell legends
old and ghost stories. – It’s the heat.
– Well, let’s go. – Be careful.
– We’ll have it. I tried to warn them.
I tried to do. No sense warning
these city boys. Better sit back down.
We have a long afternoon. It’s not beautiful? Beautiful? Only
are a lot of rocks. No, they are not just rocks. It is the beauty of the
nature. They do not see her? Around us. Yes, the best scenery I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll come and
Farmer me cactus. Hold on, Louise, we are almost there. All right. I think I’m feeling worse. Try to hold on, Louise. is
how difficult it must be for you. Look at that. – Seems to be abandoned.
– Must be. Do you think if
we are established here? – It sounds to me well.
– Me too. I do not care. Well, let’s do it. What have you got there? I thought I saw a scorpion, but escaped. Do not worry. Should
be more where that came from. Come on, Kershaw, help me with this. Look at that bird. It’s not a bird. It is an eagle. I wonder what will here. You must have taken the road
wrong in Indian Wells. – I think it followed us here.
– What? – Yeah, I saw that bird a while ago.
– I’m sure you saw. Well, we will not
download the fastest car. It is the same bird, I’m
sure it is. I know. And there I was running around
campus masquerading as a clown. Yeah, I think I read about that. Anyway not me
like fraternity. – Then you left.
– Yes it is. I think I’m sick. – Someone saw D.J.?
– Do not. I stood by the car makes
few minutes, but I do not see there now. He’s been acting pretty weird
since leaving school today. He has been acting weird life. Come on, they are not. I know many people like D.J. You can lose out there.
I’m better looking. – Yes do it.
– Bring her alive. You know? That Ellerbe type and
DJ. are two unique characters. Oh, that’s deep,
Randy. Very deep. Shut up. – You mind if I sit?
– Choose a rock. – It’s quieter here.
– I like it. – Are you cold?
– Do not. It’s like the heat, you know? It does not bother me. Maybe we should go back. The other you sent for me? I do not know what you mean. You’re supposed to help
back, is not it? Do not. It’s okay. I do not care what they say. – I am sorry.
– Do not be sorry. It started long ago. We return to camp? Kershaw? Thanks for caring. Hot yet? Thank you. How did you sleep? All right. And you?
2. 3. 4
00: 30: 09.592 ->00: 30: 12,279
– It’s like Ellen.
– Seriously? Yes, it does pretty ugly. Thank you. So what’s the plan? Well, we wake up to
others had breakfast … and we started looking. – Much longer?
– Not much. Why we not seek here? I mean Indians
vivian everywhere, no? Yes, but they did not die everywhere. Oh, come on. I think we walk a lot. Ben, what are you looking for? He was looking for the black trees. You mean that place the
old Indian told us not to go? – That same.
– But why? In that place it is supposed
we must dig. Exact. It’s crazy. Probably
nor exists there. If, let’s stop here. We need not go further. There it is. Black trees. And they of the land became. We go out there. Well … Let’s split up and
We excavate the whole place. Come on, rest a minute.
We can not dig now. I’m very tired. That way to spend the weekend. It was your idea. Yes, I know. It will seem more fun
when we remember this. Oh, look. I broke a fingernail. Get over it. Generally how long does it take? Minutes … hours … – Sometimes years.
– Some times ever? I know. Silly question. No, it was not. – You know? I can never know how you are.
– How is that? Sometimes you’re a fool and
sometimes you’re serious. – What is my true self?
– If. – And what do you think?
– I think you’re serious and silly. But I love you. If you love me… you’ll dig. Not interested in this? I do not think you should
They are doing this. What do you mean? We should not be stealing
these lands. People died here. It is wrong to steal their treasures. You should look in the past
to discover who you are. No, you should look inside yourself if
really you want to know the truth. Desecrate the tombs of the
dead only disturb their souls. If that’s what you feel,
why you came to this trip? I did not think it was going to be. I feel bad in this
Earth. It is full of evil. – Stop!
– D.J.! Stop it you all! Stop digging before
it is too late. What the hell is wrong? She’s crazy. We will die if we do not stop.
We must go! We must do it! Look! Hey, look at this. Come on, dig. We found quite a few things today. What is that? What the Indians used to
cut the hair of people. – Just that.
– Le edged missing. Those people were animals. – Who? The Indians or settlers?
– What? In fact, the Indians learned to … cut the hair
with the white man. – Are you crazy.
– No reason. Originally the settlers made
genocide with the Indians. They cut the hair
to test the deaths. To collect
rewards were offered. Gross. Enough about cutting
scalps, okay? You wanna go to walk? Sure, honey, why not. And you guys? Well, it seems to me well. I think I’ll write down the
artifacts found. Come on guys. – Not take long.
– Be careful. How is D.J.? I think good. It’s a little sensitive. – Yes, you could say that.
– We can not blame her. What we do is like stealing
tombs, or something. Is not the same. It is not like this? – I must get back to work.
– If. How you feel? Rara. I do not know what happened to me. – It’s okay.
– Do not. We should not have gone there.
Now all we are going to die. Rest well. Things will be
different morning. It’s nice to be here away
city ??and noise. You start talking like D.J. Not to mention it. It gives me chills. Me too. You’re cold, Ellen? I’m not using blue makeup. Anyone else want to come back? No, I think we’ll stay one
little more. Why not come back alone? Yes. I’ll leave you alone. Have fun. Kershaw! Kershaw, come here! What’s up? Look. – It’s blood.
– And is not where it comes from. Speak lower. What the hell is going on? This looks like a container
where they macerated corn. That does not explain why
Blood came out of him. It may be something that
He used as a colorant. And it is still wet? There is a lot of this on the floor. If? You’re probably right.
I do not know what I was thinking of. Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! What’s up? There was something out there.
I was following. Take the rifle and go to look out for. Be right back. Come here. – Sit down.
– I am sorry. – There should be run well.
– It’s okay. I guess I’m very scary. But you ran because you were afraid. Of course I was afraid. I think I let go a little. I did not see anything. – It was probably a coyote.
– I am so sorry. – Where are Randy and Louise?
– They wanted to stay a little longer. – Is something the matter?
– Silence. What is it? Listen. – I hear?
– Do not. – I do not hear anything.
– Sound. Thunders? Listen … listen on earth. They went crazy? This is too much. – Son drums.
– Drums and songs. Let me hear. Motherfuckers. Where does it come from? From hell. I will bring the recorder from the car. Give me that. I think that comes from the top. Come on. These rocks hurt my feet. Stop complaining and come. I do not like is this. Hello, anybody here? This place is scary. Let’s go. Listen, those drums … They sound as if they came from here. This is quite strange. – What’s up?
– This fire … not heat. – What?
– Shit. Let’s here! You’re good? I think. Jesus Christ, get out of here. Friends, that’s scary. They are the ghosts of the dead. The soil does repeater or something. It is also quite rare. This really makes me nervous. They know? It would not be a bad idea
go find Randy and Louise. They are there. What happened? What happened to him? We found this camp … and then fire
it exploded in his face. What? What happened out there? – Randy?
– Nothing. Nothing happened. The camp. Tell them about
the Indian camp. We thought we saw a camp.
But we were wrong. What the hell are you
saying? You know I saw. Look, I think it’s pretty bored
with your stupid ghost stories. Why do not you shut your mouth? Randy? I was thinking about
all these relics. – If?
– Good… ..I I think they should
worth a lot of money. Y? Y? Why should we turn them all? After all we went
whom we find ourselves. Why we can not stay with them? No matter, we can dig
all we want. These things never
will go from this land. You see, if we cut it and squeeze,
water appears on the surface. – You must squeeze?
– Do not. If you prefer, you can bite,
chewing and spitting out the pulp. I think it’s better squeeze. Yes it is. Yes, here you go. I think I can not eat another bite. Do not worry. That was the last. I’m going to clean
things are today. I help you. No, just stay here and rest. Now he acts weird. If he was talking about Garra Black … and the rights of the dead Indians. Black Talon? Black Claw, what is that? It’s crazy. I think we should
go where ya … We excavate. We find
many good pieces Dr. Machen will be surprised
when you see them. They are amazing. Yes, you probably think
we are stolen. And why not do it? Here you have. – You are fast.
– I just wiped my best pieces. You feel good? Yes, I feel very good. – Let’s go for a walk.
– Walk? Good. See you later. Yes. Much later. You are ready to help? That wild. We’re pretty far. That’s the idea. You are an animal. What is this? – Randy!
– It’s mine. OK honey. Whatever you say. Why did you do that? Let me! God! Louise! Pues..c?mo we call this. Veras, your canceled it and be free. Sorry dear. is
this is boring. Stinks. Come! Fast! What happened? There was a terrible accident. – Louise …
– Where is she? – You’re good?
– Louise needs help. Up there on the rocks,
where we were last night. – Fell?
– Yes, he fell. Bring the rope that is in the car. You could show us the way? I do not think I can do it. – I know the way.
– Well, come on. Louise! Louise! Louise! – You sure this is the place?
– Here we were last night. Louise! Over there. Where is the? – Come on, where is it?
– He went. I said where? He said he was going to be everywhere. Jesus Christ. The guy is crazy and
It is out there loose. – Think about it.
– Damn, Kershaw. If you going to tell me that was a
accident, I will shoot you with the rifle. Oh God… Good… We must find him before
he kills someone else. What did Randy later
that we left? – He gave me this.
– Said something? He said he would. We must leave here. Car… Yes. Randy did that? The distributor is broken. Why are you doing this? You may remember something else to help us? Do not. This was not. You’re going to kill him? If required. She was my best friend. His spirit did not die. You should not be watching this. We think that we are going to do. – If we could fix the car …
– It can not. There was a truck on the road. It is true. Perhaps it is still there. – Let’s go see.
– No, I’ll go alone. It will be faster. – Are you sure?
– If. – Take the rifle.
– No, keep it. I’ll be fine. – Ben …
– Do not worry. I’ll be right back. Now we must wait. God, I just want to leave here. Black Talon us not allow it. Louise did not mention
to Black Talon last night? Who is Black Talon? An Indian renegade
He died over a hundred years ago. – He was known for …
– Why? By practicing black magic
and other things like that. And now he’s back. – That’s ridiculous.
– It is? You know very well that if. We seek that and
Now we will receive. Shut up, D.J. Something horrible is going to happen. Dammit. Come eat something. He should be back. Able was in the
van to seek help. Who are you kidding? If he did not return in the
tomorrow we will go looking for him. I can not stand it.
I should know if he’s okay. He is dead. Ellen … Ellen … Ellen, come out. Ellen. – Ellen.
– Where are you? Come to me. Come outside. I’m waiting. This way. Come this way. Where are you? This way. Follow my voice. I’m going, Ben. You are injured? Yes. Please hurry. – I’m trying to get to you.
– Follow my voice. – Hurry up! Hurry up.
– That’s what I’m doing. Ben? Oh my God. Ellen! Ellen! Where are you? Duck! D.J., it’s all good. You can come out now. Hello everyone! Is anyone awake? Ben! Ellen! Rise up and shine! I can not believe they
digging gone so early. Anyone there? Ben! Oh my God! Do not! Do not!


  1. this movie is classic cheesy 80's gold, I'm mean yea its really silly and horribly acted and written but I love stuff like this its a enjoyable couch loafer movie.

  2. FIRST PART TO THE INFAMOUS "BIOHAZARD" 1984,85. ALSO A FRED OLEN RAY MOVIE..Biohazard is def BETTER than this, but the blood is coming from nowhere

  3. I reckon the late '70/early '80's was the New Golden Age of horror. There's a lot of classics there…and a few tax dodges, too.

  4. This isn't the same soundtrack as the original VHS video cassette release I have, this is some other musically enhanced special edition or DVD version, tho it's not nearly as cheesy as the original.

  5. I saw this movie paired with "THE SLAYER" on VHS in the early 80's when I was young…….scared the sh*t outta me then, now, after re-watching both on youtube, I can't stop laughing…….great old memories, seriously, though, both are excellent schlock and fun to watch…….so bad they're great!

  6. Cool movie ok acting I would still choose this over any Twilight movie cuz damn all of them dudes suck and so do the women suck at acting.

  7. on 1:15:00 he shot him on the left side on the head a half minute later he was shot at the right side of the head very stupid thing

  8. Surprise masterpiece. Genuinely creepy, great atmosphere, and pretty good gore. Disappointed I took so long to finally get around to this.

  9. It's sooo bad , yet entertaining. Some of these are just bad. This is funny and gory when it finally hits. Not for film snobs.

  10. ATTENTION: SPOILERS – SPOILERS – SPOILERS! – According to director Fred Olen Ray, this film was severely re-edited without his consent by the distributor at the time of its release. Scenes were added out of context which threw off continuity and gave away major spoilers, such as the fates of most of the characters, as well as the shots of chanting Indian ghost's head, which was haphazardly overlayed over such scenes as the old man cutting his own throat. Also, all but one of the scenes showing the ghost with the lion's head were shot as test footage and were never intended to be included in the released film.

  11. It is funny that the opening scene warns about exhuming artifacts without the proper licensing, because this film was shot without the necessary permits!

  12. 14:40 Automotive note: If your vehicle is pouring out vapor to any degree; then a seal has been compromised.
    Pray it isn't the head gasket.
    Be mentally and financially prepared that it is the head gasket.
    Ends up being the head gasket because oil was not regularly changed, and seals re-sealed.

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