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two suspensions misdemeanor arrests in the still pending arson charge dr. Sinclair represents a school actually it’s more of an Academy where girls thought you’d have gone on to do incredible things welcome to blackboard the consequences of your actions have brought each of your here it’s an alternative to prison miss olanski we’ll be collecting those cell phones is this a joke your choices have been yours and yours alone you a creeper or something no I was just staring in some bitch’s rooms you do mind keeping it down so who is there trying to hate this place in peace we’re all thrilled you’re here all of you please enjoy sadly that part of the building is off-limits to the students there’s somebody out there last night there was something in the hallway I’m afraid she’d totally gets darker she robbed his house I don’t think it’s the house sometimes when the door to the other side is open it’s difficult to control what comes him dear God no one survives this place we’re gonna die here Veronica where is my daughter people who just disappear a little boy with short curly hair I want you to go after wait a couple of days and go after you go yeah no no this here miss mind to get us a paella in this arena second edition rotten core tourniquet ow a la Habana holla sam tsui cardigan Sabrina first edition Netanyahu Charter Township a convert a small family don’t be compelling give it a try Charlie palpable let me say Dada – you’re bo- older and did you panic elements are on I’m like he comments on Michaela I’m getting annoying like you the Amana table Bonica Sabrina Osceola Barranca you can andini poppy Ana Lucia Myanmar Garmadon I had a serious efficience when I was younger and after each one ended the same thought would be stuck in my head parts to see I saw none where do my visions reach the church and I was asked to accompany a priest to an abbey in Romania the Abbey has a long history what Joe Collins here


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