Scary Advice from Haunted House Actors

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Oh, just be creative. Play off the groups. Nothing better than getting somebody to yell a name and then tormenting them the rest away through. Attack them. Staring. Staring, lurking, creeping. Waiting
until you’re right behind someone And then they turn around and jump because they didn’t know you were there. I try not to, like, scare them as much as I’m the idiot hotel worker that doesn’t think the place is haunted I don’t know. I see people that don’t even like want to come in here . Like once they get down the hallway they’ll quit. I’ve had them run into walls. I’ve had them back up into a corner. There’s many of them. Too many to name. I like when I can make someone fall down. But most of the time they just really try to avoid eye contact. Oh I’ve been doing this since I was like 8 years old. It’s not really a holiday for me, it’s a lifestyle.

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