Scary Mary Part 1 – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #21 – The Haunting Hour

Scary Mary Part 1 – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #21 – The Haunting Hour

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smile -Hanna i remember When he took this -There’s Like no pictures of you in Here What’s up with that -I hate Looking At Photos of Myself -Hey Let me take some Shots -Wait Get all three of us -Out no way -dude -Look Like Chill don’t be an animal -i’m Just sitting look at Pictures -well Let’s Go to the nook -it’s too cold -i know -Let’s Play Scary May -yes -What is it? -you’ve never Played Scary Mary? -When i lived in Michigan Everyone Played It -well we’re not in Michigan dude -So here’s how it goes -One person Stands in front Of a Mirror with a Candle You Turn all the lights off then You Say “Scary Mary Looking Through” “Scary Mary she sees you” ‘Scary Mary Looking Through” “Scary Mary She’s Got you” -and then You Turn the lights back on and Scary Mary’s somewhere in the Mirror -Whose Scary Mary? -Man You Guys don’t Know anything -we’re ignorant of Your Michigan Ways -Scary Marian Was His chick from like a Hundred Years Ago Who lived in a farm in the Middle of nowhere -She was Beautiful -Like me! Shut up! -Go on What Happened to Mary? -like i said she lived in this Crummy Place and she was really Lonely So she used to dress up in her grandma’s old Party Dress and Spend hours Looking at Herself in the Mirror -She became obsessed with that -So obsessed That One day a fire broke out in the farmhouse But She didn’t realize It until it’s too late She Burned to death and how she Waits on the other side of the mirror all scarred and Gnarly? She wants your face -Gross -Cool Let’s do it -We can’t, Hannah’s Got her mirror covered Up -Whoa eric! -we could use the Bathroom, man -I’m going Out so it’s time for the boys to go home -All right Well Thanks for having us -oh You’re welcome anytime eric -Booth look at you hot date -it’s Just The Girls but i will be late ish so i Expect You Girls to behave Yourselves
-no problem -and.. No going down to the nook i know all about the nook and Hannah i Expect Those Chores to get done Tomorrow -okay yeah? okay -So Hannah have you noticed That Eric is totally into you leave we went to preschool Together Destiny right? -what about tyler? he’s always looking to you -who can blame him? Shut up! Hey We Should Play That Scary Mary game -Not me -come on -i know let’s Draw dots -So the person who gets the Black dot Those first -i’m not participating -yes you are -okay -Here’s His last -it’s not me -Hannah Rama -Nah-uh -you have to -you completely have to -Certified -Stamped -Approved -come on Girls Just want to have fun -all right! -yes! -yeaaah -I don’t remember What i’m Supposed to say -I remember. “Scary Mary Looking Through, Scary Mary she sees You, Scary Mary Looking Through, Scary Mary She’s Got you” -There’s too Much light -So turn off the light but Keep Your hand on the switch -now Shut your eyes and when you finish Saying the Scary Mary Thing Switch on the lights and open Your eyes at The same time and then stare into the Mirror -Do it “Scary Mary Looking Through” “Scary Mary she sees you” “Scary Mary Looking Through” “Scary Mary She’s Got you” Guuys not funny! Really Not Funny! Amber? Sammy? come on -All right it’s Funny ha ha i can’t stop laughing -I’m gonna Kill you guys and after that I’m gonna Kill you again and then I’m gonna hurt you Stop it! -Come on you Guys i know you’re in here Amber cement that i know you’re in the closet -It was so mean -we can’t resist -It Was Just Too Perfect -Scary Mary Looking Through -There you are What are you doing? -i don’t know Thinking -Amber and Samantha were looking for you they said you were supposed to meet them at the mall -oh? -They were texting you like Crazy You don’t have your phone -no i guess not What’s up? -nothing I’m Just Thinking about Mary -Mary? You Know the Girl who was Burned? -oh Scary Mary. oh yeah, Amber and Sammy Said They freaked you out big time -I keep Thinking about her trapped in that fire and her face melting -Well it’s Just a Story -Well Let’s not call her Scary Mary -It’s Mean okay -So what are you doing Now? -i don’t know -My mom wanted me to do some Chores -okay i guess i’ll go hang Out with Tyler -okay -okay see you later -Okay see ya? yeah -Hey you Know what We Should do -We Should Wait Until night and then sneak into Hannah’s house -Bad Idea Let’s not go to hannah -dude it’d be perfect she’s fun for fright night. -I’m not gonna do that and you’re not going to either -fair ladies Protect her Respect on that -oh Hi there, you like It what you see? well Executed Kudos mm-Hmm -What’s Up -What Happened to the chores You promised to good to do? -Oh -Hannah i don’t like coming home to a dirty house -all right -But That’s not even the point The Point is we had an agreement
-please don’t go on and on -look at me Are you being straight With me -Yes, stop It leave me alone -all right, Just so you know you’re not going anywhere until your Chores are done -mom! well maybe samantha and amber can get away with not doing anything but that’s not the way it’s going to be in this house. capisce? (got it?) okay -Hannah?? Hannah, How did this happen and where are you? -Hannah! Well You didn’t Hear me calling for you Everyone’s looking for you your mom called me, She’s freaking out. She Asked me if i knew anything about a Broken Mirror. Hey! Where’ve you been? -shopping -for Beauty Supplies? -It’s Just some Makeup -since when do you wear makeup? -If i tell you something promise you won’t laugh at me. okay -i want to make myself look nice..for Mary -Mary? Scary Mary?? -No, That’s not how it is— see? I knew It forget it i thought i could talk to— -No no no no, Sorry i just don’t know what you mean -I feel her spirit She’s so sad i think It makes her feel better to see someone else making herself look pretty oh you really have an imagination -it’s not just my imagination. What..? This came Through The Mirror. See? M for Mary -Don’t make me you dude i did do nothing to Hannah!! -Good sneaking or else would Crack a mirror and burge a hairbrush? -what are you talking about..? Hello? -it’s amber Hi amber -is hannah home? -yes she’s here -can i come over? -Actually i would prefer if You didn’t come over right now. -Why? -because she’s grounded -how come? -because she disappeared without telling me where she went. Listen, do you know what’s going on with her? -nothing, she’s fine -Are you sure? -yeah -okay All right Well Good night then. -Bye. -What? -may i come in? -okay -You cleaned off your mirror? -uh-huh -Hannah… Is this about a boy? -No. -You know there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself look pretty -i know. -If If there is anything You want to talk about you know i’m here for you -okay. -okay, well i’m gonna go to bed, Good night.
-Good night -Mary Can You see me? I don’t want you to be sad… You want me to make myself look nice for you don’t you? That’s Why you sent me this gift. Do you want me to use your brush? Is that what you want? english subtitles made by: stephanie maquilan


  1. 5:30 if I was Hannah I would completely ditch the idea and if my friends pressured me I would kick them out of my house, cause I'm not messin with no demons

  2. My friend play bloody mary and the next day he is missing but there was blood on the bathroom

  3. Ii love your vids after i watch lily d im so obssed on your vids now pls more vids

  4. Im doing my thing in the cr while watching this movie. 🤐😬
    Just sharing.
    I really love this haunting hour.
    Enjoy watching y'all. 😅

  5. Im doing my thing in the cr while watching this movie. 🤐😬
    Just sharing.
    I really love this haunting hour.
    Enjoy watching y'all. 😅

  6. 3:47 isn't that woman old enough to be that teenage girl's big-sister? 🙂 😯😯

    Maybe I'm wrong.. 😛

  7. since i watched Lilly D im totally obsessed with your channel., and im not regreting it!

  8. I'm Actually Scared Of Mirrors Too
    I Just Hate Mirrors Sometimes I Just Look At It To See My Self But Then I Cover It As Fast As I Can…

  9. Me too I got obsessed with this channel I watch it every day so I liked and subscribe and hit the notification bell

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