Scary Movie 3 (5/11) Movie CLIP – The Wrong TV (2003) HD

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So, can you tell me about– – the tape? -yes! I watched it, and the- -phone rang? …right, and this voice said – -that you would die in seven days? – okay, that’s getting – – extremely annoying. – yeah…. – Try being married to her! I get shit about women I ain’t slept with, yet. – Give me the copy of the tape, let’s see it. – Yes, okay! Shaniqua, can you tell me- – the tape is connected to the crop circles, in the aliens? Yes. But, it’s up for you to discover how for yourself. – Look! It’s a- – Cigarette? – I was going to say lighthouse. – Find that lighthouse! Its your destiny! – Wait! What is that?? Oh, my God! – There we go– – Uh – now baby– – I knew that was gon’ happen. – Uh oh! Come on! [Innocent whistling] – Oh, Hell no. GET YOUR ASS OUT! WHAT’S WRONG WITCHU? SOMEONE NOT TEACH YOU [???] GET OUT THAT TV!
– BABY NO! LET HER GO! COME ON, WE GON’ GET ANOTHER LAWSUIT! – She spit on me! Gonn’ kill the bitch! – Ahh da da! You won! You won!! You won. You won. –Upstairs! Upstairs!
-Okay! Okay! Down low! All right. BABY NO!
I’m gon’ kill her! Is you crazy? IS YOU CRAZY!? HAHAHA! Watchu gon’ brush, now? Watchu gon’ brush, now, huh!? YOU PICKED THE WRONG TV TO COME OUT OF!

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