Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark REVIEW

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark REVIEW

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a truly terrifying and disgusting movie!


  1. I can’t wait to see this movie ! I don’t think a real good horror movie has come out since the Evil Dead remake in 2013. The conjuring came close but it wasn’t as intense

  2. Grace you need to stop being a chicken, how can we count on you for a fair review if you’re always watching scary movies with your hands over your eyes lol ?Good review nonetheless I loved the film but I will say the ending was weak

  3. Hey Grace,
    What does it cost to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? I've got some spare cash and may buy my place.

  4. Please watch and review Netflix Dark …It is superior quality material that people are sleeping on…I think more people should be aware of what they are missing… It is mind boggling…

  5. I'm so glad you touched on the Mexican american male protsgonist… it was something that made me so happy. I enjoyed the movie a lot

  6. As someone who never gets scared at movies, I'm interested to see if I can watch this easily and with snacks.? The characters look so wonderfully creepy, so I'm excited.

  7. Had it been rated R it would have been something to write home about but was so-so at best. Red Room woman and Jangleyman were interesting tho…

  8. Horror fans that I know are giving this an "OK" overall review. It is more for pre/young teens or folks like Grace that are not horror aficionados. So if you are an over 25 long time horror fan, temper your expectations.

  9. I think he was on Flash this season for 2 episodes it was wayyyy creepy, in an amazing way. They can't be 2 people working like that right now ??

  10. I didn't actually think it was THAT scary, it was certainly creepy and had it's moments. (For me, the creepiest moment was the recording in the hospital). And I'm not sure what exactly you mean when you say this movie is that gross, other than the toe scene, what are you referring to?

  11. Its an okay movie for hardcore horror fans; may be a bit disappointing. For people who don't or can't watch horror movies it would be a good movie because it ain't too scary for them to enjoy.

  12. When Grace says the movie is disgusting I’m thinking one of the characters farted because she’s just a wuss haha

  13. Troy James sounds amazing! I hope to see him show up in more roles as spooky creatures! Those are my favorite.

    I also REALLY like the guy who played the antagonist Elf in Hellboy2 and he also played the antagonist vampire-vampire-thing in Blade2. He's really good in creature costumes too!

  14. I really liked most of the movie, but Ramone’s acting just pulled me right out of it. He was so overly serious and was “acting” so hard that it never felt natural. The rest of the movie was solid

  15. I honestly think they may have went with the 70’s because literally everything is set in the 80’s right now and it would perhaps run the risk of getting lost in the mix.

  16. Surely the whole Point of the MOVIE is the Bits You did'nt Watch ? The rest of the Movie Is just Filler Thats like Watching a Romantic Movie & Waiting the Whole Movie for the Lovers to to Get it On Then Looking away and Missing it ? I dont get it ?

  17. I think your threshold for "gross and scary" things is extremely low. A couple of moments that were like "ew" but not being able to eat afterwards? That seems overstated. But I did enjoy it. I also did not find anything other than the pale woman scary. The pale woman was BRILLIANTLY done!

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  19. We already live in horror thanks to these white nationalist maga maggots terrorist going on weekly massacres.SAD

  20. Yeah I agree with her… don't get snacks when seeing this film…..this film has disgusting moments that will make u wish u weren't eating anything

  21. Wow! It doesn't take much to scare you Grace! Come on, they seriously held back on the effects to meet the PG13 rating. Not scary at all, but it's also not a bad movie. Just don't expect much when you go in, and you will probably enjoy it 😉

  22. Great review, GR! After the hype made for Mid Sommar, I think I’ll wait for this film to be on Netflix. I still love watching you’re reviews, though!

  23. Can't get the full experience when close your eyes Grace lol. I think the best way to get a decent experience and be able to shield your eyes in horror films, is to squint your eyes.

  24. This movie felt true to the late 60's rather then the 70's (considering the fashion, hairdos, and the music)… Love your reviews Grace!

  25. Please watch and support Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. Its a must see and deserves a high box office. Thanks and Godbless.

  26. I went to see it. I didn't realize it was PG-13 going in but realized it going out. No blood or gore really. The movie was 1968. Nixon won Nov 5th 1968 so that's when this took place.

  27. My catholic elementary school had this in their library; I loved it so much I went to the county library and found Clive Barker.

  28. I loved this movie but idk if I would put it with the 1st Conjuring in terms of scares… maybe more along the lines of Insidious level?

  29. That girl with spiders crawl out from her face, i wrote it in my horror story
    But my version, the spiders crawl out from her face make a bunch of lil holes

    Love this scary stories!! Definitely awesome

  30. Grace convinced me to see it, and I did, just last night, and I loved it. I liked how there was actually stunt work, and literal actors inside real costumes, instead of just cgi like most horror movies do. The movie was visually beautiful as well, and when they did use VFX is looked incredible. The pale woman was probably the one the creeps me out the most, just the slow moaning and creepily moving towards chuck, it’s so good. I recommend it!

  31. It was a good movie, acting was good, script good, production was good set in 1968, it was very dark, but this movie wasn't scary at all? you obviously have a weak stomach, get lots of popcorn & snacks people. Movie is more for tweens tho… so I guess Grace is a tween:))

  32. You saying not for kids??????? Grace this a TOTAL teen, tween film…PG13, it's even rated for youth?, this is not an adult horror film,. One of the best horror flicks ever ????in your tops??????oh HELL NO, it was OK, good but not great????WHAT YOU SMOKIN?

  33. never heard of this movie till the other day when a friend invited me to go see it. Welp, watching this review i honests cant remember anything about it…..i cant even remember the ending.

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