Sci-Fi Short Film “The Guide” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Guide” presented by DUST

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(mysterious music) (sand tinkling) (TV remote clicking) (upbeat music) (lighter clicking) (blowing) (radio static as channel changes) (light piano music) (door thudding shut) (TV static) (tapping) (TV noise interference) (footsteps shuffling) (ring clinking) (clanking) (clinking) (static zapping) (sloshing) (plopping) (static pulsing) (metal clinking) (bell ringing) (watch ticking) (dripping) (labored breathing) (zapping) (glasses clinking) (laughing) – Thank you. (dramatic music) (static buzzing) (sand tinkling) (people laughing) (children’s music) (water sloshing) (birds tweeting) (sand tinkling) (laughing) (baby crying) (bell ringing) (camera humming) (dramatic music) (TV remote clicking) (bike bell dinging) (sand tinkling) (slow dramatic music)


  1. Oh wow. I'm a grown ass man! So why the hell do I have a tear in my eye? smh. lol. This was great!!! It was original and touching at the same time. Not what I expected and I'm happy to be surprised. Good one!

  2. Touching. A little gremlin using its powers for good. Sometimes I myself get very optimistic about wanting to improve the world for the better. I love the way this film was presented. Thank you, DUST, for "The Guide!"

  3. What a charming film! I loved the concept–it's something that feels very familiar to me, as I–like many, I'm sure–wonder if sometimes there has been someone like The Girl at work behind the scenes in my own life. It is impressive how so much heart could be expressed in such a short time. Bravo!

  4. A minute to fix a few things in a single life even with the supernatural abilities shown wouldn't make the much of a difference to said life. However it is a beautiful idea!

  5. @ Dust:  Who knew that a person would be able to find such a large variety of well written and produced screen plays, (across the sci-fi board), that will satisfy and captivate the minds of thousands in less than 15 minutes.  Hollywood, watch out!

    I stand and applaud your team!

  6. I wondered if everyone else felt the same way, and it makes me happy to learn that it's true. That someone could watch an entire life, and smile, approving of you.

  7. Looking through the comments it's good to see that there are only a relatively few unhappy souls. That's so sad for them of course. Hope they can pull up in time.

  8. ‘If Only”…….this is beautiful…I am 65 and retired and now I worry when I go to the gr8 beyond. I’ve had kidney cancer, now heart disease with stents in my coronary arteries so I guess nature will just pick ☝️ one

  9. Finally something that is non-apocalyptic futile the future is doom and gloom. Great job. Add your own hyphens. Haha

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