SCREAM QUEENS Season 1 TRAILER (2015) New Horror Comedy Series

SCREAM QUEENS Season 1 TRAILER (2015) New Horror Comedy Series

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Something really bad happened. She’s dead I’m gonna ask you just one more time. Please don’t join a sorority look I know girls can be vicious Dad I’m gonna be fine, okay I’m gonna watch Kappa Kappa tau hey. Why don’t you do anything girl for the day? I’m gonna be honest. I hate sororities, and I hate you for Years I’ve seen the damage your so-called sisterhood’s have had on young girls good evening idiot hookers This year kappa will be required to accept anyone [who] wants to become a pledge What fresh hell is this? I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer. Are you in Candlewax? You are not our typical pledge class you’re about to get hazed harder than a suburban banquet hall during bat Mitzvah season I’m not gonna let you haze any of these girls, okay, pissy spacek Looks like you and I have a few differences. We need to iron out. You can’t join Kappa Kappa time I joined that sorority to feel close to my mom she died when I was really little I think [all] these sororities are evil but that house Is truly dangerous you gals are gonna stay here overnight while the Chanel’s and I go get banana Daiquiris at the white Stallion? Good night ladies We can confirm that an incident occurred last night that may have injured one of our students Somebody just mowed off at girls head in our backyard. We’re terrified a Guy a red Devil costume attacked me if there is a killer on this campus I’m gonna make damn sure that everybody at Kappa House is safe until that killer is brought to justice You got an eyebrow hiring her was your idea. I’m suspicious that you’re the one trying to kill us What is all this stuff? This is where kappa Keeps its darkest secrets What am I supposed to be scared? Worst-Case scenario, if there is an actual serial killer on the loose I choose to believe that we are sisters bound to protect one another and to protect the proud traditions of Kappa House If any of you die while protecting a sister, you’re allowed to skip the rest of hell week


  1. I can upload the real scream queens episodes for the fans because I downloaded them, but I'm worried about copyright, can someone tell me what to do to legally post episodes?

  2. Ohh it’s from the ppl who did Glee
    Now I’m definitely gonna watching this

    Waittt that’s Lea Michelle the girl who played Rachel in Glee Omggg that’s so cool ok I’m watching this rn

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