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Steve, Steve, Steve what are you doing what
are you doing you ready to go boating oh sure hey grace what’s going on yes so
sharers today we’re gonna go boating we’re gonna look for that loft it’s
sunken ship wherever it is I’m trying to chart it out this is the map that we
found that was in that safe and this is where we’re going we’re going to here
Mallos Bay so I’m currently just charting it out typing it into the
computer getting our coordinates in all set and ready to go we got our paddle
boards because we heard the water is pretty shallow there so we might have to
park the boat a little farther out we don’t really know what to expect all we
know is there’s the sunken ship there and there’s a lack sure there’s over
what 200 sunken ships or something yeah it’s the biggest ship graveyard ever so
grace you ready to help me push off let’s get going yeah let’s get going
before it starts to get dark I don’t wanna hit that boat in front of us okay
you guys you gotta give me a big push okay I don’t want to hit this button
front of us we are so close to hitting this boat oh keep an eye out up there
grace okay we’re good go now go now oh my gosh grace this is
so scary bro why did they Park us so close to
that boat oh well hey neighbors okay whoa made it
past that boat okay we’re going where’s the map Oh cannot lose this map I’m
gonna keep it up here well let’s look at that I don’t know that scared me is that
got fish or something maps up here what is that in the water what is that is
that an alligator what is it is it moving just the log ray oh yeah it’s
just a log I thought I was like an alligator about the head into the main
channel cut the map up here grace we can’t lose this map we got our compass
we’re heading east right now okay guys see that’s me we’re coming to the
channel we’re getting ready to do this share as we are about to go explore the
biggest ship graveyard ever over 200 ships are sunken apparently ooh
apparently this is where we’re supposed to go we’ve got led to it by that person
who left that note on our door so only one way to find out what’s going to be
there yeah nothing crazy okay sure I think we have all the slides
that we need look at what we got got scissors scuba mask
Sun screen we have some water shoes just in case if the bottoms really pointy and
rockier sharp hopefully we get there and back
before we turn into one of the 200 sunken go ships in the ship graveyard
yeah Chris it’s raining a little bit great Grace let’s get out of here let’s
get going full throttle here we go hang on tight Grace look look look I got there up
there we can see it I think that’s the ship that’s the giant one that song
you see it Oh
pretty sure that’s in we’re kind of far I know pretty sure
that’s it we got it I’m watching the depth gauge right here in Athens 15 feet
but we got to be careful because I heard it’s really really shallow here that’s
why all these ships stunk apparently there’s 200 ships somewhere
underwater right now because I’m that’s definitely it Sharer’s we’re here whoa muggy and like
Bob Lee sharers comment below if you see anything a while we’re here cuz we need
an extra eye there’s so much here that we can’t see whoa is that a person right
there behind the boat behind the back of the boat yes yeah I think we should stop
here okay see the shower oh it’s shallow here it’s very shallow
not too deep at all anchors in boats off we’re so close right now to the ship
Gracie ready to go explore this thing I don’t know this looks scary the only
thing to do now is it’s so shallow we got to go on these things let’s get
these things in the water grace you’re up first oh no no you’re
going first going first yeah you are the same time this is scary grace this ship
is huge it’s way bigger than I thought yes there’s the giant ship that sunk and
apparently underneath this water there’s over 200 sunken ships I don’t know I
don’t know how this is possible but there’s somewhere under this water and
I’m kind of scared over there on the shore you can see a bunch of stuff has
washed up we might explore that later for clues oh there’s like I can see
tires there some blue barrel over there this looks pretty interesting we might
actually have to go over there equation might have to explore the shore –
there’s probably a banded treasure there but first we’re gonna go explore this
giant ghost ship it looks like there’s another piece there big boat there I
think there’s something on the other side – I’m not really sure I don’t know
what all those poles are doing there it’s kind of scary but there’s no one
thing to do and that’s to explore so grace let’s suit up he’s got a life vest
on yeah I’m ready GoPro on the head uh-huh we’re just
gonna keep a constantly recording I don’t know if anything’s gonna jump up
maybe you can stick your head under water and you can maybe see if the GoPro
catches the ships that are underneath there yeah just because we see a lot on
top of the water there’s even more under the water 200 over 200 ships all
in this area I don’t know where they would be that one gots I think that must
been the first one that sunk because they’re so shallow bothering that I
don’t know let me grab my life that’s where’s my best okay life vest on for
safety this is gonna be I don’t know okay so I’m kind of scared
yeah I’m really scared this ship is absolutely huge look at that thing so
it’s like scary let’s suit up get ready to go let’s see what should we make sure
we bring a snorkeling master oh let me take a look real quick let me see what I
see I don’t see that person you were talking about what sound like thunder
oh wow what there is stuff on that ship for sure yeah what’s that on the top
there’s a gap right back or something I don’t know whoa there’s ears up there
there’s a lot up there grace we gotta get going I think the boats slowly
moving toward our boats slowly moving towards that boat careful grace you’re
connected to the boat you’re connected grace grace grace grace grace hey grace
you’re first go ahead okay we get to the ship
good luck I’m coming I’m coming just keep going yeah you got it
okay don’t drop the camera Oh Oh what this thing is crazy
stand up paddleboard is a little rocky okay whoa grace how did you do this this
is sketchy okay grace you are really up there yeah uh-oh
this ship is getting this scary the water around here is not too clean
either Grace’s waters nasty yeah this is
getting scary sunsets absolutely gorgeous but this ship is getting oh my
gosh grace this ship is huge whoa grace this is crazy oh yeah what is
that is that a rock moving Oh grace this ship is insane
Wow their stuff sticking out of the water there good thing we didn’t bring
the boat over this is scary I’m afraid to put my feet in the water
guys I’m kind of scared I’m really oh my goodness
Cher’s look at this a banded ship oh my goodness
this is crazy grace there’s a ladder to go on it look at that whoa this is so
big oh my gosh grace there’s I don’t know we’re gonna we’re literally one
more paddle and we’re gonna be on top of the ship is that a shark Chris oh my
gosh there’s metal underneath the water oh my goodness
grace that’s not a stick this is metal from the ship I’m on top of the ship
right now I’m literally on top of the ship it keeps going it just sunk
underneath here this is metal oh my goodness
grace this is so crazy oh my goodness I’m literally on top of the ship Gracie
I really want to explore it more this is crazy I want to get closer I know me too
I want to see what’s up there oh no I just hit the middle of the ship it’s
gonna pop this paddleboard Oh No hold on turn this way sure as this is actually
really scary I didn’t know this Agra’s I didn’t know it’d be this scary me
neither I’m touching something yeah that’s what symmetry grace I’m
afraid to like paddle too deep and stick my or too deep in the water oh wow
that’s another ship it has like trees growing on it look you can see part of
the ship of then trees started growing on top yeah there oh that’s where all
the ships must be oh is it echoing hello hello
whoa that’s scary are you serious grace what was that that legit sound
like a dog yeah or like a monster hello wait there’s weird bubbles there’s weird
bubbles right there grace we are in no we are no shape or form able to get out
of here quick this isn’t hello there’s a lot of birds in here grace
Oh grace is going in yeah I like it I’m hearing weird noises I am hearing weird
noises I’m hearing really weird noise grace grace first getting angry that
we’re getting close this bird is like swarming around why they’re like oh oh
that was your pedal oh that something’s gonna hit me whoa look at this
grace this is massive look at this oh I do not this is gonna be sharp if you run
into it oh my gosh I don’t want anything to come out and scare me that hole right
there is really scaring me whoa oh my goodness
over here hissing noise I legit hear a hissing noise look at this thing though
look at that massive oh that is a big spider web grace this ship was massive
whoa oh do not hit me grace and was fell in the water oh that would’ve been so
bad you can see like the metal from the ship sticking out grace do not hit me
that is a bad idea oh my gosh that scared me so bad I want
to go sorry I did not mean to hit you grace I think I hear a noise oh wait
grace grace grace what someone was spying on us that was weird
wait you think that’s a mystery spy that was an R jet ski wasn’t it yellow where
did that thing go where did that jet ski go that was so creepy
grace oh my gosh ship is moving oh my goodness! Share The Love, Peace!


  1. I hope yall know that the ship yall saw on top of the water was actually the Britannic the sister ship of the titanic

  2. they need to put something on the water for other small boats to see so it don't hit it at bring a few cones and place them there

  3. I love your videos I watched all of them you are awesome stephen
    And grace and carter and lizzy thank you for making this channel

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