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– Ahhhh good morning Sharers. – Woooooo.
Welcome to the vlog. Welcome back to another super awesome day. So you couldn’t already tell, we are not at home at
the Sharer family house. That’s right, we are out here in Los Angeles, California because Grace and I are
currently house shopping – Oh yeah.
for a house to live at because we are planning to
move out here to Los Angeles. So, check this out. This house that we’re at
right now is just an Airbnb, but it’s absolutely insane. Look at the view here. Totally awesome and the yard for this house is absolutely huge. – Wooooo – Oh yeah, that is what
I am talking about. – Oh yeah. If you don’t already know, Los Angeles is super, super,
super hard to find any land at all. We have about four acres at our
house back home in Virginia, which is a lot for our neighbor hood because we’re right outside D.C., but if you come out here, it’s super hard to find anything bigger than like the size of your
finger for a backyard. It’s totally insane. So, that’s why we are trying
to find the best house possible that has enough yard space. But we’re looking for a house
that we can rent long term. So this house is just a
house that we’re staying at while we go to look at houses today. So Grace, let’s hop in the car. The realtor is on the way. We’re gonna go look at four houses today and we’re gonna see what they’re like. They’re all over the area: starting in Beverly
Hills, going all the way over the top of the
mountain into the valley to check out some houses over there. They all look really cool online. The houses look like amazing, but the question is what will
they look like in person? But there’s only one way to find out. Let’s go hop in the car, the realtor’s here and
let’s go look at houses. – Let’s go. – This is the first
house we are looking at. It’s super, super big. It’s got a super big yard, almost like a giant yard, like the size back at home
at the Sharer family house. It looks like it might be super old, so let’s go inside and let’s take a look. I don’t know what to expect. I mean it’s even got a water
fountain in the front yard. Look at this, there’s even a guard dog right there, (dog bark) oh. Super old mirror, hello. Here is the dinning room; big fireplace, giant grand piano, big windows viewing the
pool again out there. Then over here must be
the kitchen dinning room. It’s got a nice chandelier, big windows. And then, I guess this
goes out to the pool there. Bathroom there. And then the kitchen is here. Check this out, nice and big kitchen. This kitchen is huge Grace. – Yeah, this is really big. – Okay, I’m really liking this kitchen. Giant stove, very good for cooking. Oh the microwave’s so small though. – Oh, it’s a mini. – It’s a mini microwave. – I found this secret passage way. – Where? – I don’t want to point it out but let’s go investigate it. – Whoa, it’s like a dungeon up here. – Yeah, I think they
called this the game room. – Yeah, it’s very mysterious up here. And look at this. This is all super old school. This wet bar is like really old. Wow, this is crazy. – Oh wait, look. You can like… – Oh, close it off. – Like this, look. It’s like a ticket booth. – Whoa. – And then it’s like
closed, the shop’s closed. – I have no idea what that’s for. Check this out, there’s something called
a dumbwaiter in here. Look at that. – Whoa. – That’s pretty cool. Okay, goes up even higher. Here’s one room. – I think it was in… Oh yeah, I found it. – What? – Watch, look, so like we’re in the bathroom right? What could this be? Maybe like double your towels. – Whoa, whoa.
– Up there. – (inhales) that’s crazy. Oh my gosh.
– Yeah, I don’t know what that is. – Does this one do it too? Open, nuh, this one’s regular. – Yeah. – Interesting.
It’s like kinda tricky. – That’s very weird and that’s in one of the bedrooms. So this is just one
regular bedroom upstairs. There’s only three bedrooms upstairs. And then you come over here on this side, and then this is the master bedroom. Look at this. It’s huge, absolutely huge. This is kinda weird over here though. Look at this, it’s like super small. – Oh. – What is that? It’s like a time dial thing, I don’t know what that is. – Maybe it’s like old fashion heater. – I don’t know, that’s weird. This house is super old. – Oh, oh! – What is that? – Whoa wait, oh, I don’t know. – It’s a hole. – What do you see? – I don’t know what that is, what? Sharers, comment down below
if you know what that is. Grace, look at this. What is this? Oh my goodness. – There’s a lot of trap doors in here. – I think I have a spider web on my head, ew is there a spider on me? Okay, this house is huge but it’s super old school. Ooh look at the backyard. This is cool. Whoa. – Yeah. – All right, the backyard’s pretty cool. – The outside is awesome. – This is what I’m talking about. Look at that pool, giant backyard. The backyard alone is pretty
cool to film awesome videos in. It’s got a whole patio, all this. That could work really well. It’s like hey Grace, just
stay outside the whole time you live here so you don’t get haunted. – I know, and look, we could climb that tree and like do a tree fort. – Oh yeah, there’s giant trees here. There’s so much land. – And whoa, what is that? – (inhales deeply) – Orange tree.
– Orange tree. – Oh, and lime
– You can live in the jungle. – Look, up there, a lime. – Oh yeah, a lime tree. This is pretty cool, let’s see what else this house has. (door unlocking) Unlock, push open, just like this. And then, ah, here’s
one way to the backyard. So, this is the driveway Grace. This is pretty big. – Yeah, we could do a lot of stuff here. – Very big driveway. These trees are ginormous. And then we come through
here to the backyard. Whoa, all right this backyard is big. – Yeah, this is huge. – Very big backyard, giant swing set here, tons of trees there,
and then look at this. And then look at this, not only do they have
a pool in the backyard, but they have a pool house. They have two bathrooms
just for the pool house. Here’s one, blue bathroom for this side. – And then a pink bathroom. – Pink bathroom, how crazy is that. That’s so funny. – Yeah, so it’s like another whole
mini house on the other side. – And then in here, this is like the pool house house. And then you open this up. This might be even older than the house. It’s like super old stone and stuff. So we have a gym in here. Stone on the ground. This is super ancient in here. Look at this. – Yeah.
– Super ancient. – Look at this hallway, look at this arch. – Oh yeah, its made of stone. – So weird. – Interesting.
– Look at that. – Okay, oh there’s a stove in here Grace, look at that. That’s interesting. – Oh wait, (mumbles) did you see this?
– It’s like a cookout house. What? – It’s like some old gadget.
– An old like, – I don’t know, old VHS or something. Yeah, so this house has a huge backyard. Like, we’re exploring all
the way to the other side. – Oh. – Oh, is it open? – Wait, yeah it is. It’s another street. – Oh my goodness, there’s another exit on this house to a secret street. Whoa, that’s so cool. – Hey, let me take a look. – Isn’t that awesome? So Sharers, I would say the
thing I like about this House is that it’s absolutely huge. The yard is huge, the house is pretty big, the pool is awesome. One thing I don’t like about
the house is how old it is. Grace, I kinda feel like the
house is a little bit old. – Huh, it’s big and nice. The outside’s nice but it kinda seems a little
spooky in the inside. – A little spooky. But sharers, comment down below. Let us know what you think of this house, this is house number one. Let’s hope back in the car and let’s go to visit house number two. And sharers, you can comment down below and let us know which
house is your favorite cause we gotta pick the
new Sharer fam house. Okay Sharers, now this is the second
house we’re gonna tour. Let’s go inside and check it out. Ooh. Very nice. There’s a hand there. Stairway upstairs. Living room here. Family room there. Okay, not bad. Master bedroom, you can
see the front out here and then the backyard would be back here. Okay, pretty big bathroom. Whoa. Tub right there, well that’s a small tub. Big shower though. But this closet is way bigger than the last house. What are these? Closets here, more closets. Okay. And then over here would be
the other side of the house. Oh, hey John. – Hello, Steven. How do you like the house? – How do you like the house? – I’m kinda diggin’ this
place, not gonna lie. – Do you like it? – Yeah. – All right, haven’t explored
much of the inner lay. Only explored one bedroom. This is another… John, this bedroom’s huge. World’s biggest desk I’ve ever seen. Check this desk out, it’s absolutely huge. Here’s a bathroom and a shower in here. Look at that desk. – Oh my goodness. – Isn’t that huge? – You know how many computers and screens you can put on there. – True. Oh look, there’s more
desks out here, what? This house is like… Whoa, a whole movie theater room? Are you serious? This is huge, look at those chairs. Okay, this room is cool. We could have a giant TV right there. Watch movies, all the Share
the Love videos we ever made. And then in this room, whoa. A trap door. – Wait, what is this? What? Oh my… (inhales) – Whoa.
– No way. – What’s it lead to? – Come check this out. – Wait, what?
– We can open the door. – What?
– To a bedroom. – Oh my goodness, that’s really cool. And then this room has a bathroom too. Oh my goodness.
– Wait, come back here. – Wait, these could be trap doors too. Oh those are just closets. Hold on, I’m coming back through. This is crazy. – Who live in a pineapple under the sea? – Wait, what? – Yeah, look, SpongeBob. – SpongeBob, its got a SpongeBob bathroom. Okay, this room is like
probably the coolest room in all the houses. – Yeah. – Now the only thing
left is to check outside. Got a nice patio, and a giant pool, check out this pool. Look at this, and it’s pretty deep too. Plus, it’s got an awesome hot tub. That’s what I’m talking about. And then this is cool, back here there’s little
half basketball court. Check this out. Slam dunk. Oh yeah. – Cool. – And then trampoline back there, check that out. Not bad. And then here must be like
a pool house type thing. Oh, Grace, this is cool. – Wait, Steven, I found something even cooler. – What? – Come here. – There’s a gate that goes somewhere? – Yeah, watch this. Look, it goes all the way down here. – Oh wow, it’s like a little wooded path. – You can go two directions, left or right. – But it doesn’t really go anywhere. – Oh, I see the fence now. – Just yeah, just a fence. It’s just like a kind of little, cool little section. Let’s check out this little
guest house out here. This looks pretty cool. Oh wow, a whole drum set too? Look at that. – Oh cool.
– That’s cool. This is a pool house. – This is a pool house? Looks like a freakin house. – For a pool house, this is really nice. Look at this place. Whoa, it’s like a real house out here. – Oh, there’s a bathroom. – That’s a big bathroom. Oh my goodness, this is big. – This is big. – Wow, okay. Then here is the bedroom. Look at this, big closets. Wow, this is a big pool house Grace. – Yeah, wow. – Then you come out here and this is the outside. What is this? Oh it’s like a cat cage. – Whoa, and there’s a bridge. – Whoa, what? That’s crazy. What is this? – That is one lucky cat. – Okay, this is very interesting, they have a cage here. Okay, well that house is pretty cool. Let’s hop back in the car and let’s see what’s
next on the itinerary. Sharers, here’s the next house. Check it out, this is the front of it. Oh my goodness, it’s absolutely huge. Oh, the garage is opening. But let’s go see inside this house. It’s way, way, way, way, way up the hills. We had to drive up canyons
like crazy to get up there, but this house looks really cool. Check this out. – Whoa.
– You enter in here. Fireplace there. Look at glass windows, absolutely huge. And then you come up here, check this out, dinning room table there. Oh man, there’s a whole
nother section here. Oh, wait, this might go to the garage. Now this would be interesting because the first house we
looked at didn’t have a garage, the second house we looked
at had a small garage. Laundry room in here and I’m assuming this is the garage. Okay, so this is a pretty big garage, three car garage. Not bad, it’s super messy right here. I guess someone must still
be living in this house but yeah, garage is definitely pretty big. And then if you enter from the garage, uh oh, I’m locked, hold on, I’m locked in. Let me open the garage door. Well let’s start that tour again. So this is the garage, level one. And if you don’t get locked in, you can go back up those stairs, but since I got locked in, I’m gonna come back up this way. All the way back up the nice stairs here, all the way into the front door here. And then you come in here, bathroom there. This would be the kitchen here, I think. With a pool table in the kitchen, big huge kitchen over here. Check out this kitchen. And then over here is another bathroom. This is a bedroom. Yeah, someones definitely
living in this bedroom. Ooh, and check this out. It’s a whole patio up here. Look at this and a huge, awesome view of Los Angeles. This is what I’m talking about. This view’s awesome. Now we gotta see what the other
rooms look like real quick and see what the backyard looks like cause the backyard is super important to make sure we can still
do awesome challenges. There’s another bedroom here and another huge, huge bedroom over here. Oh my goodness, that’s like four bedrooms upstairs already and there’s one more. Whoa, this must be the master bedroom. Okay, huge bed in here, awesome view out here. Giant closet. A huge bathroom in here,
look at this bathroom. Absolutely huge. And then over here, this is still part of the master bedroom. I don’t know what this is but this is another part
of the master bedroom. Balcony here and (Inhales sharply) Outside looks amazing. Hold on, John’s outside. Let me go check the outside real quick. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Check this out, look at this view. This is crazy. John, how cool is that view? – Look at that. – Isn’t that awesome? Oh my goodness. This view is really cool. – Check this out, that’s
like an infinity pool. – Oh yeah, infinity pool right there. Then you get to look out
at this crazy view of LA. Okay, so sharers, that was
a quick tour of this house. There’s still people living in it so I didn’t want to film too much, but overall it’s a very,
very, very cool looking house. Doesn’t have a big backyard
as all the other houses. It has an insane view. Let me know what you
think about this house comment #house3 if you think this house it
the coolest of them all. And sharers, this is the fourth house
we’re looking at today so let’s go inside and let’s take a look at this one. Looks super nice, it’s brand
new, it was just built. Ooh yeah, here we go. So you walk in here, huge and open. You come in here, there’s
a bathroom to the left, pretty nice. Huge mirror right here, oh yeah, wearin’ the new Jump In shirt. And then you come over here and oh, whoa, huge bathroom there. (inhales sharply) This is an office? This is huge. – Yeah. – Big, big, big, big, big office. You can see the street from here. And this is nice, these cabinets are huge. I don’t even know what
you’d do with all this stuff maybe put books in it or something. So already two bathrooms before
we even got to the kitchen. So then, this is the living
room, the dinning room here. Over here is the kitchen. Oh wow, brand new kitchen. Look at that. – Brand new. – This kitchen is really nice, this is probably one of
my favorite kitchens. So then back here is
like the stuff you bring. You could probably put your water in here. – A snack room, basically.
– A snack room. Giant cabinets here, and then the garage is here, whoa. This garage is brand new. Look at this, it’s even got a sink in the garage. I’ve never seen that. A sink in the garage, that’s kinda cool. – Yeah, this is cool and there’s a door out here. – Wonder what that leads to. – Oh, there’s a side entrance. – Side entrance. – All the way down. – All the way back there. Let’s go check out the backyard. We gotta see how big the
backyard is at this house. I already saw there’s a huge pool. Oh, wow. Pretty big back yard. – Yeah, this is nice. – Okay so, good amount of grass here. A big pool here. Look at this, the pool’s
actually a pretty good size. – Yeah it is and it has a waterfall and a wall. – Waterfall, oh wait, you think that’s a hot tub? I don’t know if that’s
a hot tub, it might be. Very interesting shaped hot tub. Wow, everything literally
is brand new at this house. Oh, there’s cameras there
– Cameras. – and then you have a
nice patio right here that comes right in to the
family room right here. And then the kitchen’s back there. Giant mirror here. And then you can come up these stairs. Now this is the question, how man bedrooms does this have? What do the bedrooms look like? Oh, and John’s already up here. John, how’s the house lookin’ to you? – It looks super neat. It’s super modern, look at it. – Wow, look at this. Whoa, bedroom one, absolutely huge. Oh, look at that bathroom, that’s cool. That’s a nice shower. – You gotta come check out the master. – The masters. This is by far the nicest
house we’ve been in, I think, but let me know what you think. Is this the master? – Oh yeah, look at this, they got a high ceiling.
– Whoa. The ceilings are so high. – Yeah, its super (mumbles) – Oh my goodness, okay. And there’s a fireplace, and there’s a balcony out here. Whoa, check this out. – Look Steven, this has
like frosted glass on the… – Oh yeah, frosted glass. You can see the pool from here. You can also see the apartment buildings, I don’t know if I really like that. – Yeah, I don’t really like that either. – I would say that’s one
downside to this house is that you have kind of
like a lot of neighbors, which we’re not really used
to living back in Virginia. But the inside and every
else about this is amazin… Oh my goodness, this is by far the biggest
closet we’ve ever had. Look at this, this house
has the biggest closet ever. This closet it huge.
– Yeah, look at the lights. – That’s so cool.
Oh LED lights in this closet. Look, tons of stuff for
like jewelry and stuff. I wouldn’t be able to
fill this cause this, I don’t even have any jewelry. And then, what is this? The bathroom? But look at the shower John, this shower’s absolutely huge. Is this a shower or this another bedroom? This is ginormous.
– Yeah a whole bench in there. – So big. And then here’s another bedroom over here, so this is the third bedroom with a full bathroom. Laundry room upstairs and fourth bedroom over here with a giant closet and a full bathroom. All right Sharers, well there ya go. Those were the four houses we saw today. They started super, super, super old to brand new at the very end. – Yeah. – Which ones we like? They all have their own pros and cons. Comment down below if you
like any of the houses and what you liked about them, what you don’t like about them, and if we should get any
of those four houses. – Yeah, we both need to decide on one and Sharers, we need your help. – So comment down below
which house you like the best and stay tuned because we
might go look at houses more. We don’t know what’s gonna happen but stay tuned for the next vlog Sharers. So until then, you know what to do: – [Together] Stay awesome
and share the love. Peace, woooo.



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