Sesame Street: Haunted House

Sesame Street: Haunted House

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[WIND BLOWING] [DOOR CREAKING] WALTER: Wh– wh– wh– what was that? GIRL: It is just the door
creaking, that is all. WALTER: Oh, e– e– everybody says that this
old place is haunted. GIRL: Oh no. It is just a deserted house
and no one lives here, that is all. [CLOCK CHIMING] WALTER: Ah! What was that? GIRL: There’s nothing to be
frightened of, it’s just this old grandfather clock chiming. WALTER: Oh, I’m still
kind of scared. [WIND BLOWING] GIRL: Oh, look. WALTER: Well, listen to that. It– it’s somebody’s moaning. GIRL: No, Walter, there is
nothing to be frightened of. It is just the sound
of the wind. [THUNDER] WALTER: Ah, help! What was that? GIRL: It is just thunder
and lightning. There is nothing to
be frightened of. Relax. WALTER: Um, well, uh, I
guess you’re right. GIRL: Sure. [MOUSE SQUEAKING] WALTER: Oh look at that. A cute little white mousie. GIRL: Eek! A mouse! A mouse! Oh, that is something
to be frightened of. Eek! WALTER: Don’t be scared
little mousie. Hm.


  1. Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys Check Out Haunted Houses And Solve Mysteries Of Haunted Houses All The Time ,

    Love Scott Orvik

  2. This explains why this generation isn't frightened of terrorists…."it is just a radical Muslim who hates America, we must understand and love him". Thanks, Leftists!

  3. Now that Sesame Street has brought miss-hell obamination on, I will never watch pbs again and my children are banned from it as well. This madness is making life suck because evertything that was fun is for obama…I MUST MAKE MY STAND

  4. @kobraf150 shes going to be on icarly this weekend your going to band them from nick too? what do you let you kids watch?

  5. This was before the Haunted House became The Count von Count's castle. That, and I'm wondering. How come Prairie Dawn always carried a handkerchief in her early years?

  6. One guy wrote this comment that I read saying that that haunted house was going to be The Count's future castle. I was going to write down, "I wonder if they're in The Count's castle?" Until I just learned that this segment is from Season 3 and that The Count would make his debut by next season. Well, live and learn.

  7. Nothing's more scary than teenage actresses being way too dramatic, screaming in terror, hating one another, being rude to people who are more weak than them, having way too much of an obsession with Disney and wanting to become more annoying Princesses. With Princesses like them, who needs Wicked Queens? I would just love to take all those Disney Girls in a room and slap one by one in the face. Maybe then they'll get the idea that viewers don't want to see that shit being shown on TV anymore.

  8. Notice the grandfather clock chimes the wrong number of times–while it says 11 o' clock, it only chimes two. And yes, the chime sounds just like that of the chime of the clock, in the Martians skit, like someone had said.

  9. My thing Mr Noisy has a mouse and Miss Shy says "Eek! a mouse on the corner! that is something to be frightened of. Eek!"

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