Sex In A Haunted House

Sex In A Haunted House

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[ ♪ spooky music ♪ ] [thunder] [ ♪ spooky music ♪ ] [male] Man, this place is
incredible. You must be rich. [female] Thanks. I just got
a really good deal. [eerie sound] [male] Did you hear that?
>>[female] No. [eerie sound] [male] What is that?
>>[female] I didn’t hear anything [laughing] [eerie sound] [male] Okay.
>>[female] Yeah, that one I heard. [male] What’s going on?
>>[female] Look. My house is haunted. It’s like haunted-ish.
[thunder] [male] What? [female] It used to be the home of
a doctor and his wife in the 20s. He used to perform unnecessary surgeries
on his patients in the basement. Did you see the backyard?
There’s a stone patio. [male] Maybe we shouldn’t… I don’t think it’s– But there’s like ghosts and screaming.
>>[female] Yeah and an awesome kitchen nook. [laughing] Speaking of nooks and crannies,
my bra just came off under my dress. [thunder] [male] I think something touched my foot.
Do you have a cat? What was that?
>>[female] The doctor’s wife went insane and killed him and herself because he
experimented on their newborn baby. [thunder] Speaking of which, I am down to experiment. [male] How could you live like this?
>>[female] Have you seen the size of this place? For what I’m paying, I would
gladly live with like a hundred ghosts and a haunted doll. Speaking of which,
don’t touch that doll. [creaking chair]
[eerie sounds] But you can touch me anywhere you want. [eerie sounds] [male] Sweet mother of god!
>>[female] That’s my ex, Carl. He’s possessed but don’t worry. He can’t
come in. I put salt all around the house. [male] What? Is that a thing?
>>[female] Don’t worry. There’s no salt around here so you
can come in and out and in and out. [male] Okay. Well, that is one
heck of a line but I need to go. [thunder]
[eerie sounds] [male] [screaming] Stop. [female] Why don’t you stop worrying
about the monster under the bed and start worrying about
the monster in here? [eerie sounds] [man screaming] [female] Alright. I get it. Let’s go
downstairs and call you a cab. You can leave. Would you
just give this to me? [male] Wait. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
Look. I really like you. You’re super hot. I want to do this. Just
give me a second, okay? Now, where were we? [female] Someone was about to get slimed.
>>[male] Cool. [thunder] [ ♪ music ♪ ]


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