Sex of the Witch  | 1973 | Full Length Horror Movie

Sex of the Witch | 1973 | Full Length Horror Movie

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Sex of the Witch Soon it will all be over, I
see shadows losing their colour. That lose themselves. Shadows taking on human forms. My nieces and nephews, like
a dream I see their signs. I hear them around me,
assisting in my fate. I can’t see them anymore, but
I know their sullen faces well… Vague and distant. I can’t
believe their faces are alive… They will never understand
death, maybe only you alone. This death I jealously possess,
my face is drawn into it… I die content. I feel a cold
chill and my body is numb… It’s a sweet feeling that brings
me joy. It takes me away… …from the horrendous
glare of my daughter Evelyn. She’s spent her miserable life
cultivating greed and jealousy. I leave jealous, I take with
me the reputation of our name… …Hilton. I have the impression it’s me; I
lay dying, yet I’m far from death. We descended into dark caverns,
looking for the secrets of life. They are the cadavers. They
are grey lifeless ghosts… The new generation without
any cares. With false youth… …and the empty expressions
of people without a destiny, People who have had their
past robbed from them, I only loved myself, and rightly
so. It wasn’t narcissism… …It was my will, a testimony of truth! It is all ending; What was alive,
impenetrable from suffering… …from regret. It’s not
only me who is dying… I am illuminated with certainty;
Soon, the Hilton’s will perish… The shame upon our great name! More. I’m dying. Let us pray. Amen. Only now can I express my pain,
It’s a great loss for us all. For me too, Susan, believe me.
-Thanks, I know you were close. Take care of it. Susan, we’re going into
the village, are you coming? No thanks, Edward. What a mess! What gets
me is the pastor… I’d never have thought it.
You judge people, and then.. It’s incredible. With
someone like Simon Voskin? I think it’s shameful.
-So what? You can see he’s found his type.
He has a thing for homosexuals. A bit like our dead uncle.
-I’m sure he’s been included. Maybe not.
-You can bet on it. How could he?
-What if he has? It would be shameful.
-Lucy, shut up. It’s all speculation. Good morning aunt Evelyn.
-Ciao, Ingrid. I couldn’t come earlier,
uncle Thomas has died. I heard. Now, only you and I know
the Hilton secret. Don’t pull Twinky, be good! If I’m not mistaken, the only
people missing are Ingrid… Here’s Mr. Voskin. Simon Voskin. I’m sorry to insist but it’s
necessary you’re all present. Ingrid will be here soon,
my sister’s usually on time. We’ll wait. Sorry. You may begin. It is my duty to read
the following: My will, comprising of the
properties in Worcestershire, …must remain intact. The heirs, including my
secretary, Simon Voskin, …will benefit from the
estate in equal measure. Dispensation of profits will
be administered by Mr. Thompson, …who’ll be able to substitute
himself when he retires. He is entrusted with distributing the
funds annually, on the day of my death… I ask that all the heirs share in
the estate once they reach thirty. If one of the heirs dies,
their shares, and benefits… …will be distributed evenly,
amongst the surviving members. Jonny will be the first. He’ll be thirty in exactly
one month and five days. Then it’s tonight, agreed? Imagine if Mr. Thomas found us now! But he can’t!
-Stop talking rubbish. You push me to my limit
and I hadn’t even got going. We’ll be good friends. You like her?
Ingrid gave her to me. Hey, Twinky. Beautiful.
-Nice gift. I had a dog like this before,
how different things were… They were great times, and
still my fondest memories. If it wasn’t for aunt Evelyn,
it would’ve been for me too. When I try to think back,
all I see are ghosts. It’s best to just forget it.
-Easy for you… …but for a Hilton, it’s impossible. For a Hilton, looking back is
like looking forward, Ghosts are everywhere,
I don’t know why but I feel them. So did your uncle. He told me
something before he died… Something horrible?
-Well, yes… He said someone would destroy
the family after his death. Did he say who?
-Yes, your aunt. Evelyn?
-Right. Seems like there’s a secret
between her and Ingrid. Knowing the bond she has with
her aunt, it’s not unlikely. The strangest part was your
uncle describing a wound you have, He said your aunt did it
when you were young? No, that’s a lie.
Ingrid did it while playing. I guess I got it wrong. Ingrid did it while playing. That’s disgraceful… No trace of the weapon.
-I don’t expect to find it. The first blow was to
the back of the head, He may’ve been drunk but it’s
possible he saw his killer. He was hit by something metal… like a medieval weapon. He was caught by surprise, so he
had no chance to defend himself. People here say they’ve never
seen any weapons like that. A horrible death. Judging by his position he
was up against the wall… …then fell on the floor.
No one heard a thing inside. Look. These two nails from Java,
find out who brought them. I’m sure I’ll find the weapon. The commissioner brings me
along because I always find it! That clause in the will
is an excellent motive… …but which one of you is the killer? The guilty party now has the
ability to hide themselves… …but let’s be clear, I won’t
leave until I find catch them You say you were with him? Gloria was with me all
night, it’s the truth. I’ve no reason to lie to you. Commissioner, like Tony
said, I was with him till six. Fine. Excuse me? I have to see my doctor.
It’s been three days… …and I must go in for tests,
If you’ll allow me? Okay, but make sure
you can be contacted. How am I going to find the
weapon in this labyrinth? Do you ever speak?
Making me talk to myself! You know I always liked you and I
never asked about your strange habits, You know my affection for
the Hiltons is for all of you. Perhaps it’s a little excessive.
-I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, I’ve never hidden it, and I’ve never
listened to your parents moral values! What can you say about
me? You know me, Simon… But you wouldn’t last an instant if
you knew the truth that I possess. It’s a trick, someone here
knows I’m getting closer. When did you find the letter?
-Yesterday, in the library. I was in the library yesterday
and the letter wasn’t there. Did you see his face? We mustn’t be fooled
by apparitions… It may initially look like the
crime was committed by an idiot… But a large inheritance
is too great a motive… The killer is very astute,
far smarter than we think… But the inheritance is not the motive!
I mean, it’s not the only one… I think the crime was committed for
other reasons I’m sure I will discover. I’m happy to collaborate but
I can’t stand all this speculation. I understand, and I’d like to
be certain, Thompson… Unfortunately, after the way this has
panned out, I have no doubts… If it had been a stranger, we’d
be unsure of why they did it. They’d have killed them in here,
but why risk so much? Please find the killer, otherwise
this will be left hanging over us… I don’t want that to happen or
watch the killer to get away. It’s strange you still haven’t
found the murder weapon? We’ll find it, don’t worry.
We’re searching everywhere. I’m sorry but I’m busy.
-I understand. Your car?
-Yes. Please stay close, you know I
haven’t made much progress, So the hypothesis still remains,
any one of you could be the killer. Thanks for including me,
either way, I’m at your disposition. Ready to collaborate and
tell you everything I know. I think you’re looking
in the wrong place. Perhaps. About that strange letter,
who do you think sent it? Why so late? Like all the other times? I don’t know if it’s to your liking?
Unfortunately, we’ve no other choice. Sir Thomas had strange tastes, He loved classical music, and it
was reflected in his character, If you’ve nothing to say, Commissioner,
it’s pointless keeping us here. Where are you taking this? If you
think it’s someone here, tell us. Just don’t keep us on edge.
-He’s right, you can’t do this. If you’ve got nothing concrete,
no clues, no evidence, then… Then, what?
This is murder… I can’t have sympathy for any
of you, whether I like you or not. My duty is to catch the killer, I’m
not keeping you here out of spite. I have a strong feeling the
killer is in this room, Here, amongst you. I felt her knee move mine, and I found
a way to remove her light clothing, I ran my hands over her body,
I took her with tender violence… For I moment I noticed
she wanted it too, Renata looked at me with
intense, frightened eyes, Her mouth partly open,
breathing lightly, She did nothing to escape
my tight grip, She looked at me, scared, but I
didn’t give her time to think, I tore off her clothes and in
an instant I was kissing her… I squeezed her tight,
frantically feeling her bosom, My fingers touched her
gently in search of her sex. If you read our entire family
history you’d arrest us all! Don’t look at me like
that, It’s not difficult… …to find a distant relative
who fell afoul of the law… …or upset the moral standing
of the local community. Eric Hilton, pirate and
rapist extraordinaire… …killed his wife as she slept,
with two Javanese nails. Lord Conan Hilton, you should
read aunt Evelyn’s essay on him… He was neither pirate or rapist,
he was a another type of criminal… He discovered a way of altering
the equilibrium of human cells… Human cells, within our genes. He could completely transform. Very interesting, I’ll read it. Lord Conan Hilton was an
extraordinary person… …mutating cells like that. It’s been a long day,
I should get some rest. Don’t forget, lock yourself in.
You never know. Excuse me? Yes? Why do you only make
sculptures in erotic positions? It’s what I know best. Be quiet, Twinky. We must make a decision.
-Be quiet, please. We must do it.
-Edward, don’t speak… …It’s not prudent. You’re my love. Jealous! The murder was just a smokescreen… Don’t resist, I won’t kill you… but you must keep quiet! Who are you? The rings are missing? Who took them?
-I don’t know, the Commissioner? Good morning. Sleep well? I had a terrible nightmare,
I thought I was going mad… Someone was chasing me in
the basement of the villa… I tried to escape, but he kept
hitting me around the head. Well then, care to tell me what
you were just talking about? That’s what I was looking for.
A little patience… …and even nightmares
become a reality, right? You must trust me, Anna. You know your well-being
is close to my heart. I want you to be happy… but above all, I don’t want you
making irreparable mistakes. I’m your brother, and I’m the
only one left you can rely on. Still Jonny? You keep thinking about Jonny,
but he was never right for you… Yes, he died a horrible death,
but, deep down, he deserved it. Markie. Stay here and don’t leave.
-Yes, Commissioner. It’s a crime that makes
me feel indifferent. Nat confessed he’d
wanted to kill him before… He couldn’t stand the idea of
anyone else being with Anne. He had a morbid jealousy of his sister. I’ve never had any sympathy
for Jonny or Nat… …they always annoyed me. See, he came in this way.
-Through the service door. Nat’s strange, out of all of us,
I don’t remember him as a child. These are tough accusations… …but the Hilton’s have always
triumphed with dignity. I’ll try to help him,
I hope he doesn’t go to prison. He’ll need a good lawyer.
-A Hilton? Look at Anne… the most level-headed one,
suddenly falls without dignity, Not to mention Lucy,
I’ve never understood her… Telling the Commissioner
about her strange dreams. It’s nonsense!
She never had any character… Her only saving grace was
discovering Nat was the killer… Though she was closer
to him than us. I never expected it from her. It’s not the same thing. There’s a big difference between
the old guy and these young ones. Their crimes don’t bear the
hallmarks of real Hilton’s… But it is shaped by their
attitudes to crime. The commissioner’s left thinking
everything’s resolved… But he’s wrong. I am certain what is meant
to happen now will happen. All my life I’ve followed evil… Attracted to and fascinated by
all that is perverse… Hilton blood runs deep in my veins.
Cold and black, it flows… …boiling in horrific torment. I am a chalice that rests
between evil and light. My hatred of the Hilton’s
is immeasurable… My greatest joy was getting
that worm out of my life… It was like squeezing a skeleton! You’re my creature, I will instil
in you all of my decadence and evil. This isn’t some horrifying,
evil game you can start over… You are just a being
without will or soul… In whom I have driven out
any sense of evil and hate… …and who will carry out my
most macabre desires. Perfect. A cognac, please. How much?
-300. It’s all about to end:
What was alive in my memories… Impenetrable from suffering,
from remorse… But it’s not just me who’s dying:
I see an illuminated way ahead… The Hiltons: Nothing will last but
the shame on this great name. You ask too much, now you must die. If you want to live, don’t scream. Don’t try to escape. You’ll only find pleasure, even if
it’s so intense you’ll want to die! Stop that. I said be quiet. Twinky, where are you going? Don’t be scared, Susan. Who are you?
-Don’t make me hurt you. Twinky didn’t bark because
he recognised me… I gave him to you, remember? You? Ingrid, open up! What’s wrong?
-Ingrid. I know who you are, you can’t
hurt anyone now, killer! Over here. Ingrid. Ingrid. Come this way.
-Ingrid. Don’t shoot. Ingrid. Why? Take me away, I beg you. Let’s go, Susan.


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