SEX WITH A GHOST (a Short Horror Film)

SEX WITH A GHOST (a Short Horror Film)

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Have a sit Please have some water I don’t drink Oga my money first I will pay you, it’s not 5,000 Naira Pay befor service I will pay you, what your name Is better you don’t know my name just tell me
If you insist Yes i insist my name is OMO But?
But what? Just forget about it
Go on tell me, my love My love Yes I like you, and hope we will be
seeing often Sure we will, you say you you
want to know about me. yes I stay in a dark and cold place It so lonely Don’t worry I will take you there soon
I will go with you Ken came down, it seem you
have sex with a ghost. Because the last time I saw you,
you were talking to your self I was wondering what was going on,
but I though you were dronk Musa my friend I wasn’t, I saw her on the road when coming
back from the office I though she was a protitude not
knowing she is a ghost. What do i do This is very serious
Ken, this is very serious Is me Musa
come in the door is open Ken
You are Welcome, good to see you Sit down Closed your eyes Were is Ken Ghost hunter Why do you promise a girl
you never know love I was trying to impress her I don’t mean it you are free now, but be careful next time Thanks you very much
Don’t thank me, thanks the spirit My queen I have miss you alot Why do you want me to come
and stay with you But I just left your house two days ago I know
Baby you lock warred I am fine
are you sure I am hungry prepared something for me Queen, I have drop
Yes honey, I am coming


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