Shaitan (Saithan) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vijay Antony, Arundathi Nair

Shaitan (Saithan) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vijay Antony, Arundathi Nair

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What kind of voices? I don’t know, doctor. I had heard two or three voices.. which, one voice was like mine.. ..and the other was like that of God. Do you believe in God? I don’t know,
doctor, but if there is God.. ..His voice must be like this. Dinesh, have you seen
something which scared you? – Yes, doctor.
– What? I have seen a few things. Come. Come. Great! Great! Come. Come. Come. Okay. Come with me. – Shall I also come?
– Sorry, please wait here. Go. Come, Dinesh. Sit. – Yes.
– Sit down. Relax. Relax. Relax. What had happened? Tell me. What did you see? My friends died. I killed him. What was the friend’s name? Ravi. Don’t think about anything now. Your co-operation is very important. Dinesh, I won’t be able to hypnotise
you without your permission. Do you understand that? How dare you? Jaylakshmi. Hadn’t my son also
died like this in pain? It is very quiet all around. It is enveloping your mind. We will go into your past.. ..and we will find out about
the traumatic incidents in your life. Dinesh, now we are slowly
moving into your past. “Jaylakshmi!” Are you hearing me, Dinesh? Can you hear my voice? – Yes, I can hear it.
– Tell me, Dinesh. Tell me without hesitation.
What are you doing right now? Right now, I am working in my office. It is a big software
company in Chennai. Dinesh, the computer has hanged.
I don’t know what happened. This is my boss. He is a nice person. – Had you done a new update?
– No. Solving any problem and
making is complex was my hobby. – This will happen if you go
to shady sites. No, man, no. – Relax.
– You.. – Fixed.
– Thanks a lot, man. This is my close friend Ravi. – Ravi!
– What happened? – Didn’t you leave for home?
– Hand me my phone. – Where is it?
– In my pocket. I give an inch and you take a mile. It is not good to work so much. Social security number.
It is used extensively in America. With the social security
number the details.. ..of any person can be traced. Where he lives and since how
many days he has been living there.. ..his bank account details,
credit card, debit card details.. ..and many other
details can be obtained. But when a person’s social
security number is duplicated.. ..its control goes into
the hands of someone else. It is our job to
prevent the duplication. That is why our working
hours are going to change. Sir, are there going
to be 24 hours in out clocks.. ..or are you going
to change them as well? – Ravi.
– Sorry, go ahead. – Dinesh, you are going to
handle this project. – Okay, sir. Sir, what will be my
contribution in this project? By the way your question is good. Don’t come here till
the project gets over. ‘I had received a request from
Aishwarya on a matrimonial site..’ ‘..on which I too had registered.’ ‘I thought Aishwarya
is the girl for me.’ ‘She had grown up in an orphanage.’ ‘Two months had passed
since my marriage to Aishwarya.’ When you go to your room
you will find him with his laptop. It is not his fault. He has been hard
working since childhood. Take this. Don’t let
him sleep after drinking milk. You work so much.
Do you want to work today as well? This is not office work. This is a software application
which I have made for my use. – Drink this milk.
– Sorry? Don’t you like milk? I do like it. After engagement,
couples keep meeting often. They talk a lot on phone,
but I remained busy with work. I couldn’t spend time with you. It doesn’t matter.
If you had talked at that time.. ..nothing would have
remained to talk now. I don’t know what to talk about. Do you still have
to understand something? When I had seen you
for the first time.. ..I had felt that the door opened. What? Who opened the door? What is your age? What do you think? – Twenty-five.
– What? Twenty-five? I don’t know. You tell me. Yes, I am 25 years old. Don’t worry, I am an adult.
The police won’t arrest you. It is said that for everybody
a companion is selected beforehand. Whether I am that companion
for you or not but.. ..for me you are my companion. When you had seen me.. ..technically your eyes must
have passed one GB information. And this information upgraded
my hard drive in such a way.. ..that my entire operating
system was refreshed. It’s an algorithm developed by.. – Sir, open your mailbox.
– ‘..very effective in..’ Sir, looks like you are
checking the other mailbox. Where are you going? There is some work at the office. – Login with Ramesh’s ID.
– When will you return? I will return soon. Maybe the password is wrong, sir. – Okay, it’s a matter of only
two days, sir. – Was I born for you? No, sir, I didn’t mean to say that. TC line is there. Yes, sir. Are you going to
talk only on this night? There will be no talk today. Yes, sir, it..yes.. “Girls! Girls!” “Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls!” – Tell me, sir.
– Dinesh, there are many complaints.. ..that there is an
error in our prototype. Come to the office immediately. Okay, sir,
I will be there in 10 minutes. What happened, sir? The client has been
calling many times. Error calls, complaint calls. I have mailed the details. Check it. Okay, sir. Give me a
call when you finish the work. Okay, sir. I don’t know what the problem is. – What happened?
– Dinesh. – Dinesh, what happened?
– Hey, Dinesh, what happened? – Are you okay?
– Dinesh, what happened? I got a shock. – Shock?
– Did you get a shock? ‘Don’t think. Kill him.
Hurry up or else he will kill you.’ ‘He is behind you.’ Hey, are you okay? It’s nothing. I am okay now. – Okay. Get up.
– Come on. – Come on. Get up.
– Get up and sit. Come on. ‘What are you thinking? Kill him.’ ‘Hurry up or else he will kill you.’ ‘He is behind you.
Kill him. Kill him.’ ‘So friends, the name of our
next segment is listener’s letter.’ ‘It sounds old fashioned
but it is very useful.’ ‘You are listening to Radio
gold Mine and the next letter is..’ ‘..from Mr. Dinesh who lives in
Alwarpet and works in an IT company.’ ‘He got married recently, and he
is very happy in his married life..’ ‘..but he says that he feels like
committing suicide when he is alone.’ ‘This fact has got me thinking
and I would like to say this.’ ‘Mr. Dinesh, do not harbour
such ideas in your mind.’ ‘Consult a good and famous doctor.’ ‘Hurry up.
We will bear the expenses..’ ‘Consult a doctor. Consult a doctor.’ ‘Go to a doctor. He will save you.
Otherwise you will die.’ ‘Save your life..’ Come in, sir. – Did you get a shock while working
in office? – Did Ravi tell you? Hey, don’t get angry.
Don’t get angry. I was joking. Ravi had called
up and he told mother. Please forgive me.
Why are you getting so angry? Do not get angry
over such minor things. How do I prove that I am not angry? Will you prove it? – Tell me what should I do?
– Whatever you feel like. ‘If you are facing trouble
in your married life..’ ‘..come directly to
our clinic at Samira Road.’ ‘Today itself.’ – What happened?
– I want to drink water. Okay, I will bring it. ‘I think I need to consult a doctor.’ ‘I hear a voice. I feel scared.’ What happened to you?
Why are you so nervous? Nothing happened.
I need to relax a bit. Okay, I am going to the kitchen. There is lots of work. You can relax. What have I done? ‘Go and meet the doctor.’ ‘Go to the doctor before dying.’ Who is there? Who is speaking? – ‘It is I..’
– Who are you? I mean who? ‘Do you want to know who I am?’ Yes. Who are you? ‘Come to the terrace.
I will tell you.’ Why should I come to the terrace? ‘Come. I have to talk
to you about a lot of things.’ I am here. Where are you? ‘Look in this direction.’ ‘Come a little forward.’ ‘A little forward.’ ‘First get on the wall.
Then I will tell you.’ What am I supposed to do now? ‘What else? Jump.’ ‘Jump. Jump. Jump.’ ‘Don’t think. Jump.’ ‘Don’t be afraid. Jump.’ ‘I am down here. Jump.’ – ‘Jump.’
– Hey, Dinesh! Have you gone crazy? What are you doing? Why are you standing
on the terrace like a crazy man? Couldn’t you find any
other place to take a walk? What if I had not
come at this moment? Are you drunk? So? Were you trying to fly? By the way, when did you come? What has happened to you? All the time I keep hearing a voice. ‘Keep this to yourself only.
Don’t tell anybody.’ At the office a hand
came out of the computer.. ..and it pulled me towards itself. What are you saying? I had heard the same
voice from the car’s radio. And the same voice has
called me to the terrace. He said that he wants
to talk to me about something. I can’t understand what is going on. – Do you hear only a voice?
– Yes. – And it had called you
to the terrace? – Yes. – Aishwarya is coming. Don’t say
anything in front of her. – Okay. What happened?
Why do you look so serious? Has something happened at the office? – No. Keep it here.
– No, no, nothing has happened. Dinesh, how can you
not tell sister-in-law? You must consult
a doctor immediately. If she finds out she
too will get worried. Tell me one thing. Did you drink this coffee
before going to the terrace? Yes, why? After drinking such coffee
what else will you feel like doing.. ..other than jumping off the terrace? Listen, tomorrow we will
go and consult a doctor. Don’t go to the terrace before that. If you hear a voice again.. ..just tell it that
the master is not at home.. ..and it should come the next day. – Okay?
– Okay. I am leaving. – Ravi. When did you come?
– Aunt, I came just now. Why is he so sad? – Did something happen at the office?
– No, no, aunt. It is not so. He is handling our work
single-handedly. So he is tired. – I am leaving.
– Okay, dear. – Is the food ready?
– Yes. ‘You didn’t pay attention
to what I said.’ Pay attention to what? ‘You didn’t pay heed
to the instruction to jump.’ But why should I listen? First tell me who you are. ‘Don’t try to know me.’ ‘Shall I tell you one thing?
First try to know yourself.’ – I don’t want to hear anything.
– ‘You will have to listen.’ – I don’t want to hear anything.
– ‘You will have to listen.’ I don’t want to hear anything. ‘Just listen to me once. Just once.’ ‘Raise your face and listen.’ ‘Once. Just once.’ ‘Look straight. Look straight.’ Indian tennis star Mahesh
Bhupathi is going to the Olympics. What happened? Why are
you staring like that to the TV? ‘This decision was taken
on considering his talent.’ – ‘Everybody is expecting him
to win a gold medal.’ – Nothing. I am feeling sleepy. ‘I am giving an idea
to go into deep sleep..’ ‘..but you are not listening to me.’ – I don’t want to listen to
anything you say! – Mother! Dinesh, what happened?
Why are you shouting? What has happened after all?
Why are you staring like this? ‘Come. Come. Come.’ – Hey, where are you going?
– ‘Come. Come.’ – Stop.
– Dinesh. Where are you going? Dinesh, stop. Dinesh. Dinesh. Don’t be scared. Sit comfortably and relax. Just take it easy. Okay? Just relax. Relax. So tell me,
Dinesh, what happened after that? – ‘No.
– Dinesh.’ – Dinesh. Dinesh.
– Dinesh, where are you going?’ ‘Come. Come. Come. Come.’ [Sanskrit shlok] Good morning. Lazy man. God knows what had happened
to you last night. We were so scared. These clothes.. – ..when did I change clothes?
– I changed the clothes. Don’t worry. I had changed your clothes
after turning off the lights. I didn’t see anything at all. Son, you woke up? Sit, I will make coffee for you. Dinesh, are you ready? Yes. I don’t know what the
voice intends to tell me. What if I hear it again? That is why we are going
to the doctor. You can ask him. Have you ever heard such a voice? Yes, I have.
At the office the boss’s voice. At home my wife’s voice. I have heard these two voices only. Sometimes these two
voices sound similar. Now I feel as if I have
forgotten my own voice. This is stress due to excess of work. Nothing else is the matter.
You will see. – Good morning, doctor.
– Good morning. Tell me, what brings you here? What is your problem? Doctor, I hear a voice. – You hear a voice?
– Yes. – Whose voice it is?
– I don’t know, doctor. What did it say? It asked me to kill myself. Did you hear the word about killing? No, doctor. Jump from the terrace. Come with me to a faraway place. This is what it said to me. I don’t know whether this
hallucination or temporary illusion.. ..or a symptom of schizophrenia? Doctor, what can it be? What is the meaning of this word? How do you know all this? I had read this somewhere. Look, first of all
stop reading all this. ‘But first stop staring.’ – Okay, when did all this start?
– Since yesterday, doctor. – Did you hear it today?
– No. – You will wait outside.
– Okay, doctor. You can keep sitting. Who is he? Your friend? – Yes, doctor.
– He cannot be treated. He has got AIDS. – Shall we go?
– What did the doctor say? He is a quack. He wasted our time. In addition he charged 500 rupees. Looks like my treatment
is going to be very expensive. ‘Yes, it will be.’ What happened? Who is there? No one. ‘What has happened to you?
Why don’t you listen to me?’ ‘Look at the car coming towards you.’ ‘Tell your friend to crash into it.’ ‘That way you will die instantly.’ ‘Don’t think. Tell him.’ ‘Why don’t you listen to me?’ ‘Look at the car coming towards
you and tell him to crash into it.’ ‘Tell him. Tell him.’ ‘Don’t you won’t to meet me?
Look, a truck is coming.’ ‘A truck is coming.
Tell him to crash into it.’ – ‘Crash into the truck.’
– Hey.. ‘Why are you not listening to me?
Tell him!’ Stop the car. Stop the car. – What has happened?
– Stop the car. – I said stop the car!
– Stop the car. Stop the car. Stop the car. Stop the car. Car..take a U-turn. Take a U-turn. Take a U-turn! Take a U-turn! Turn. Turn! Turn! ‘Come. Well done.
Well done. Well done.’ ‘Wonderful. Come. Come. Come.’ Dinesh. Dinesh. Dinesh. Dinesh. Dinesh. Don’t be afraid. What had happened? Ravi. I killed Ravi. I killed Ravi. You didn’t do anything. You didn’t kill him. Relax. Relax. You must relax, okay? Ravi. Ravi. – Who is he? Your son?
– Yes, sir. – Ravi.
– He is my son. Tell us when did he leave home? – Ravi. Ravi.
– Around four o’clock. – His friend was with him.
– Dinesh. Dinesh. – Dinesh. – Dinesh, you
have gained consciousness. – Just a minute.
– You are perfectly fine. – Doctor, check him.
– Dinesh. Dinesh! ‘Hey, what happened?’ ‘Hey, tell me, what happened?’ ‘Speak up. What has happened?’ ‘Ravi, I was hearing
weird voices in my mind.’ ‘Don’t get stressed.
Why are you so serious?’ ‘I am there with you.’ ‘I can’t understand.’ ‘I have never heard
such voices before.’ Is there someone named Ravi in here? Who is Ravi? Is there anybody named Ravi in here? His head is injured.
Looks like he has gone crazy. They don’t let me work. Look at this. His name was Ravi. Look. How did this happen? He met with an accident.
He died on the spot. ‘Stop the car. Stop the car.’ ‘Stop the car. I said stop the car.’ ‘Stop the car. Stop the car.’ ‘Stop the car. Stop the car.’ ‘Take a U-turn! Take a U-turn!’ ‘Take a U-turn! Take a U-turn!’ ‘Turn. Turn! Turn! The priest said that Ravi
has met with the accident.. ..with which you
were supposed to meet. We see a small tumour in his brain. That is why he is hearing voices. – Oh, God!
– There is no need to worry. We will operate and remove it. Dinesh, no matter what anybody says.. ..but do not agree
for your brain surgery. Because such surgeries
are often not successful. We will consult some other doctor. After I entered your life.. ..all the bad omens started. The doctor has asked to
take the medicines for one month. Throw them out. Now don’t tell me that we will
have to take him to a psychiatrist. – I will get him discharged.
– Okay. – And I will get his reports.
– Okay. – I will just be back.
– Come, let us go. – How many days have passed?
– One week will be over today. Dinesh, are you okay? Let us go to Ravi’s family. It will not be good
to meet them at this time. – He died because of me.
– Don’t be crazy. Stop blaming yourself. It was an accident and nothing else.
It is not your fault. It seems as if someone
has put a spell on my don. I will take him to
Mother Goddess’s’ temple. She will remove his problems. – You are not at all responsible for
Ravi’s death, got it? – Yes, mother. – Take care of him.
– Yes. Listen. Why have you come here? Have you come to see
whether I am alive or dead? And why have you brought him here? He has killed my husband. I’m sorry. Tell me why have you come here? It would have been
better if you had died. – Look, you know that
it was an accident. – No. I know everything. He is the man who
has killed my husband. If you wanted to die you
should have consumed poison.. ..or should have hanged yourself. After all why did
you kill my husband? Was it his fault that
he was your good friend? Look at her. You have turned her into
an orphan at this young age. After all that happened you have
come here shamelessly to meet us. Shame on you! Calm down, sister. Don’t cry. Let us go inside. Everything has
happened because of me. How miserable they are? Look, Dinesh, our company will give
financial support to Ravi’s family. I will talk to them. All of a sudden I have
begun to hear voices. Poor Ravi. He wanted to help me. But I killed him. Stop talking like that. Sorry, I am scolding
you but don’t act like crazy. Wouldn’t that accident have taken
place if you hadn’t heard the voices? Tell me.
It means you are not the cause. Something else is the cause. First we have to find out what it is. But first get well. ‘Don’t think. Kill him.’ ‘Hurry up or else he will kill you.’ ‘He is after you.’ I heard it again. I heard that voice again. What happened?
Shall I park the car somewhere? Whatever you say. Well? Dinesh, you heard the voice
at exactly at the accident spot. May I say something? Dinesh, now I feel it
is risky to drive with you. Shall we go on foot if you wish? Or else we will hire an auto.
It will be better. “Jayalakshmi!” – ‘Jayalakshmi!’
– Hey, Dinesh! Dinesh! Dinesh! Hey! Stop! “Jaylakshmi!” “Jaylakshmi!” Dinesh, what’s wrong with you? Where did you want
to go by catching the bus? Did you feel offended by my words? Jaylakshmi teacher. Who is Jaylakshmi? Hey.. What happened?
Do you want to go to Jaylakshmi? Come. Follow me. “Jayalakshmi!” Jaylakshmi is in there. Go inside. ‘Don’t think. Kill her.
Hurry up or else she will kill you.’ ‘She is after you.’ Hey! Hey, let me go!
What are you doing? Hey! Hey, listen! – He tried to kill me.
– What happened? I haven’t done anything. He had come to kill Jaylakshmi. – Beat him.
– Why should I be afraid of. You had said that she is Jaylakshmi. I had told you to meet her,
not to kill her. – You want to kill her.
– What is your problem? What is going on? Dinesh. Why are you surrounding him? – Who are you?
– I am his mother. – Control this crazy man.
– Look, he is not well. You should know that such
a crazy man should not be left alone. – He never does such a thing.
– He has harassed her. Give her money. – Is this the way to behave?
– He is not well.. ..that is why we brought
him to the temple. Give her money. – Now let him go.
– Give her money and leave. – Come.
– Let us go. – Come.
– Let us go. Stop staring.
Why do you invite trouble? Wherever you go you
cause trouble for everybody. Hey, none of you came
when I was screaming. I knew you will be able to handle it. – Tell me how much you made?
– 5000. Dinesh. Dinesh, what happened? Look here. Look here. What happened? I am feeling very scared. I can’t bear it any more. I feel as if I am going
to die in a few days. What nonsense are you talking? Promise me that you won’t leave me. Don’t talk like this, Dinesh. Nothing will happen to you. I won’t leave you. Wait, I will get your medicine. And that was the last
time you had seen that spectre. Yes, doctor. Okay. Dinesh, right now
you are 27 years old.. ..and I will slowly
take you into your past. Right now you are 27 years
old and now you are 26 years old. 25 years, 24 years, 23 years.. ..20..10. Now you are 10 years old. Today is your 10th birthday. Can you remember anything? Yes, doctor. Mother is there. She is taking me to the temple. [Sanskrit shlok] My neighbour had a daughter. She is walking ahead of me. What is her name? Jaylakshmi, or something else? No, doctor. Her name is Nitya. That’s good. Now from the age of 10
years we will go back 10 years. Where are you right now? In my mother’s womb. What is going on in there? Mother is crying. My father doesn’t want me to be born. He wants mother to abort me. But mother refused. Okay. Now we will
go back 10 more years. Where are you right now? I don’t know.
I haven’t been born as yet. Try to think. Go back 10 more years. Where do you see yourself now? Make an effort. A bit more. Right now I am in Tanjavore. Where is Tanjavore? Kaveri. On the bank of Kaveri. And what is your name? Sharma. Tell me Sharma,
what is going on over there? I am dying in pain. My soul is slowly leaving my body. I will die in a short time. I am dying. My body is in pain. I am dying. I am dying. Sir, Doctor Rastogi wants
to meet you. It is an emergency case. I will meet him later. Okay, Dinesh. That’s fine.
That’s fine. That’s fine. It is enough for this day. Now you are a witness to
the terrible incidents in your past. You have seen it all
happening in your mind. Remember one thing. Whenever I touch your
hand and utter the word relax.. will remain under my control. Now I am going to count to three. Then you will slowly open your eyes. Okay, Dinesh? One. Two.; Three. And now wake up. Come, Dinesh. Let’s go. Dinesh’s condition is quite serious. He needs special attention. I would like to meet
you again tomorrow morning. Take these medicines tonight. And Dinesh,
do not go alone anywhere from now on. Right now I am going
for some urgent work. I will meet you tomorrow. All right? Dinesh, there was
a call from your house. I didn’t receive it.
You should call back. Had Dinesh told you anything? No, sir, he didn’t tell me anything. – Do not talk to him about
this therapy. – Okay, sir. I will call you later
and explain everything. – Okay, sir.
– I am disconnecting. – Listen.
– Yes, tell me? What are these tablets for? It is prescribed for treating
mental disorder and depression. Uncle, please come in. You should keep the door
locked even if it is day time. The door was locked. – Okay. Give me a glass
of water. – I will bring it. – Where is Dinesh?
– He is having a bath. I will inform him. – Hello, sir.
– Hello, sister. What did the doctor say? He has prescribed medicines
and we have to take him.. – ..for check-up at
regular intervals. – Okay. The doctor has said that
Dinesh must not go out alone. I think he needs..thank you. I think he needs lot of rest. In fact he need
not attend the office. Mother, Dinesh was taking bath. – Now he is not there.
– Where did he go? Excuse me. Show me your ticket. Where is this train going? What? It is going to Tanjavore. ‘Tanjavore?’ ‘Have fritters. Piping hot fritters.’ ‘Fritters. Fritters.’ ‘Porter, come here.’ – Listen, which station is this?
– Tanjavore station. ‘Buy dumpling. Piping hot dumplings.’ ‘Buy dumpling. Piping hot dumplings.’ You need a rikshaw, right? Come with me. I own a rikshaw. – Don’t you have any luggage?
– No. Come, sir. – Tell me one thing.
– Tell me. Sharma, Jaylakshmi, Gopal and Natraj. – Do you know them?
– What is this, sir? You are educated and still
you ask only by surnames? Sir, surely they
must have an address? Okay, does any of them live
on the banks of river Kaveri? – River Kaveri?
– Yes. Sir, there are total
four villages on its banks. I will find out. Sir, look. This is river Kavery. – Listen.
– Yes? – Is there an old school around here?
– School? Sir, let us find out. Sir, please tell me if
you know Jaylakshmi, Sharma.. ..Gopal or Natraj? Search on Google. I don’t know. Sir, I suggest that
instead of the school.. ..let us inquire at the post office. – So let us go.
– Okay, come. Come, sir. Let us find out. Hello, sir.
Sir, he has come from Chennai. He cannot find someone.
Her name is Jaylakshmi. She lives near river Kaveri. Hey, go away. Should I do my job
or find addresses for you? God knows who appointed
him as an officer. Sir, let us go. Sir, do you know Jaylakshmi,
Sharma, Gopal? Who are you? And why are you looking for them? I want to meet them. All of them are dead. All are dead? How? I know nothing about it. There is a retired officer.
His name is Arogyan. Maybe he can tell you. Can you tell me anything about them? I don’t know anything. Only
Arogyan will be able to tell you. Go to him. Okay, then we will go to him. Come. Come, sir. God knows how many more people
that devilish beauty will kill? Come, sir. Come, Sharma. I was waiting for you only. My name is Dinesh.
Why is he addressing me as Sharma? Amazing. He hadn’t
uttered a word till date. Come. Sir, the post master
gave us your address. What do you want? Jaylakshmi teacher,
Sharma, Natraj and Gopal. I want to know what
had happened to them. All of them are dead.
And who are you? Why do you want to meet all of them? What is your connection to them? I just want to know about them. The post master has no other work. Wait here. I will be back. Where is it? Sit. You too sit. This is a very complicated case. And very puzzling as well. I have retired but I was
not able to solve this case. Sharma was a priest and
used to perform religious rituals. Jaylakshmi has brutally
killed Sharma and his son Gopal.. ..on the river bank This is the photo
of Sharma and Jaylakshmi. Jaylakshmi. Sir, what happened to you? I need water. Here, sir. What had happened to them? ‘In the village everybody
respected Sharma.’ ‘He used to work as a teacher
in the government school.’ ‘He was very kind and nice person.’ ‘He was the school
headmaster as well.’ ‘And he was a very strict teacher.’ ‘Actually he lived alone
and led a very simple life.’ ‘He had adopted orphan Gopal..’ ‘..and he loved him very much.’ ‘He used to take good care of him.’ ‘Jaylakshmi and her father came
to this village looking for work.’ ‘They told Sharma
about their plight..’ ‘..and requested him
to give a job to Jaylakshmi.’ ‘Sharma told Jaylakshmi to
come and meet him at the school.’ ‘Poor Sharma. Had he known
that he was going to die..’ ‘..after meeting Jaylakshmi,
he would never have shown..’ ‘..such kindness towards her.’ Why didn’t you look for
a job after completing B.Ed.? Father knew about this village,
so we came here. You have no experience
and yet you expect a job from me? ‘Sharma employed Jaylakshmi.’ ‘Jaylakshmi looked
after Gopal very well.’ ‘On observing that false
hopes rose in Sharma’s heart..’ ‘..that she can be Gopal’s mother.’ So he decided to marry Jaylakshmi. There was an age difference
of 20 years between the two. ‘Still Sharma married
her and brought her home.’ ‘After marriage he loved
Jaylakshmi more than his life.’ ‘He thought that Jaylakshmi
will look after Gopal very well.’ ‘Everything was going well..’ ‘..when suddenly Natraj
entered their lives.’ ‘Sharma didn’t know
the truth about Natraj.’ ‘Ever since he had come to the school
he had set his sights on Lakshmi.’ ‘Natraj and Lakshmi
were getting closer..’ ‘..and Sharma was
not unaware of this.’ ‘The whole school started to
gossip about Jaylakshmi and Natraj.’ Slowly the gossip about
Jaylakshmi and Natraj’s affair..’ ‘..spread through the
village like wildfire.’ Everybody started questioning Sharma. ‘Was it right for him to marry
a young girl at his advanced age?’ ‘Sharma began to
regret his decision.’ ‘When a husband begins
to doubt his wife..’ ‘..their life becomes
full of unhappiness and tears.’ ‘Only a man can understand
this suffering.’ After many days she became pregnant. ‘Sharma thought that
this was his child.’ Jaylakshmi gave birth
to a very cute child. ‘As the child grew up,
gossip spread in the village..’ ‘..that this is not Sharma’s child.
It is Natraj’s child.’ ‘People said that the
mole on the child’s hand..’ ‘ exactly like Natraj’s mole..’ ‘..and it is in the same
spot where Natraj has it.’ ‘Despite all this Sharma
did his duty as a good father..’ ‘..and he loved the child very much.’ ‘But he didn’t forgive Natraj.’ ‘Then something happened
which Sharma had never imagined.’ He killed him. No.. You killed my child.
Why did you do this? They buried the small child
on the bank of river Kaveri. Jaylakshmi was angry with
Sharma and ran away with Natraj. Sharma and Gopal again
began to live their earlier life. After just two weeks,
on the full moon night.. ..Sharma and Gopal
were killed very brutally. Their dead bodies were
found on the bank of Kaveri. The people of the village
say that Sharma’s soul.. ..still wanders in that house. Where is his house? Go straight and take a turn. His house is the second in the east. Sir, what will you do there? – I want to go there.
– No, you should not go there. There is no harm in going during day. – Take him there.
– Thank you, sir. Good day, sir. Sir, you should not go there. I made a mistake
by leaving the house. Please forgive me.
I shouldn’t have done that. Who am I to forgive? Now there is nothing
for you in this house. Please don’t say so. The death of our child
had driven me crazy. That is why I made
such a big mistake. I am your wife.
You have full authority over me. Please forgive me. ‘Jaylakshmi!’ Stop crying. I am with you. Stop crying, Jaylakshmi. ‘Don’t believe her.
Don’t pay heed to her tears.’ ‘All this is pretence.
She is very cunning.’ ‘She is a cheat.’ ‘Kill Jaylakshmi. Hurry up.’ No. No. Never. I won’t kill her. I won’t kill her. ‘She had mixed poison in your food.’ ‘Have you forgotten all
that had happened on that day?’ Gopal, come and eat something. Father, I am coming. I will feed him.
In the meantime eat this. Gopal, come here and eat food. Okay, teacher. Coming here on the full moon night.. ..and eating food with you
is a very happy occasion for me. Stop it.
you are talking like a child. Please forgive me, Jaylakshmi. I had not thrown
our son intentionally. Forget everything.
Why talk about the past? I am glad that you are again with me. Eat the food. I am so happy that
I am unable to eat. I have never seen you so happy. How dare you? This is the punishment
for killing my child. Jaylakshmi. My child also must have
suffered like this while dying. You have no right to stay alive. Gopal, run away. Run away, son. – Father.
– Son, run away. – Father.
– Gopal, run away. – Father.
– Son, run away! – Son, run away.
– Father. I am hungry. What happened? Aishwarya, I am feeling very scared. Just a second. Hello. Yes, Shanmugam, tell me. – Hello, brother.
– How are you? I am absolutely fine.
I need a small favour from you. Can I talk to you right now? Yes, tell me. About what? About 40 years back, were
two persons named Sharma and Gopal.. ..killed on the bank of river Kaveri? Can you find out and tell me? Your name is Jaylakshmi
and you are Sharma’s wife. Sharma is the cause of all this. He has killed your son. You killed Sharma
by poisoning his food.. ..and now Sharma is yearning
to take revenge on you. – What are you..
– You are not safe here. You are in danger. This is a conspiracy.
Sharma wants to control me.. ..and wants to kill you. – Look, you..
– Go away. Go to some other place. – You are not safe here.
– Stop it! Look into my eyes. I am perfectly fine. Nothing has happened to me. Why don’t you understand?
You are not safe here. Go away. Please. I love you. I cannot leave you. Wait, I will serve food. I have never seen you so happy. – No.
– Eat this. – Eat this.
– I don’t want it. – Eat the food.
– No! I don’t want it! I don’t want it! I don’t want it! – Listen to me carefully.
– Tell me, brother. Just like you said, 40 years ago
two persons were brutally killed.. ..on the bank of river Kaveri. In that incident,
government school teacher Sharma.. ..and his adopted
son Gopal were killed. After the murders,
his wife Jaylakshmi.. ..and her lover Natraj absconded. They colluded to
commit these murders. ‘Don’t think. Kill her right now.’ ‘Jaylakshmi!’ All these days, all these
lifetimes I had been waiting for you. You killed my son. You killed me. I won’t spare you. What happened?
Where is the sound coming from? Come here. Look what’s going on. What are you doing? Take him away. Take him away. Hurry up. Sister. Which is your native village? Is it Tanjavore? No. Or, does some relative live there? Of course not. I see. Has Dinesh
ever been to Tanjavore? Do you know anybody over there? He has grown up in
this city since childhood. I don’t think he has ever been there. Remember this thing that you
are my girlfriend and not his wife. – His mind works faster that a computer.
– Please let him go. I had sent you there to test drugs. If you don’t do the job properly
I will kill you also along with him. Stop crying and finish the job. Do you have sleeping pills? Do you have a doctor’s prescription? – No. my husband is admitte into
this hospital. – No, no.. I won’t give medicine
without a prescription. Go and get the prescription. Okay. I need pesticide. Take this. Aishwarya. ‘Mother, please forgive me.’ ‘I alone am responsible
for Dinesh’s condition.’ ‘It will not be good for
him if I live with him any longer.’ ‘Therefore I will have to go.’ ‘Don’t try to look for me.’ ‘Please forgive me if possible.’ – Sister, have you seen Aishvarya?
– No, aunt. Let me go.
I beg to you. I will do whatever you say. ‘Jaylakshmi!’ Dinesh. Sharma. My name is Sharma. Okay, Sharma. Dinesh told me about you. You have taken control
of Dinesh’s mind. This is your next birth. Right now Dinesh is not well. If you permit I want
to give this injection.. Dinesh. Now Dinesh is living
the life of his past birth. He believes that he is Sharma. What are you saying?
Doctor, I can’t believe it. Whether you believe it or not, but
right now this is Dinesh’s condition. I had never imagined that my
son will have to face this condition. He is very innocent. Dinesh. Come, first we will meet the doctor. Change your clothes. Keep these records
for future references. Don’t forget to get the
medicines from the pharmacy. Okay? – Take us to Anna Nagar.
– Anna Nagar? I had told you earlier also.
Aishwarya is not there. She vacated the
house two months back. I want to find out something.
Take us there. She left.
She left about two months back. Do you know where
she could have gone? You are her husband.
How would I know if you don’t know? Look, the crazy man has come. Come on keep away
from the crazy man. Come. – Hey, how are you?
– Hello. – Mother, isn’t he crazy?
– Keep quiet. Dinesh, come. Come. Come, son. Hello, sir. Sir, will we be able to find my wife? – Have you seen her?
– No, I haven’t seen her. No, no, I don’t know. – Ask at some other place.
– Have you seen her? You have become very naughty. I love you. What is this? Why is it under my bed? I will have to find out. Tell me, Dinesh, it has been
many months since your marriage.. ..but you say that you
don’t know anybody in her family. Don’t you know,
sir, that Aishwarya was an orphan? Had you met her on
a matrimonial site.. ..or had you contacted her directly? Aishwarya had contacted me. The people who had come
to the registrar’s office.. ..were her friends, right? Okay, no problem. It’s okay. Don’t get so confused. I will talk to you later. – Mother.
– Yes, Dinesh, tell me. Nothing particular. – Mother, when you clean my room..
– Yes.. – will find a medicine.
– Okay. Don’t open it. – I want to give it to someone else.
– Okay, okay. May I disconnect now? Okay, mother. – Oh.
– I’m so sorry. I will pick it up. Theseůhow did these
photos come into your hands? Hey, stop!
Hey, stop! Listen to me! Stop! Hey! Dinesh. – Yes, sir?
– Just now I saw a man.. ..who had your and
Aishwarya’s photos. Where is that man? I tried to stop him but he ran away. Mister, we want to see the
CCTV footage of the parking lot. There he is. Zoom it. Thanks. Dinesh, let us go
to the police station. We don’t want to involve the police. How can you let
him go just like that? I am not letting him go, sir. I won’t let him go anywhere. Ever since I got
married to Aishwarya.. ..from that time till I
got admitted to the hospital.. ..someone has been following
me and clicking my photos. Oh, my God. Thisůthis looks like
a very big racket. Looks like they are
testing drugs on people. Look, how many people
have been killed? After all who are these people? What can be the connection
between them and Aishwarya? What is their intention? Dinesh, do you know anything? Who are these people and
what will they gain by doing this? I don’t know, sir. No! No!
No. Let me go. Let me go! I don’t want to go. Let me go. Let me go! I don’t want to go. Let me go! Please. Don’t give me the injection. Please. No. No. Please. Don’t do it. This medicine also did not work. I don’t think she will survive. Before she dies, quickly
take out her kidneys, heart, lever.. ..and the rest of
the organs from her body. Yes, sir. Sir, Michael has come. – Tell him to wait.
– Okay, sir. Call up Marshal. The medicine C3A7 which
he had sent is of no use. I have done y job. All the body parts are ready. – Tell him I want payment immediately.
– Okay, sir. Hi, Michael. Hi, Cristopher. – Sit down, please.
– Thank you. This drug is really wonderful. Research on it will be
completed in a couple of days. Okay. – Do you want to see a demo?
– Yeah, I don’t mind. Hey, bring her. Someone broke into our
house and stole the laptop.. ..and photos of the project. What nonsense are you talking? – Sir, I am telling the truth.
– Who? What happened? Someone broke into my farm house.. ..and stole the laptop and
all the photos of the project. You had left it there? – Who did it?
– I don’t know. I am a fierce lion. I am the king of the jungle. Who is going to fight against me? Whoever comes to hunt
me will become the hunted. All of you are cowards. No one can fight against me. What happened? What are you looking at? What happened? If the laptop is not found.. ..then you will be next – Sir, this solution is very dangerous.
– I see. Sir, this solution is very potent. – Okay, give it to me.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Good job. Dinesh. Yes, Dinesh, this is the
drug which was mixed in your blood. Tests have indicated that this
drug directly affects the brain.. ..and the physical strength
increases many times. Then what was story
about reincarnation.. ..him calling himself Sharma,
and Sharma controlling him? After investigation I have
found that all of it was true. Dinesh was Sharma in his past
life and he was murdered as well. It means in past life
Jaylakshmi had murdered Sharma. And she is Aishwarya in this life. I can’t say so with conviction. It is possible that when
Dinesh transforms into Sharma.. ..he sees Jaylakshmi
in his wife Aishwarya. It is also possible that Jaylakshmi
has incarnated as Aishwarya. What should be done to
the one who makes mistakes? What should be done with her? Tell me. Shouldn’t she be punished? I had sent you to him
to test the drugs on him.. ..and you started
to fall in love with him? Look at his audacity.
He broke into my house. Would he have done this
if I had killed him that very day? He is going to die. He is fated to die by my hands. I am going to kill him today. He doesn’t know anything. He is innocent. He must have gone
there looking for me. I am begging to you.
Please don’t do anything to him. Have you fallen in love? Oh, my sweetie. Oh. I’m sorry. Tell him to bring the
laptop at the place I specify. And do tell him to come alone. I won’t do anything to him. Trust me. I won’t do anything. Go ahead. Take it. Put the phone on speaker. Put it on speaker. Hello. Dinesh. Aishwarya? Dinesh, why did you enter that house? Where is the laptop? First tell me where are you? I am fine. Don’t look for me. Listen smart Alek, do you
think you are very intelligent? If you are a man then come
with the laptop to a place I specify. You will see that
he will certainly come. Hey! Come. Go in. Sir, shall I kill him? Where is Aishwarya? Where is the laptop? First Aishwarya. Hey, have you come
here to strike a deal? Don’t you know in whose area you are? I want Aishwarya. Hand over the laptop
without fuss and leave. It will be better for you. I can’t open it. What did you say? User name Dinesh. Password Aishwarya. Have you seen everything? I have seen and I
have copied it as well. Now hand over Aishwarya to me. I am ready to give what you want. How much will you give? 25 crores? 50 crores? Hey, do you know who she
was before she married you? She was a girl who
used to sleep with me. Now she is my wife. Oh, your wife. Dinesh’s wife. Aishwarya Dinesh, right? I found you to be a nice man. She used you like
a rat to test drugs.. ..and made you half-crazy. But you love her so much? Aren’t you even a little
bit angry with her? No? Go. She is upstairs. Go and meet her. Go. Please save me. I.. Free me, please. Please save me. Please save me. Please help me. I want to meet my mother. Get me out of here. I am feeling very scared. Smart Alek. Why didn’t you kill him? Sir, because of Aishwarya. She deceived us do we were
not able to complete the test. Which category he belongs to? In A1. Fifth study. What was its reaction? He recalled his past birth. Oh. Interesting. How many doses has
he been given so far? Four grams. Four grams of drugs? In spite of giving
this much dose he is alive. Increase the dose 10 times. Inject all of it at one go. – Let us see what reaction we get.
– Yes, sir. Let us see how it affects
intelligent persons. We lure people and you
willingly got lured by us. It is not our fault. You found out our secret
and made a deal with us. This is what we found unacceptable. Now face the consequences. Whoever dies by our
hands gives unique results. Let us see how you end up. This is the drug which
was given to my patient Dinesh. Sir, who did this?
What was his intention? Some pharma companies test
their medicines on animals. For example,
rats, rabbits, monkeys, etcetera. But some of them pay bribe
to illegal organisations.. ..and test the medicines on humans. As far as I know, this drug must
be a product of a foreign company. They may have given this for
testing to some doctor in India.. ..and that doctor
tested it on Dinesh. Due to the effect of this drug
Dinesh’s brain became hyperactive.. ..and he began to recall
all the details of his past birth. Will taking this medicine
make a person recall his past birth? Don’t be silly. It’s very dangerous. It can cause brain death also. It depends on the
person ingesting it. The surprising thing is that
Aishwarya played the charade.. ..of marriage to test this drug. Doctor, what can be the result
if Dinesh is given a high dose? I don’t know. It can be dangerous for his life. Or, he may again turn into Sharma. ‘Very good. Very god. Wonderful.’
‘Come. Come. Come.’ – Who is it? Check.
– I will see. ‘Come. Come. Very good. Come. Come.’ ‘Come. Come.
Very good. Very good. Very good.’ Where is Jaylakshmi? I don’t know. ‘Jaylakshmi!’ Tell me where is Jaylakshmi? I don’t know. Hey. Where is Jaylakshmi? Hey, there are no bullets in his gun. Where is Jaylakshmi? Where is Jaylakshmi? Where is Jaylakshmi? – I don’t know.
– Where is Jaylakshmi? I don’t know. Oh. Start. Tell me where is Jaylakshmi? – Who is Jaylakshmi?
– Don’t you know Jaylakshmi? What the hell is wrong with you? English? English? English? – Are you speaking in English?
– Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. What sorry? Aren’t you Indian? Can’t you speak in Hindi? – Speak in Hindi.
– I will speak in Hindi. Please forgive me. I don’t know why but
you remind me of Natraj. – Natraj?
– Yes. Who is he? – Don’t you know Natraj?
– No. – You don’t know him?
– No. You don’t know him?
You don’t know him? Hadn’t you run away with Jaylakshmi? Hadn’t you run away? Did I run away with Jaylakshmi? – Yes, you had run away.
– No, I didn’t. Okay, recite a poem and then I
will believe that you are not Natraj. How do I recite a poem? – I can’t remember.
– No? You don’t know? You don’t know? Don’t cover another man’s wife.
It is an illusion of the eyes. Live a carefree life.
who is stopping you? Tell me the meaning of this. I can’t understand anything. It means you should not cast
lustful glance at others’ wives. Do you understand? You speak English and
elope with others’ wives.. ..and we should just keep watching? ‘Jaylakshmi!’ Jaylakshmi. Jay.. I have to kill Jaylakshmi. I want to kill Jaylakshmi. Do you want to kill her? You should have told me earlier. I would have killed her. Would you kill her? Only I will kill her. Only I will kill her. I will torture and kill her! Dinesh. Please forgive me, Dinesh. I am not Dinesh. I am Sharma. Jaylakshmi,
I have taken over Dinesh’s mind. I am not Jaylakshmi. You won’t decide it. I will decide it. I am just an ordinary pawn
in this amazing game of the world. Your name is Jaylakshmi.
That is what I am saying. Dinesh. Dinesh is dead. He understands me and that is
why he gave himself up for my sake. I am Sharma. The same old Sharma. From inside to outside,
from outside to inside.. ..from top to bottom, from
all angles I am completely Sharma. Have you still not recognised me? Now I am going to kill you. I will torture and torture
and torture you and then kill you. I will kill you in the
same way you had killed me. Kill me. I am responsible for
your present condition. Yes, kill me. It will be better
if I die by your hands. Isn’t it a sin to
leave your husband.. ..and run away with another man?
Tell me, Jaylakshmi. What you did was wrong. You ran away with Natraj? That lowly English teacher. How dare you? Dinesh, do punish
me for my mistake, but.. ..first kill this
baby growing in my womb.. ..and then kill me. Baby? I don’t know whether I was or
wasn’t Jaylakshmi in my past birth.. ..but I want to live
as your wife in this birth. Jaylakshmi, please forgive me. I had not killed the child.
It was an accident. – Please forgive me.
– Dinesh.. Dinesh! ‘Jaylakshmi!’ ‘The police have unearthed
a racket of illegal drug testing..’ ‘..and trading in human organs.’ ‘The police are making further
investigations in this matter. Raids are being conducted
in cities like Chennai.. ..Mumbai and Bangalore. In this connection the names of
many foreign companies have come up. Dinesh, who was
targeted by this gang.. ..has regained his memory. His wife Aishwarya
is now out of danger. Doctor, can you tell us
what proof you have that Dinesh.. ..was Sharma in his past birth? Because Dinesh knew
beforehand the facts about.. ..why Jaylakshmi had
killed Sharma and Gopal.. ..and which are in the police record. Hello, who is speaking? I am Ramani speaking. An old woman had come to meet Dinesh. She asked for water to drink
and then she became unconscious. Didn’t you ask who she was? – I had asked.
– Okay. Her name was Jaylakshmi.
She was from Tanjavore village. Jaylakshmi? It looks like.. Tell me, Ramani. What’s the matter? Okay, I am coming there. Dinesh. – Look after Aishwarya.
– Dinesh. – Look after Aishwarya.
– Son, don’t go. Dinesh, don’t go. Dinesh, she died. Who was she? She just kept saying one thing
that she wants to apologise to you.


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