SHELLEY | “Class Reunion” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

SHELLEY | “Class Reunion” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

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(students screaming) (haunting music) (rock music) – Can you believe it’s been 20 years? – It smells the same. – Oh my god, it literally does. – You’re really embracing
the whole nostalgia thing. – I thought you would be wearing yours. You said we should wear
them in your email. – What email? – Hello everyone! Hi, welcome. It’s great to see so many old faces here. – Is that Blobby? – She’s lost weight. – I heard she was in rehab for self harm. – Sharing stories and
picking up where we left off. – Whooo, go Blobby! – She’s funny. (laughs) – So isn’t it true, a kid
committed suicide here or something? – Yeah, Shelley Carter. She was a hockey scholarship student. She hung herself on our graduation day, which was nice of her. – I need to go to the bathroom. (low, ominous music) – Here’s silent Shelley. You going to say anything. Can we have a talk. Are you hiding again. Do you ever speak. Go, on, say something. Can you talk now, huh? (choking) Say one word. – Get help! (clinking) Hello? (ominous music) (door creaking) Oh come on! (choking) Aah. (rock music)


  1. What are your theories on SHELLEY guys?? She's tough as hell and out for revenge…catch the next episode of Shelley next Friday 6/8!!

  2. SHELLEY Is One Of The Most Weird, Creepy, Insane And "ALMOST" Important MONSTER Characters Of The CRYPT UNIVERSE :)))

    By The Way, I Feel Really Bad For S H E L L E Y, I Think She Deserves To Get "R E V E N G E" Of Her Bullies 🙁 , GO AHEAD, SHELLEY! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>:(

  3. My parents yell at me for watching to much videos. Problem is, I sneak to watch these videos because I'm addicted! XD

  4. My friend named her stuffie turtle as Shelley and I’m like oh did her stuffie participate bin crypt tv???

  5. Character in Horror Story: leaves the group and goes solo
    Monsters: I T S F R E E R E A L E S T A T E

  6. There's a mistake because at 0:43 he has a phone but in 1998 modern phones were not even a thing

  7. I loved it y'all!! Lol but them girls "20 years later" still look like they did on graduation day! I think that all this needed was older versions of the bully girls

  8. Comentarios. 1.4.K no sé qué hacer para tener una idea del pueblo hacen falta las facturas del mes pasado en el trabajo final y se lo agradecería mucho me pueda

  9. Gawd shelly she's the nicest one in the group and the one who helped you when you fell. Couldnt give her some exception?

  10. She seems like she didn't release herself from regrets of her past. I wonders if LookSee would be interested to make her release. Or perhaps Shelley and LookSee just play rock paper scissors to decide who will get her

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