SHINee – Haunted House (legendado/ ENG subs)

SHINee – Haunted House (legendado/ ENG subs)

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Another imprescindible place to go during summer, is located on Umeda Joypolis. It’s a haunted house. I love it! Wait, you love it… Wait, Key, that expression… Key loves it too. Key! Ah… I don’t know if I can do it right now. Rock, paper, scissors! They have split in two teams. The coward team and the cool team. They’ll have to offer flowers to stop the chain of grudges. Have fun! Go and come back safely! We’re going now! Already? There’s no light, there’s no light! You’ll have to take care of the filming too! What was that? What is this? Nothing will move! Something is attached to the door knob! It’s hair! Endless number of corpses! I really can’t go! It’s not you. For real, stop! It was actually really scary. He’s sweating. Look, it’s sweat! Look, it’s cold sweat! Let Key recover. -Bye! – Bye! Have fun!/ Narrator: Taemin and Minho, who are ok about ghosts, are going in now. This is fake! Hi! This was really well done. There’s someone here! Quicky, quickly! Catch him! Good morning! Good morning! That wasn’t scary at all! It was interesting. It had no meaning for you too! They’re this kind of people.


  1. I'm pretty sure Key's screeching scared JongYu more than the haunted house itself did! Onew seemed at the most just careful and occasionally shocked (but not truly scared) while Jonghyun was a bit fearful. Having to also make sure that Key came out alive probably made them more nervous than they normally would've been in such a situation lol.

  2. Key's scream made me laugh so damn hard!!! I mean, it's like i'm seeing my self with him whenever i go to a haunted house or scary places HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  3. At the beginning key my hubby's lip was pale and normal, but when he came out of the curtain his lips turns into orange color which is sooooo sexy, I love you hubby, stay safe

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