Sick For Toys (2018) – Christmas Horror Movie Review

Sick For Toys (2018) – Christmas Horror Movie Review

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what happens to toys when they break
typically you throw them out now what if those toys are actually humans and in
your sick twisted world you think you can do whatever you want with them what
do you do when they break you’re gonna have to watch the Christmas horror movie
sick for toys to find out welcome to horror 66 where we do reviews
and recommendations to guide you down the road of horror if you’re a horror
fan please subscribe to the channel I’m Zane and in this video we’re looking at
the 2018 Christmas horror movie sick for toys this movie is directed by David Del
Rio and it’s one of those movies where you could actually picture it happening
it seems like it could be very real it starts off with a socially awkward guy
named Roy and Roy’s looking for love his best friend has seemingly disappeared
and in Roy’s efforts in finding him he meets an attractive naive young lady
named Amelia Thank You Roy I love decorating stringing up the light he’s
hanging the reef and you should come over for dinner tonight we have a guest coming tonight it seems
like Roy and Amelia hit it off right away and she invites him over for dinner
and I’m just gonna leave it at that because I don’t want to give any
spoilers away hello the house is over here I thought I heard something thought
maybe amelia was in there she’s inside I thought he might want to play with the
Christmas present long as I give you medicine you’ll be
able to play them awhile there sick for toys is not an action-packed
film it uses its characters strengths and suspenseful moments to really carry
the film and it does this very well if you’re looking to celebrate the holidays
with some Christmas horror sick for toys is a movie should mark down on your list
of horror movies to watch this holiday now here’s a question for you what’s
your favorite Christmas horror movie let me know in the comments below thank you
so much for checking out this jolly Christmas video and if you happen to be
watching in the summer please put in the comments hashtag summer watcher for
horror 66 I’m Zane and we’ll see you in the next video


  1. Sick for Toys is a great Modern Christmas Horror Movie. The story felt very realistic and it's something that you can really picture happening. Thank you for checking out our review. Let us know what your favorite Christmas Horror Movie is.

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