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Sitter Jitters | Pink Panther Cartoons | Pink Panther and Sons

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[narrator]We now return
to the
Pink Panther and Sons. [Panky] Oh, I wanna go. I wanna go.
I wanna go to movie. Cool it, Panky.Indestructible Clones
is suppose to be
a real scary movie. I don’t want you
freaking out in the theater. I don’t care.
I wanna go. [phone ringing] Hello?
Oh. Hello, Chatta. You didn’t forget
we have a date to seeIndestructible Clonestonight,
did you? Tonight? Oh, no. I mean, oh no,
I haven’t forgotten.It’s just that Pop is going outand I have to get a babysitter
for Panky. I’ll be by around 7:00. Bye. Waah!
The biggest team
of the year and I’m not gonna miss it. You would have
had to sneak in a few hours early.
[giggles] [guard]
Nice try, buddy. But come back
when you have some tickets or else watch the game on TV! Unfortunately,
both me and my TV are broke. [guard]
That’s your problem. [door slams shut] What a drag. [Pinky] Guess I’ll have to
cancel my date and stay home. Hey…
Hey, Pinky! How you doin’
old buddy, old pal? Forget it, Finko. Oh, I guess that means
you won’t lend me the money so I can catch
the big playoff game
tonight, huh? You got it, Finko.
I’ve got problems of my own. I was supposed to go out
to a new movie but I can’t find a babysitter
for Panky. [Liona] Oh, hi-ya, Pinky. [Pinky] Oh hi, Liona. If I can get Liona
to babysit with Panky, would you buy me two tickets
to the game? Sure. In a second. You got it, pal.
Wait here. [whispering] Really, Finko?
A date with Pinky? Ooh. Like, that sounds
so dreamy. You’re a real friend. Well, bye-bye for now.
I gotta find something
to wear for my big date. It’s all arranged. She’ll be here at 6.00,
Pinky, old pal. ‘Course, I’ll be here a little
earlier for the tickets. Thanks, Finko.
I’ll have your tickets waiting. Now, let’s see.
Would Pinky like this? Oh, what’s the use. -You can’t improve perfection.
-[phone rings] Hello? Oh, hi, Pinky. All right,
I’ll be there at 6.00. Okay. Bye-bye. Oh, I just can’t believe it. [Panky]
I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go to movie! For the last time, no!
You’re too young! [doorbell rings] Hi you, Pinky old pal! I’m going to collect
my game tickets. Hi, Pinky. I was so excited,
I got here early
for our date. [stutters] Date?
Hmm. What date? You were supposed to babysit. Oh, listen,
I love to stay and argue
but I gotta run! Hey, wait a second, Finko! Tell me, Pinky.
Did Finko arranged a date
with you and me or not? No way! He told me you would babysit
if I got him tickets
to the playoff game. Goodbye, creep.
I’m going to the game. Oh, there goes the movie. It won’t be easy
telling Chatta
our date is off. Okay, okay,
so I goofed! Listen, how about me
for your kid brother. If I can watch the game
on TV, and you give me
ten bucks. Ten bucks? Normally, you’d be
my last choice
for the job, Finko. But I’m in a jam. It’s a deal. Hey, don’t worry. [Finko vocalizing] ♪I’m gonna see the big game♪ I can hardly wait♪ I can hardly wait[Finko vocalizing] Yes, sir, kid.
Ain’t nothing gonna turn
me away from this TV set. Hey! Just for that,
you don’t get to watch
the big game. Now, go to sleep! [commentator on TV]
What a game.
first quarter 28-28 tie.
Battles at the key.
passes off to Butkus.
Butkus to Bilbo.Bilbo charges it
for a one-hand jumper.
No good!
Rebound with the wire.Oh, that was goal tending.
They’re unbolting.
The official missed it.Out of bounds.
Breakers ball!
[Pinky] Gee, Chatta. I hear this picture
is pretty scary. [Chatta]
Scary is a value judgment. After all, what does scary,
or for that matter, any arbitrary label
really mean? Oh, here’s a couple
of good seats. Oh no, Panky.
What are you doing here? I want to
see the movie star. You’re gonna see
stars, all right. As soon as I get you home. Sorry, Chatta.
I’ll be right back. [panting] Some babysitter you are. It wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t help it. Now, you stay in bed
and go to sleep. That’s why you gotta
keep a sharp eye on him. Listen, I gotta
get back to the movie. See ya later. [clattering] Oh, no!
Not again! [Finko] Like, I told you,
Pinky old buddy, it wasn’t my fault. Our little guy here
is slipperier than grease
on a doorknob! Just make sure
it doesn’t happen again. [Finko] Don’t worry. [scoffs]
You’d have to be a safe cracker
to get out of there. Safe cracker, huh? [commentator on TV]
With only minutes to go,
the score is tied 89-89.
[Finko] Oh, no,
he’s out again! Panky! Oh, no, you don’t,
little fellow. [woman] Oh, the hideous,
furry monster is close! Oh, we’re all doomed! [Boy] Wow!
Look at that furry monster! It’s incredible! Hey, wait a minute. It’s incredible, all right. [giggles] This is
your last warning,
Finko. If you get out of here, the whole neighborhood
will hear ya, kid. [commentator on TV]
What a game, Vance.
Just minutes to play
and the score is still tied.
98-98.And then ties it up again,
Wow! Time outwith the score 102-102.A-ha! Not this time, kiddo! [grunts] [grunting] Oh no, the slime creature
is gonna destroy Pittsburgh! [growling] Oh, no, not again! [giggles] [yawns] I’m tired, Pinky. I’m not surprised. Hey, thanks to you,
I missed the movie. And thanks
to your little brother,
I missed the big game. So it was really great, huh? You bet. Best game
I’ve seen in years. I loved every minute. Hey, tell me
all about the movie. Oh, it was the best picture
I’ve ever seen. Special effects,
the story, the sound. It was all
absolutely marvelous! Hey, you should get Pinky
to take you to see it. Oh!


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