Six Flags Fright Fest St Louis – Bugs Bunny, Halloween, Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, Freak Train STL

Six Flags Fright Fest St Louis – Bugs Bunny, Halloween, Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, Freak Train STL

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Gma Gpa Adventures go to Six Flags today in St. Louis! We’re at Six Flags in St. Louis on a Saturday in the middle of October, and it’s Fright Fest! We’re here for that. It’s open from noon til midnight, and lots of shows and haunted houses, scare zones. So we’re gonna check it all out! They’ve got the right music playing! Ghostbusters! You can get a Fright Fest guide when you come in. It gives you all the Monstertainment showtimes. And they have a warning there on the side, about what age they’re appropriate for. The fountain looks really cool! At night the water shows up really red, and it’s lit up, so we’ll come back and look at it. There’s a skeleton in a tire swing. You don’t see that every day. See my friend! Do you see him! Yeah! He needs to eat a cheeseburger. Yeah, he’s not doing real great. Welcome to Rottingham and Bones Cemetery. Come for a visit…stay for an eternity. There are some pallbearers. Here lies the body of Jonathan Creases. Poor soul was cut to pieces! Looks like these two are having a good time. Yukking it up! Talking about old times. Like when they were alive. This is definitely the Grim Reaper. Look at him that is big. And this is the Headless Horseman. Well, not really headless. He’s got somebody’s head, but I don’t know whose it is. That’s a good spooky horse. Creepy! This is the Macabre Manor. This looks like the hostess right here. The Manor is a walk through, and there is candy for little kids. So, we won’t take any. I’m gonna watch Donna to make sure she doesn’t take it! There’s some of the residents of the Manor. So this would be a great place for little kids. It’s not really that scary and they get candy. At one o’clock, they’re gonna do the Spooky Mooky Music Mayhem. We’re gonna check that out. It’s a dance party with all the Looney Tunes characters. They’ve got some cool. Big inflatables too. So, there’s a lot of fun things, too. It’s not all super scary, it just depends on where you go in the park. And what time you come to the park. It gets scarier after six o’clock, but right now is a good time for the whole family. Got some cool, spooky music coming out of the Mercantile. And they have lots of cool decorations everywhere. Just cool little touches. This is the Spooky Mooky Music Mayhem Dance Party! With Sylvester! Bugs! and Daffy Duck! We’ve got several Stilt Walkers, too. Big tall pirate. This guy’s just hanging out. Having a good time. Looking kind of dead. It looks like these guys have been in jail a long time. And it looks like Dead Elvis came to visit them. And you can get your picture taken in a casket. Find one that fits and try it out. I think there’s a couple of permanent residents here. Him & Her. I think they’re a couple… of dead people. Hi, there’s face painting over here, across from the Panda Express. They’ll also do Frightful Faces, Pirate Skulls, Frankenstein, Half Monsters/Half Skulls, Mummy Masks. They’ve got some really cool things that they do for Halloween. There’s the Halloween ones – the Frightful Faces. Those are pretty awesome. We’re about to go in the Reality Illusionist magic show, and if this is any indication of what we’re gonna see, I do not want to be an audience volunteer! We’re in the theater getting ready for the Johnny Magic Illusionist show. Watch now and see, “Twisted Reality”. This is where you get the passes for the haunted houses. There was five separate houses. And these are the different houses: Blackout, Blind Fury, Camp Kilamore, Night Terrors, and The Slaughterhouse. There’s the price”s. General access – $30. Season Pass Holder Access – $28. “Monster Mash” song playing. “The Time Warp” song playing. “Saliva – Ladies & Gentlemen” song playing. Here comes the Freak Train now! They let loose all the monsters and Freaks and the Ghouls and everything. Everything’s loose in the park now! You’ve got to watch where you go. I don’t like it! I don’t like it! They’ll jump out at you. They can’t touch you, and you’re not supposed to touch the them. But they will run around and scare you. There’s the Slaughterhouse! It’s after six, and the monsters are officially out! The aliens have landed! And this fountain is running red, too. This is the Butcher’s Block. I guess it’s a kids area. But looks kind of brutal. Just a bunch of bits and pieces here. Guess you could put them all together and make at least one person. Oh, no – a Ninja Turtle hand! There’s the SkyScreamer. But tonight, screams are coming from everywhere – especially from Donna! Never know who you’ll see here.
That guy needs a dentist! Bugs Bunny playground is just normal –
nothing different there. Lit up for the kids to play. There’s a lot of fog and strobe lights, so if any of that bothers you and your kids, just be advised. Looks better at night. It’s the Troll Zone over here. Trolls everywhere! Lots of fog here. Can’t really see! Troll: “Where are you going? Why you not talk to me?” Sounds like he’s sleeping better leave him alone. It’s a whole fence full of shoes. All the way down there. I think these guys have seen their last ride. They’ve got a bunch of shoes on their car too – shoe freaks. We’re going into the fog again. That couldn’t be Mater, could it?!? No. Might be a Haunted Mater! I don’t know what this is, but it does not look good. Heads – just heads. Uhhh…pretty gross! If you’re 12 or under, you’re allowed to dress up, but no mask. You can get your faces painted here. If you’re over 12, you’re not supposed to really wear a costume. A lot of webs… full of a lot of spiders! Big ones! We’re about ready to leave. It is really packed here. People are still coming in. And if being scared is your thing, this is the place to be! So, that’s a wrap. We’re gonna call it a night. What did you think of it, Donna? I liked it up until the last show at 6 o’clock when they let all the zombies off the train and clowns, and yeah, Werewolves. I should have went home at 5:30. For those of you that really like to be scared, they would really enjoy it. Yeah, and I’m sure the haunted houses were really scary. Yeah, we didn’t do any of those. There’s a lot of scaractors, or people running through the park with chainsaws, trying to scare you. Jump at you. But there were things earlier in the day for little kids. There were still little kids here after 6 o’clock. I’m sure some of them were scared we heard some of them crying. Yeah, some of them were bawling their eyes out. I don’t think parents should bring their little kids after 6 o’clock. If they’re a certain age. But yeah, we even seen one girl crying really hard, and she looked like she maybe was 11. So depends on the kid. Parents you just have to know your own kids, and what’s good for them, and what they like and don’t like. And thanks for watching! Have a great day. Happy Halloween! Thumbs up! Like it – Subscribe if you can if you haven’t already. And we’d appreciate your Comments. And Share this video. Yeah, Share it!


  1. Why U no go thru haunted house?!?!? Next year you need to go through at least Slaughter House, that is one of our fan favorites. No videoing of course, and if we see you videoing, we will scare you as much as freakishly possible. This year we had live pigs and brought back the pigman.

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