SKINWALKER – Short Horror Film

SKINWALKER – Short Horror Film

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Come on Harper I need to finish teaching you how to use the equipment. That’s your job. I’m just here for the astrological benefits. That’s not a thing Just hurry up. We need to get moving and we’re going to miss the meteor shower. Dude, chill. Come on. You’re gonna get left behind. Shoot, was that you? Does it look like it was me? It was probably just a bug bite or something. Careful. Are you guys going in there? Uhhh yeah, why? Don’t stay too long after dark and don’t stray from the trail. Skinwalkers will come for you. You mean like ghosts?! Skinwalkers! They roam here. Right well, we’re in a hurry, but thanks for the warning… If you draw a circle with arrows pointing inwards– We’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the advice, but we really need to go. Take this! Just in case. Thank you! HARPER: Is this the right way? RILEY: Look. It should be here. Riley? Riley…? Riley!!? Oh my gosh…. Riley… Thank you for watching Skinwalker. If you enjoyed this film, please give this video a like. Also, let me know in the comments what legends you’d like to see us cover in future videos. A lot of weird stuff happened during the production of this film. Eventually I’m going to do a True Fear episode documenting it, and when I do I’ll drop you a link right here. Until then check out my other horror films it this playlists and subscribe to CZsWorld for new horrors every week, ring that death bell for notifications, and I’ll see you in the next one. Assuming we both survive.


  1. Just a detail, girls walked away from the car and at minute 1:56, when they go into the woods, the car can be seen at the background; so it doesn't make sense. But most of all was pretty awesome.

  2. To bad there wasn't a longer version. This would've made an interesting plot with a backstory and a more suspenseful leading to the skinwalkers. Still great though 😊

  3. This is incredibly done, CZ. One thing I would work on is the sound mixing, specifically the dialogue. It sounded a little unnatural and too close to the mic at some points, but other than that, I really loved what you did with this. Awesome work.

  4. It was good but can you do more like the chester one, that one i love it🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼!!!

  5. Hi! I'm sorry but I didn't like this film very much. I think the film is technically find but that the script hinders it's potential. The issue that ruined it for me was the pacing. For example the idea of a circle protecting the person is introduced to late for there to be any impact. If we knew the circle should protect her in the beginning of the movie then when it didn't it would of been a big shock. In the movie we just see her looking at a page and then drawing a circle that we are never told will protect her. So when he steps over it it's not a big shock. I also didn't care for the charetor because of the way she treated the old lady so that ruined the suspense for me. I really think you did a good job technically. I liked the editing and the music but the script killed it for me. Still I can't wait to see your future works, I think with the right script you can really make a great film. Bye!

  6. Your short horrors are getting better each time you make one! Reminds me of Wrong Turn or something lol. Very cool! 👍🏻

  7. This was really good but i think if you had a bit less sound effects at the chase part it wouldve been better.

  8. Initial reaction : "Wait WHAT ? WTF is a skinwalker ? " i was so fucking confused ! So i asked my dear friend google and with the native american context ok, it make sense , maybe the short needed more exposition but for those who knew the legend it's cool effective, strait to the point i kinda dig that.

    To sum it up it made me curious about the channel so … subscribed.

    Tab N°2 of the ReignBot KYW list checked, instant subbsciber, 69 more to go !

  9. awesome job with capturing the scenery and the beauty along with sending that chilling feeling that something's behind you I would give this an honest 10 out of 10 big time

  10. It was a fair film. Just be careful of holding the mike to close, and projecting the volume in the final edit too loud. Also be very precise when doing voice overs, because there were moments when the mouths didnt match the speaking. Only do close ups on THE MOST RELEVANT material, (ex showing her grabbing the water bottle had no relevance) and be extra cautious of using music that does not suit the scene, for an immediate fade out can make your audience go "what was the intense music for if whatever was intense is over now." Also, one more thing, keep your camera steady when you are in low key parts of the film. Shaking cam was an excellent choice when she was running away, but be cautious at the begging! Besides that, story was cool, (I would have liked to see more into what these people were and why she thought making that barrier at the end would help, ((but I do suppose it could have been symbolic of a personal barrier between her and evil that she thought it would never cross, and that possibly the creature was left unexplained because they had no idea what it was themselves)) so maybe a bit of depth into the antagonist could be useful also) and your actors where decent. It was an entertaining piece with cool camera fx (maybe only use it perspectively next time) and clearly a neat plot and producer! I hope what I have said can be useful next film! Dont mistake what I am saying as me not liking it, it is simply that I want you to go on and be a great director and fx maker because you clearly have the potential! Have fun film making!

  11. That freaking arrow to the eye was great. My only critique was that there's not enough mermaids in the video.

  12. oh wow.. great. just now the "wrong turn 10" pull out of nomination for the best horror film after watching this. camera work, editing and directing are great no doubt.

  13. This film is amazing! Especially for how small it is im a writer and i cant write this stuff its amazing make a movie , hit the big screen , good luck im hyped for your next mini film

  14. WHY cant someone make a good skinwalker movie where it takes on the look of someone the group just sent to the store…..or the real look of the skinwalker standing on two feet with antlers…..these things are very scary looking….not something you can just do in 10 minutes…they stink to high heaven they have rotted flesh, they can take on basically any form they want depending on their level of black magic. It's funny that people think these entities aren't real because they actually are. This type of "magic" has been performed for thousands of years. It is hard to believe but until you see one with your own eyes i guess your gonna be skeptical. I was a skeptic before i saw what i saw and experienced what i experienced. Sometimes things happen to you in life that changes you….from the inside out…

  15. Would be great to see a full version, this was just long enough to get hooked….. but that was your plot….lol

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