Slender Man Sings A Song (Scary Horror film Parody)

Slender Man Sings A Song (Scary Horror film Parody)

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stare deny the end of stalking I’ll haunt you down no one’s around I’m always watching that just take my hand and the promise you and your friends you’re all invited to the forest you’ll go crazy terror the night is so tasty underneath the branches we’re shady I’ll be standing with a patiently I’m right behind you extending it for tulleken the best view if you run away then all of us you every time you turn around a stage fool you run away screaming try to hide I’m gonna hunt you get in your hand and terrorize I’m gonna hunt you feeling afraid of paralyzed I’m gonna hunt you it’s all over you [Music] in such my night there will pollute likely Bennett’s I put my 3-piece suit times Linda man hi now we’re introduced topic off your friends Mondello on fruit oh I will stand here all that day the watching you play from Ida way until I reach out and lead to a straight will go deep in the Paris where you will stay my lump in house one job Rachel beg for your life but I’ve got no face by hang them tightly there’s no escape you see me last breakfast your life is erased I’ll make your soul turn cold and explore your pain threshold so you all want to depend then now start again not gonna reach me like that I dismember every time you scream I take pleasure wishing that the momma lasts forever nothing all the time yeah you run away scream and try to hide I’m gonna hunt you get in your hand and terrorize I’m gonna hunt you feeling afraid of paralyzed I’m gonna hunt you and it’s all over you [Music] you thank you very much a chills for writing a really really creepy and disgusting song and if you’re wondering who that horrible voice was that was actually me just slowed down so if you actually speed up the song it would just be my normal voice not quite but yeah well done actuals very creepy video and if you enjoyed the Slender Man song you’ll be very happy to know that H has actually written a couple more Slender Man songs and the next one is actually amazing like it’s a girl singer and it sounds so creepy but yet so beautiful at the same time yeah I’m really excited for that video so that might be out in the week or I might put out will Byers part 2 song or another one of the guardians of the galaxy members I’m not sure yet bill Valle is still not finished so sorry but yeah thank you very much for watching I hope you have an excellent weekend and don’t forget to go to the cinema and watch the creepy old Slenderman Slenderman does whatever uh Slenderman does


  1. slender man: DIE
    me: I'm a really big fan tho
    * I bring my stuff slender man *
    slender man: oh ok
    me: will you hunt me?
    slender man: no!
    me: yaaaaaay

  2. I sang this to myself in whispers at school. My friends still heard me tho so now everybody thinks that I am mentally sick. I still love this song and slenderman in general

  3. I like slender man and PennyWise but my favrote rite now is slenderman
    ????? 🙂 but can you do Jason VS PennyWise…..???? Please can you do it I know this vidio came out a long time but if you are reading this sub and please make that ok bye….?????????

  4. slender man. DIE
    Me. i'm a big fan tho get slender man stuff
    Slender man. oh
    Me. do you want to hunt kids
    Slender man. ya
    Me. how come you see me?
    Slender man. you are a devil

  5. oh oh oh senlike a reshions send like a khjd she alive for a baby along a chose a prove she needs save him she tells him Oo lpvr no one ganna hurt love no one ganna hurt you~ so rockaby baby don,t you cry someone is got you rockayby baby don,t cry ROCKYBY OH OH RACKA RACKA BBYYY OH OH OH RACY BY *STOP*yah soo this is rockaby sso they change the words becouse to make more weird so i well i,am trying to make it more long so the song is complet so i,am going to sleep now soo i,am buzy i have school tommorow bye

  6. slender man your the best boy ever but i like your song and your scary songs and you vidos is so the cool and i can sing that song becuase i sing that in my school and i want to see your face

  7. Me:R-roses are R-red vilots are B-lue u have N-no face.

    Slender: nEithER WiLl YOu
    2 years later wakes up in hospital

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