Slice | Official Trailer HD | A24

Slice | Official Trailer HD | A24

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I’m gonna tell you a story about a ghost, a werewolf, and a pretty shitty pizza place. It all started when the
werewolf came back to town. A pizza delivery boy was murdered while making a
routine delivery. Kingfisher Chronicle, can
I ask you a few questions? Find the wolf, you’ll find your killer. …denying involvement in the killing of Sean Hammerschmidt. Looks like I’m going
on a wolf hunt tonight. What the fuck does that
have to do with pizza? Your pizza place
is a gateway to hell. Wait wait, so you’re telling
me, that my pizza place is built on a gateway to hell? I’ve been saying that. What, never. Oh damn. This is something you should’ve ended a long time ago. Boo.
Shit! God Damn. Whats wrong with you?


  1. This reminded me of a cheesy 80's flick….werewolves, walking dead, and ghost!! It had its funny parts but overall a cheesy movie. 4/10

  2. Idc what anyone says I love cheesy horror movies especially 80s and 90s ones. I will give this a chance regardless of ppl always judging based off trailers. Some great movies have shitty trailers??‍♀️❤️?

  3. Gives me that stranger things vibe and I love it!! I'm glad to see something different from a24 that's not so serious and dramatic, but it's trying to be fun from what I've seen for once. I could be wrong, but keep up these great films a24!!

  4. This should go straight to DV—. Nah scratch that.. this should be on UPN Or ABC for Halloween.. would be cool if it was free

  5. PIZZA RULES THE WORLD. And with pizza we'll conquer the universe!
    The Big Picture: Addicted aliens begging for just another SLICE.

  6. Was a really good 1 time watch, it's fast paced so it doesnt get boring! But it looks like the producer cutted the edges to make a family friendly horror comedy, reducing scenes and joke from their potential. Otherway the photo/sound direction were incredible and the actor are well handled!

  7. I don't know if I'm the one who's on drugs or if everyone else is because I gotta say, the movie was pretty good. I really liked it.

  8. I've watched most of A24's horror / thriller movies
    Most (or all) of them are just bad endings
    Like the witch and hereditary for examples
    It becomes so predictable
    And this one looks really bad from the beginning

  9. the music got that 80s stranger things vibe. which i love. i thought this was a teen wolf movie but darker and i was excited, but then just "gateway to hell" and i got bored.. why are so many shows and movies obsessed with satan. I like thriller i dont mind monsters but satan shit is boring

  10. saw this for sale on vudu and wanted to watch the trailer to understand wtf it even is… I'm more confused now than I was before.

  11. This looks like one of those b movies that's so ridiculously over the top and nutty you can't help but love it. I gotta see it lol

  12. looks like they had a decent idea but didn't have the budget or the talent to pull it off. seriously that line delivery at the end was awful, if that's the quality of acting that's throughout the rest of the film i'm going to skip this one

  13. This movie was hilarious! We watched it for Halloween last year with a group of our friends and laughed our asses off! It also has a bigger vocabulary than most films from Hollywood–which adds to the comedy since it's alike a hokey slasher film XD It was great fun! Best watched with a group (in my not so humble opinion.)

  14. Review 5/5 stars: Great cinematography. A retro 80s vibe. Classic horror-com flick. They really captured the 80s horror genera. Very original story line. The ghosts were just people with white makeup on their faces. A bit strange at first, but I quickly got past it, and was immersed in the story line. The actors were great! Although the lead cop was a bit cheese at times. Great movie! You need to see it!

  15. Man, the budget on this movie looked like it was about $10,000. I didn't even knew chance was in the movie let alone he even acted.

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