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Yeah, this is getting hyped. Just hear it, bro! I listening to it. Those are some banging drums on there, whoo! Who invited this guy? I don’t know. Who…Who are you please? (Roberto is high) What the f**k? You’re scaring me! You’re scaring me, dude. Donald, hold on tight, alright? It’s gonna be a rough ride. Do we even know where we’re going? No. I don’t know where we’re going. So we’re just driving? Can you please make a plan for like where we’re going like we’re literally driving. I gave us a plan. It’s ready to sync. Let’s go to Ralphs for fruit snacks. Can we drop him off? [ Laughter] Go to Ralphs for some food snacks. Excuse me? Yeah? Where’s your party? Here. Is that it? 648? Yeah. Oh cool awesome! She’s like who’s this b**ch in the front seat? Did you just call me a b**ch? Yeah. Oh sh*t! [beep] What’s up guys? We’re looking for a party. Where are you guys going? We’re going over there. Over where? We’re trying to crash a Halloween party. I think this is the party. Alright, so we have literally no idea whose house we’re rolling up to right now. Okay, yeah, this is a good parking spot. This is a good start. Party number one Let’s go check out the inside. So, that was 1 out of 1. Let’s see how many more we can get in today. Let’s ask some people in the street. So once again we have no idea what we’re doing. Then why can’t we go to f**king Ralphs? Shut up. Right now, we’re just driving around. We literally have no idea where the next location is. We’re gonna follow the noise and follow the costumes But it is a little bit of a gamble as per usual. Are you… You guys going to a Halloween party? Oh no, we’re not actually… we’re pulling up to this party over here. *laughs* What did you think we were trying to do? Let’s check out this one right here. Apparently, Roberto said there’s a guest list at this place but we’re gonna try it. Hi~ Can we just go in for like one song? I promise we’ll be out. We’ll turn up and then leave. [Persuading the bouncer] Just for 1 song Ammar. A-M-M-A-R and TD (pronounciated as titty) Ah T-D Yeah! I love this dude. What’s your name? Joe. Joe, nice to meet you! Dude. I don’t know what I’m drinking right now. Yeah. Thank you man, you’re the greatest! Good night, man! Cheers! 2 out of 2. Let’s go. That guy was insanely nice to let us in. There was a guest list. We argued our way in. Let’s do it! Let’s go! Get in! What’s going on? What’s going on? What are these? Beach balls? No, they’re my boobs. Can’t go to bars and clubs. Yeah, f**k clubs, f**k bars. And we lost those girls and we got denied. The first failure. Let’s not go to Beverly Hills. Around here you’ll find so many people. It’s the best way to spend a Halloween. There should be so many people. Oh wait, there’s people right there. Thomas: This is creepy that we’re stalking them. And in a van. *laughs* Hey guys. How’s it going? Where you guys going? We’re trying to find a party to join. Oh really, alright. Have a good night guys! Where you guys going? Five to three grand Five to three grand? Yes! Oh! Yes! What’s good? I know you motherf**kers! *screams and cheers* Ammar! Whaddup, bro? Let’s party, motherf**kers! What is happening? Y’all party with us or what? Yeah, we’re coming. Do you have the address? Yeah! I’ll send it to you right now. We’ll put it in and then follow us. I got it, I got it. Hey, I’m not just a pair of boobs. *laughs* I think this is it. Like, nobody here though. Is that a real dog or a fake dog? That’s a real dog. It’s too pretty empty. Not exactly the same kind of party we were looking for. Time to maybe step outside. We’ll be right back guys. *imitates Heath Ledger’s Joker* Do you wanna know where I got these scars from? My father was a drinker. Every time we walk into a party, you should do that. *imitates Heath Ledger’s Joker* Do you wanna know where I got these tits? *chuckles* You know how on the snapchat app, they tell you where the most snapping is happening around you, okay? So there’s something at the Canals right now. That is so bumping. your boys with the tablet to find the next target, and they walked around in the darkness, of the Venice Canal. It’s a f**kin banger. Oh sh*t, there’s a banger somewhere. Hear the noise! Boys, we’re coming up on a banger right here. I want you to curate grave your tassels We’re about to jump riding up Oh s*t, that party. Hello! How’s it going? We’re just neighbors from Venice party hopping. Thanks for having us. Thank you guys! Thank you! Thomas is just dipping. Honestly that was the most lit we’ve had! I think there’s two more parties in the Canal Street. Let’s do it. Thomas, stop eating. Thomas, stop eating please. Alright, party number six was not really a party. So now, we’re heading to party number seven. Open the f**king door. *laughs* Party number seven Dude, he’s the f**king star tonight! Any party we go into, we just eat all the food. Alright, it’s Yes Theory. We go to parties and eat their food. Okay, so the good news is, at least for TD after Darren left, that he got his room in the house. Ammar took his room and TD got Ammar’s and they both moved in yesterday. But TD made a little more progress than Ammar did. So let’s just go make fun of him by having a disastrous room right now. They both moved in at the same time. TD’s room. Pretty organized. Welcome I’d like to show a shot of what this room looked like whilst Ammar was in it. I’m sure he’s totally organized now. [sarcasm] *knocks on door* Thomas: Jesus Christ. F**k you. Thomas: How do you live in here? I just moved in, okay? Thomas: Dude, TD moved in too! Yes but…I was busy today. Thomas: TD was busy too! He was with you the whole day! We’re literally on the same shoe, together. F**k you! You know, what TD doesn’t have as much stuff as I do. Thomas: How are you on your bed like what is all this stuff? I’m gonna wake up and I’m gonna f**king clean this by 11 a.m. and if this is not finished, I would let the audience vote for anything. I’ll let them decide a challenge that I’ll have to do if this room is not done. Thomas: Challenge accepted. Who wants nice little ear piercing? No no no no Get the f**k out! I’m sure it’s gonna be totally clean in the morning. [sarcasm] My predictions are that you probably will accomplish this because he’s too afraid of whatever you guys will suggest but still comment what you want Ammar’s punishment to be if he doesn’t get his room clean by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Go nuts in the comments. As always, for photos and behind the scenes of what we do, follow us on Instagram. See you there. You can pan it… or you can pan it to my sweater…


  1. I tried to do this this year and uhhhhh no luck. The only party I found was a bunch of high schoolers with a broken sound system sooo

  2. Your videos make my day

    Keep up the awesome work guys

    We all appreciate your effort to make these amazing videos

    Thank you guys

  3. What is the song at the end of the video? I watched every video since I subscribed to your channel. Love you guys

  4. I love this channel cuz it let's me pretend I have friends and I also do those fun things like drink and do the parties

  5. Halloween isn’t even fun anymore. People rather act ghetto and slutty than turn their homes into horror attractions.

  6. Mhhhh did this when i was 16…don’t know if these guys cool or just Pushin generation stupid forward to the fullest with their channel!?

  7. So the challenge is you have to go any random school or college and pretend that you are a student and attend at least one period without getting caught by teacher you can take help from the students in the class .

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