Soul | Official Trailer

Soul | Official Trailer

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[JOE screams
while falling] JOE:
Ooof! ♪♪ JOE:
What the…? JOE:
What is this place? GRANNY:
What’s your name, honey? JOE:
Uhhh, I’m Joe! JOE:
I teach middle school band. JOE:
Connie, go for it! [CONNIE plays the trombone] ♪♪ JOE:
Today started out as the best day
of my life. [JOE plays the piano] DOROTHEA:
Back here tonight, first show’s at 7. JOE:
Yes! Woohoo! You know what this
is going to say? Joe Gardner! Hahahaha! JOE:
I did it! I got the gig! [JOE screams] GRANNY:
Must have been sudden for ya. JOE:
Wah! Oh my goodness! JOE:
Oh my goodness! JOE:
Help! I’m not done! JOE:
[Panicking] Oh! Oh my goodness! ♪♪ [Choir sings] ♪♪ [JOE screams] ♪♪ [Choir sings] ♪♪ ♪♪ [Muffled choir sings] ♪♪ ♪♪ [Choir sings] ♪♪ JOE:
Huh? ♪♪ JOE:
Is this Heaven? GERRY:
…it’s the Great Before. GERRY:
This is where new souls get their personalities,
quirks, and interests before they go to Earth. COUNSELOR:
Meet 22. 22:
I don’t wanna go to Earth! COUNSELOR:
Stop fighting this! 22:
I don’t wanna! JOE:
Uhhh? 22:
Hahaha! 22:
Okay, look, I already know everything about Earth, and I don’t want
anything to do with it. JOE:
You’re missing out on the joys of life… like… uh….
pizza! JOE:
I can’t smell! JOE:
We can’t… [Pop noise] JOE:
…we can’t taste either? 22:
All that stuff is in your body. [Pop noise] JOE:
No smell! No taste! 22:
Or touch. 22:
See? [Slap noises] JOE:
Okay, I get it! ♪♪ JOE:
Wow! JOE:
It’s my life. 22:
Is all this living really worth
dying for? [Crowd cheers] 22:
You’re still alive? [EKG machine beeps] JOE:
Can you help me get back? 22:
No way! JOE:
There I am! JOE:
What are we waiting for? 22:
No, no! Wait! Not me! [JOE and 22 scream] ♪♪ TERRY:
Hmm, that’s weird. COUNSELOR:
What is it? TERRY:
151,000 souls go into the Great Beyond
everyday, and I count every
single one of ’em… TERRY:
…the count’s off. COUNSELOR:
Huh… ♪♪


  1. Plot Twist: They both come to life on earth, get married, and they heavenly ever after

  2. I love how animated movies targeted toward kids are talking about real issues like life and death. Coco did a good job with providing cultural aspects of it and now we have this that's blatantly about life and death. Love it

  3. The animation quality is just gonna keep getting better and better to the point where Pixar will essentially become a live action studio

  4. Haha aww. This is awesome!! I’m totally watching this. It’s probably going to scare a lot of children due to it being about a man dying and see his life as it was before but this is honestly smart. Get kids already knowing about this at a young age I think it would change their views on life.

  5. I have never been lore confused watching a trailer. Why not make the simple pixar movies? Its cute but its chaotic

  6. Wow these seems to be based on some people's anecdotes and experiences! The part where they peer into a portal of a scene from his life…it's like stuff I read on reddit.

  7. For anyone who enjoyed what they heard. The music at 0:48 was sampled from a group called The Generationals
    Song: I Turned My Back On The Written Word

  8. I am not sure if I am ready to go on this emotional journey of a movie it looks like a it will definatly make you cry.

  9. Of course the black guy can’t stay black the entire movie he has to DIE and turn blue because of course he would

  10. I have connections who work at Pixar and they both said that this is their favorite Pixar film they have worked on in the past decade. I’m so excited 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. Finally a movie that isn't just black characters trying to recreate and replace white roles, which I find insulting.

    Finally real individual new characters for African American kids and parents alike.

  12. I havent been so excited for a movie in so long. Also this seems like the best movie for jon bellion to score

  13. I was likec "ah yes a pixar movie that doesn't have one of those weird looking things like their past few works…" and then 0:40 happened…

  14. I just LOVE the voice actors and the music. The music is like soul food for the ears…. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. If you have no sense of touch you wouldn't be able to move properly… then again they are souls in a Pixar movie

  16. I wanted to watch Soul since I saw the preview for it during Frozen 2, on the big screen! Oh we are so there June 2020!

  17. Hmm from the trailer i call this to be the ending…

    When he realises he's still alive and rushes to his body. Who ever the little soul is with him becomes his child. And they live happily ever after

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