Speechless (2017 – short horror film)

Speechless (2017 – short horror film)

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Hello? [KNOCK KNOCK] Is someone there? I’m here. Open the door. Who are you? Don’t you remember? Unlock the door. GO AWAY! I’m coming in! I’m going to rip your skin off! What the hell is going on? Mom! There is something in the hall. It wants to hurt me. Look! You are too old for this and I am too tired. Do you think I like being woke up because my nine-year-old still believes in the Bogeyman? But mom … Enough! But … Grow up already! I can’t handle you when you’re like this. Get back in bed and go to sleep. I don’t want to hear another word.


  1. For a second, I was like, "Oh wow, commentary on how verbally abusive parents could easily be perceived as monsters and end up making their children feel powerless, like their voices don't matter, rendering their children speechless." Then I was like, "Oh he dead."

  2. Je ne comprends pas, avec une idée asez intéressante ils nous ont pondu un vieux déguisement où l'on voit que c'est porté par un homme avec un vieux masque. Honnêtement je reste sur ma faim.

  3. Does anyone have a link to the full movie ?? please??? I've been looking for it for a long time, who can do me a favor and give or send me a link ??

  4. The scenes kept jumping to fast for me to read. After he wrote 'Go Away' did that thing really write 'Im coming in'???
    Also….wow! That moms a bitch!!
    Amazing!!! This was really really really good!!!!

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  6. Awesome job Dan, Dustin…..and ABSOLUTELY big ups to Ryan . Mom and the Michael Jackson lookalike were both very good as well. I would have been okay had it ended with the shadow of Jacko on the wall after moms splits, but I ain't gonna nitpick…….because it was truly in the head scary……which, and I ain't tellin you guys shit, is had to do. Anyone can have a killer jump out and yell BOO…….But it takes an artist to make psychological horror, ala Hitchcock.
    Well done fellas.

  7. I know that i wont sleep tonight but i am so crazy that i keep watching these types o films?????

  8. at first I was thinking how terrible of a woman she was talking to her child like that and the minute the door shut and I saw the shadow I said it doesnt matter what type of person she is somebody's getting it LOL

  9. at first I was thinking how terrible of a woman she was talking to her child like that and the minute the door shut and I saw the shadow I said it doesnt matter what type of person she is somebody's getting it LOL

  10. Throw back to early childhood :'D (That's how to get them traumas started everyone!) Well done mate, really liked it, gave me the creeps.

  11. Damn he's only 9? And she's getting pissed off because he still believes in the Bogey man, and I am almost 12 and still believe in unicorns? wow, and my mom doesn't snap at me for still believing things like that

  12. Do you know how pissed I'd be if someone woke me up in the middle of the night making that much noise. I'd but open that door and start swingin

  13. Kinda wonky monster but I'm guessing the budget wasn't very big. Weakest aspect was the hands, should have just had them black since the bone makeup was distracting/flat.

  14. The gap at the bottom of the door was so big the creature could practically have limboed under it. I’d like to have seen the mom’s face the next day, at all the cleaning up she had to do!

  15. I noticed the creature was making bird noises and buzzing sounds like bees… so I thought " oh birds in the bees", he can hear his parents banging and it traumatized him. I was way off.

  16. Где труп мальчика????? Где его кожа
    ????почему не показали????

  17. I thought this was a very very good short movie… It reminded me what it was like when I was a kid. How scary your own room could be…. Even down to the mother getting all pissed off because you were still awake on a school night… Only for me it was the window… I always heard noises and saw shadows moving out side my window at night…. Something was there every night out side my window… We moved out of that house. I NEVER figured out what or who was out there… But I know…. I KNOW something watched me through that window at night…. I'll never forget that window and what ever watched me from the other side of that window and what eve

  18. For a second, I thought that demon was kissing the boy, in the last scene, btw did it really ripped off the boy's skin!! God that must have been disgusting and painful!!!

  19. Come on man, this is too simple, too easy. Is not just about the money you put into production, you have to have a solid script, a good story to tell. Don't they teach you that at film school?

  20. My thoughts as I am watching this: NOPE, NOPE, NONONONONO
    I'd never put my mug so close to a gap under a door. Especially if I don't know who/what is on the other side.

  21. That's just fucked up he died knowing his mother couldn't protect him because she couldn't listen saying she's annoyed of him

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