Spiderman Toys Find a Haunted House

Spiderman Toys Find a Haunted House

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Cool Paw Patrol Toys find a haunted house. Hi oh Hey, Dino, pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise we have today Playing on the playground is so fun. Hi guys hi spider-man Do you have something special for us spider-man? Yep, so I’m a superhero, and I really brave how about you guys where the PJ masks superheroes of course? We’re brave. I have an idea how about the PJ masks and spider-man toys go to haunted house? Well, that’s kind of scary. Don’t worry. I’ll go with you. I don’t need to worry. I’m really brave remember Okay, then the PJ masks Super heroes and spider-man will go to a haunted house. Let’s go guys Go we need to transform Okay now the PJ master for yours are ready. Let’s give a spider-man ok PG man follow me Wow, this haunted house looks pretty scary Yeah, spider-man. Are you sure we should be here come on cat boy? We’re really brave Yeah, it does. It’s purple with orange doors, but the trees look like they have faces on it Wait do you guys hear that it sounds like somebody’s crying, maybe they need our help, then we have to go help them spider-man Why are you crying mr. Zombie who are you guys I’m spider-man and these are the PJ masks superheroes What’s your name? My name is Zack Zack the zombie, huh? Why are you so sad? I’m really sad because I have no friends and everyone is scared of me well No, why is everyone scared of use act like it they think I’m scary and that I live in a haunted house But I don’t know what to do. I’m really friendly Hmm, I think that spider-man and the PJ masks can help you your house does looked a little scary so how about we help paint? It with lots of bright colors, and this way everyone will want to come look at your new house Wow Of course let’s get to work PJ masks superheroes First we’re gonna paint this house a nice bright orange color everybody loves orange And then we’re gonna change these scary teeth into a big giant tree so we can all climb and play on We need some more cool stuff. What can we do to the backyard area? Oh yeah? How about we put in a part with a swing set so everyone can play Wow awesome idea cat boy? Perfect this was awesome. Let’s go get sac and show him the new house, okay? Wow The house looks so cool. It’s bright orange That’s perfect orange is my favorite color and look. There’s even a swing and a slide Yep and look there’s a bunch of fruits over there So we can always play fun games and laugh and play together. Oh really you’ll be my friends Thank you guys for sure as a big. Thank you for helping my house Playset I have surprise toys for you guys Wow we love surprise toys Superhero friends into paw patrol to have fun. Let’s see what surprise toys we can We got a bunch of surprise toys, which one should we open it first eeny meeny miny moe this one Cool, it’s a Marvel 500 blind bag. I see Falcon ultimate spider-man and Iron patriot. That’s so cool Let’s open it up here. We go whoo we got Hot guy Hot guy is a superhero that uses a bow and arrow and his superhero power is that he never misses His a member of the Avengers, and he works with spider-man Iron Man and Hulk He is really really good in and he uses a purple and pink bow and arrow. Let’s watch him gopher up flip Next let’s open up this one It’s the spider-man mystery mini I see spidergirl spiderman and sandman And these are all the figures we can get there’s ultimate spider-man super cool spider-man Green Goblin Doctor Octopus vulture and even Looks really cool. Which one is your guys’s favorite. Tell me in the comment section below. Let’s open this up The time Here we go Well, we got vulture and he’s a bubblehead Loser is that bad guy that always comes trouble from spider-man? He’s green, and he’s got these really long ways cuz that’s his special ability We can fly but get these spider-man always stops the vultures bad, please Next let’s open up this one Wow, it’s an x-men mystery mini And you can’t get all the super cool x-men. There’s Wolverine Cyclops storm professor ice beast Colossus mystique, Sabretooth, Wolverine Magneto and juggernaut they all look so cool I want to get Cyclops his Cyclops is the leader of the x-men team and you’ve got super cool glasses Here we go Beat that time chance and sent this is so fun well we got Professor X Dino friends Professor X is the leader and teacher of all the x-men he teaches the x-men how to use their superpowers And Professor it. It’s a really strong psychic. You can make objects float and read moon. Let’s watch it go for a flip Next we got this one Super heroes mystery me look Catwoman super cat and Superman Super pup Aquaman Joker, I’m gonna get one woman because she’s super awesome here. We go guys Super Glue Grady’s got golden yellow belt he’s a member of the Justice League, and you weren’t just Superman. He’s right there Super smart billionaire businessman, but when there’s trouble famine is always here to help time for a flip Now let’s open up this one. It’s a super heroes mystery I see Captain America Iron Man Hulk and Thor Sissy who are we gonna get? So cool he’s really pretty. She’s got long black hair She’s got a W and a start That’s her logo and one woman works with Superman and famine And she’s one of the strongest members on the Justice League. She holds the lasso of truth, and she’s the princess of the Amazons The prince and she works really hard with the Justice League to help protect predators Wonder Woman is awesome time for One more surprise toy to go These are awesome milks you can get Let’s open up It opens up milk I wonder if there’s milk inside Let’s see oh no milk guys, but there’s a toy here we go Who’d we get We got goat milk this little milk carton is a little go look There’s its goat horns, and it says don’t know you’re the cute little goat. He’s white drink with blue little shoes And look there’s a little dinosaur on the back. That’s awesome Okay, you guys like to drink your milk milk is very yummy, yummy, and when you drink lots of milk You’ll go big and strong just like all the superheroes time for flute Is awesome better friends we got a bunch of super cool surprise toys, and I hope everyone has a happy Happy day, and I’ll see all my dolphin and the next toy race video thanks for watching Dino pals you guys are awesome for more awesome surprises with me click here and Give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club


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