Stage Fright: Chapter 5 (Horror Movie)

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(engines revving) (thuds) (bangs) (suspense music) – Craig? (suspense music) Hello? (suspense music) Craig? (suspense music) What the? (thuds) (car zooming) (thuds) (gravel crunching) – Emmett? (footsteps thudding) Emmett? (suspense music intensifies) Emmett? (thudding)
Emmett. (crying) Emmett. – Mrs. Summers. – Craig? – Here, hop up on the
table for me real quick. Make it nice and easy. (scurrying) (creepy music) (diabolical laughing) (diabolical giggling) (maniacal laughing) – [Demonic Voice] I see you. You can never leave. (distorted mumbling) (creepy giggling) (suspense music) – Where am I? (breathing heavily) (intense suspense music) – Don’t you want to stay and play? (screams) (maniacal laughing) (screams)
(maniacal laughing) (screams) (intense suspense music) (thuds)
(grunts) – Your sacrifice is needed. I have to spill your blood by morning. – Why are you here? – He needed a new altar and theater’s promised crowds. The more people who find enjoyment in the violence we offer, the more powerful he becomes. And let’s face it, our society loves violence. So, 20 of sacrifices. They need to happen every 10 years. And guess what, shared time’s over! (grunting) (grunting) (screams) (suspense music) (clicking) – Let me out! Let me out! (clicking) This is murder! – I like to call it preservation bitch. (grunts) (groans) (gasping) (laughing) (breathing heavily) (screams) (creaking) (bangs) (suspense music) (mumbling) – [Craig] We can’t upset him. You understand. – Craig? (intense music) Craig? What did you do with Emmett? Where’s Emmett? (echoing) (mumbles) (audience applauding) Where’s Emmett? I told you so. – Definitely just a minor
inconvenience to me. But it’s been events of far greater than you’ll ever understand. Well, for me. Not so much for you. Or any of the other sacrifices. You’ll all be trapped. Forever. (audience applauding) – How ’bout a kiss? (groans) (coughing)
(audience applauding) (coughing)
(audience applauding) – He’s offered curiosity but first, on their souls. (maniacal laughing) Time is now! (audience applauding)
(audience cheering) (diabolical giggling)
(audience cheering) – Somebody! Please! Please, please, please! Help! (grunting) Please, please don’t just stand there. Please! (whimpering) – Enough! Our master grows impatient. With the blood of the seven letter, she is yours as are we. (screams) (clattering)

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