Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Bounty Hunted | Disney

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Bounty Hunted | Disney

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[dramatic music]– So who exactly
is this person? Can we really trust
a friend of Han’s? – [moans] – Of course, I don’t mean you,
Chewie. Ugh, this place is charming. Well, let’s get this over with. Which one of you is Maz Kanata? – Down here. – Oh… Maz? – Huh… [chuckles] Hey! How is my boyfriend doing? – [bleats] – You must be Leia. Han’s told me about you. So, what happened to Han? – Huh? – [groans] – Frozen in carbonite?! Oh! – Chewie said you can help us. We wouldn’t ask if Han
weren’t in a tight spot. So what’s the plan? – Patience. The solution will
present itself. [blasting]
– Uh! We’ve got a problem! – [threatening grumble] – No, that’s the solution! – How?
– You need a disguise. And a bounty hunter is perfect! – Oh, you’ve got to be
kidding me. – [howls] – [bleeping][exciting music]♪ ♪– [grunts]♪ ♪– [straining] – [whistles] [bleeping] [thump]
– Ugh! [groans] [chuckling] [zap] – Ha, ha! I’d say this armor
is just your size. – This could come in handy. Thanks for your help. I’ll be honest– you’re not what
I was expecting. – I very rarely am. I like this one, Chewie. Tell Han she’s a keeper. – [howls] – [chuckles]


  1. Really appreciated this one! And we got to see Maz in this one–good to know Han and Chewie knew her before VI.

  2. Not really a fan of most episodes but this one along with the one when Jyn and Sabine meet and the one when Rey, Finn, Han, Chewie, and BB8 are en route to Maz's castle are pretty good

  3. "Tell Han she's a keeper". Leaves her before TFA and only sees her because they were in the right place at the right time.

  4. Well done carrie beck you r so ausome we love it loveit. Oh wow. Oh 😱 oh my goodness nelly this is my favorite carrtoon

  5. Um, no….I still prefer the way Leia got the disguise in Shadows of the Empire after infiltrating Black Sun on Corruscant. I wish they'd have made that book canon instead of these Forces of Destiny shorts.

  6. So, is Chewbacca not a father and husband in canon? Seems hard to ignore characters we've seen in live-action film alongside the originals.

  7. Leia's Boushh disguise has always been one of my absolute favourite Star Wars outfits. I was so happy to see it get an on-screen backstory!

  8. Here’s how we fix Starwars…Really: opening scene Luke skywalker wakes up having experienced an alternate reality of the future brought to him by the intuition of the force. This future he saw was the current Star Wars films we are watching now. Knowing that none of it had come to pass yet being only a glimpse into the future Luke Skywalker seeks to change the future, which he does.
    The only person capable of giving us back Star Wars is literally Luke Skywalker himself. We need to make Disney let Mark Hammel write and direct all new movies pertaining to Luke Skywalker. He’s had many years to think through Luke’s story and can give us the one we want. We can also bring back as many characters as we wish including Han Solo to bring about true future re-written by Luke Skywalker himself. Please spread this response of mine to everyone you know who is a fan it’s the only way this can all be undone. We can all make this happen.
    The force is strong in our family!

  9. 0:14 The figures on the left and right resemble Jaxxon and Skorr, the latter of whom is the "bounty hunter Han into on Ord Mantell" from Legends.

  10. Now, if only the could bring back Shadows of the Empire best gap filler between episode V and VI

  11. Interesting how Leia got the disguise for the rescue mission in Return of the Jedi. Now it makes me wanna see what happens during her time with Jabba before Luke comes in to play.

  12. So it's 1998. I'm playing with my Star Wars figures, filling in gaps in the Star Wars story. I have a figure of both Leia in her normal clothes, and in the bounty hunter disguise. I come up with this backstory for her taking it after defeating said bounty hunter to explain how she got it for Return of the Jedi. It really warms my heart to see the modern talent behind this show basically bringing a similar story to my childhood's "head canon" into actual canon. 🙂

  13. I really don't like the voice actress for Leia. She just doesn't sound like Carrie Fisher. And her voice is a bit monotone.

  14. Star wars is falling we are winning the war now we must see if kathleens replacement will be

    The chosen one

  15. Some fleshing out of Maz's character, where Leia got her Bounty Hunter disguise, and more R2 saving they day? Sign me up!

  16. Chewie is actually happy to see Maz? Also, to those thinking that Leia got the idea to use the thermal detentator from this guy. No, it was from that story that Han told her about pretending a rock was a thermal detenator. Because of course Anakin's daughter were use a LIVE grenade as a bluff.

  17. the original non canon history of the costume was from Shadows of the Empire when they had to sneak into Xizor's palace as bounty hunters

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