Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Bounty of Trouble | Disney

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Bounty of Trouble | Disney

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The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny. [music] [marching] [bomb initializing] Princess, get back! [gasp] Trooper, help. [explosion] [groan] [gunfire] Bounty hunters,
they’re taking the Princess. Ugh, is this paint? Senator Organa,
I’m Sabine Wren. I was sent here to capture you. Do you have the data tape? Yes. I had to hide it though so the Imperials don’t know
I’m working for the Rebellion. [sawing] [music] [robotic movement] [music] [keyboard] [ejection] Here, the data tape
of Imperial base locations. Use it well. [gasp]
What is that? IG-88,
an actual bounty hunter. [gunfire] Also probably interested
in your data tape. [gunfire] Follow me. [gunfire] [bomb initializing] [explosion] [music] [sawing] [bang] Princess? It’s about time. Blast that bounty hunter. [gunfire] [marching] [music] [gunfire] Thank you, Senator. I mean, Princess. I mean– Leia. Oh, I better go back now. Leia, you keep fighting on the inside,
I’ll keep fighting on the outside. I hope one day we can fight together. [music]


  1. Could have given the older fans flashbacks if they had used IG-88's droid warbling and leg movement noises from the Shadows of the Empire videogame.

  2. Leia you idoit of coarse everyone knows you had to hide the data tape.Carrie's legacy isn't doing so well in this tv series!

  3. Those stormtroopers just stand there looking at the detonator for what feels like an eternity and they didn't even move

  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 This game is a STAR WARS themed Casino targeting kids and is bad for the mental health of kids. What do you have to say DISNEY?????

  5. How is possible that they miss shooting IG-88???He was just 2 metres ahead of them and was moving slower than a slug in water

  6. I think ig 88 would have murderer sabine in cold blood and ripped the case away,I MEAN HES THE SECOND BEST BOUNTY HUNTER!

  7. I don't know who's worse – the troopers or ig-88.
    I guess ig-88 could be having protocol issues (don't shoot troopers?) … but there were 4 stormtroopers aiming at one target.

  8. Dave Filoni should have from the beginning made the Star Wars movies he is the only one that knows Lucas and what he wants and what he thinks. so lets all push for Dave Filoni

  9. 2:04 And here we see Stormtroopers in theyre natural Habitat doibg what they are so famous for….missing

  10. A deliberately female cast. Interesting. Imagine if they brought out a show where they are all male.

    One dreads to think of the backlash.

  11. Too bad it's a kids show and nobody is allowed to actually shoot each other.
    I've played Force of Corruption, I know what Iggy is capable of.

  12. It would have been awesome if ig88 just kept waking forward despite getting shot by the storm troops like the blasts where barely noticeable to him

  13. 2:04-2:09 am I the only one who thinks that these stormtroopers are moving and shooting like b1 battle droids

  14. Cool Mini Crossover with Leia und Wren. To See Leia still as a respected Senator and working with the Empire was also a good Twist .Disney got Something meaningfull right

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