Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Hasty Departure | Disney

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Hasty Departure | Disney

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[dramatic music]♪ ♪– There’s the Imperial shuttle. We need the stolen medkits
they have on board. Let’s go.
– Are you sure that’s the one? – It’s the only one here.
Come on, let’s go. – Chopper, meet us
at the rendezvous.– [beeping][suspenseful music]♪ ♪[beeping] – Go check on the cargo
with Chopper. – Oh.♪ ♪Oh.
[chuckles awkwardly] Bigger haul than I thought. – Sabine, what is it?
– Stormtroopers. – What?
– We’re on the wrong ship. [welding torch buzzing] – Hang on. [all grunting] If there are stormtroopers back
there, then where is Chopper?– [beeping]– Chop! Okay, we need a new plan. Chopper, bring your ship in
close and lower the ramp. We’re gonna jump over.
– What? [blaster firing] Not helpful. [beeping]♪ ♪– Huh. – Huh? [grunts] – [grunts] – Uh-oh. – Well, that was more difficult
than it needed to be. – I’m sorry, Hera.
I was rushing. I didn’t realize
there were two shuttles. – It’s all right. We got what we came for. – [beeping] – [chuckles] Yeah.
Thanks to you, Chopper.


  1. A good epsiode but how did they not notice the storm troopers or the storm troopers notice them when boarding the shuttle? You have to go past the cargo hold to get into the cockpit of that shuttle.

  2. Forces of Destiny is making a hasty departure? Grear news. Now you can put the money to better projects. Well done, and thanks for listening.

  3. Stormtrooper, right after Sabine realized, they stole the wrong shuttle:
    "Seriously? Not only are these Rebels stealing our shuttles every week or two, now they steal them, while there are still people on bord?"

  4. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know there were 2 shuttles.” She sounds like she sinned against God with that tone of voice. Chill dude it’s not that big of an issue

  5. Un momento en primer lugar como se traduce los vídeos a español en Youtube,y segundo apuestas que apenas despues de que los soldados de asalto vieron a Sabin ellos intentaron aturdila para capturarla ,y con ese espacio pequeño y con esos soldados de asalto me sorprende que no le dieran

  6. Can we see a FOD Episode were Ezra and Thrawn tries to go back to their respective Armies?
    Oh! Right! This is for Girls! 😂😥
    I wanna know what happend to my Boy Ezra! 😟

  7. God, the animation is really terrible. And what's with that mark on the bridge of their noses? Why does everyone have that? It's really distracting. If the animation was anything like the 2003 Clone Wars series, the show that was created by the same artist(s) that animated Samurai Jack, I might tolerate it more. I'm not saying I hate it, I just think it needs better stories and way better animation. And just because it's "targeted for children" doesn't mean the quality should look terrible.

  8. Is it just me or has starwars gone from good vs bad to just murdering as many people as possible as long as they look different to you

  9. Very interesting animation style here. I can't tell if I like it or dislike it. I lean more on the former but I'm not really used to it at the same time.

  10. Though it's only been a short time since the Rebels finale it already feels like having old friends come home having Hera, Sabine, and Chopper back here.

  11. Would they have to walk past the stormtroopers to get to the cockpit? Even when they jumped to the other shuttle the entrance was surrounded by the cargo…

  12. It's so nice to see characters from "Rebels" again, now that there is no more "Rebels". It's a weird feeling, kinda the same with when I watch TCW characters appearing on this show.

    Also, this is the first time we see a "Lambda" shuttle in a scene with "Rebels" characters. Throughout the entire show they only used the "Sentinel" type shuttles, which are more commonly used as troop transports.

  13. Cuando accidentalmente llevas cabezas de cubeta y rebeldes en la misma nave,pero ninguno de ambos bandos sabe que el otro está ahi

  14. Minuto 0:50 cuando eres un soldado de asalto y te acabas de dar cuenta que tu y un rebelde van en la misma nave,y que quieres arrestar al rebelde

  15. So, it looks like the timelines of Star Wars history, cause this short of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: Season 2 is take place during the events of another episode of Star Wars Rebels, where Sabine has a wrong ship!

  16. I love star wars I'm a huge fan of star wars star wars is my favorite movie my favorite characters are porg bb8 bb9 Kylie ren and Rey this star wars cartoon is pretty cool the characters look almost just like the movie I'm impressed with the star wars cartoons

  17. wow, I'm surprised Disney allowed a female to look like she came anywhere even near making a mistake. I thought females have to be flawless in Disney's Universe.

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