Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

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♪♪♪When I was a kid…there was a place.A dark place.They closed it down
and let it rot.
But the things that
lived there…
-Hello, Danny.they come back.♪♪♪Not many ride the bus
this far north.
You running away
from something? I’m running away
from myself, I guess.Hi.You can hear me.You’re magic… like me. I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining.The world is a hungry place.A dangerous place.These people… they hurt people like us.These empty devils…they’ll eat what shines.And they’ve noticed
that little girl. Well, hi there. Get out of my head!
Get out! I haven’t felt power
like that in so long. They’re coming. ♪♪♪Where are we going?There’s a place. You sure you want to do this? I’m ready. Yes, you run, dear… and then I will find you… and you will scream for years.Come and play with us…forever and ever.


  1. Can someone please tell me, what does the return to the hotel, have anything to do with this movie? What are they trying to accomplish by going to the hotel? Any theories? Thanks 🙂

  2. Tbh I liked the first trailer more than this one. This trailer follows the “formula” too much if yk what I mean. For the sequel to a movie like the shining u gotta do something interesting with your trailer. With that being said, I think the movie still looks good and that Ewan McGregor will do a great job.

  3. This movie is probably going to be the Blade Runner 2049 of this message year. A sequel to a classic masterpiece, directed by an incredible director and with potential to even surpass it. Can't wait for it.

  4. Maybe it does matter because they did show the mom in the trailer and don t know how faithful the movie is to the book. But I would expect her mom and Dan to look some what similar. Plus the girl's family is Italian in the book

  5. I'm so pissed off that Dr. Sleep is coming out before Halloween everywhere but the US. What the hell? I want to go see this movie Halloween.

  6. For all you saying the movies gonna suck, let me say that the director also worked on the following: Oculus, starring Karen Gillian and Brenton Thwaites, and The Haunting Of Hill House. The Netflix one.

  7. This is a movie that has to be good….I mean like literally it should be good …it is something they can't spoil…one of KING'S BEST WORK

  8. Does anybody recognize that hat Rebecca Ferguson is wearing? Looks very familiar. Like Alex in A Clockwork Orange ?

  9. No offence but.. this looks friggin lame. B grade horror with some of the original spliced in. Everything's so clean, and digital, and color corrected. A soulless cash in.

  10. Obi wan turns to the darkside this time I did not know that Jack Torrance was his father who went to the dark side. Like Anakin Skywalker.

  11. Im lost is this following kubriks adaptation or stephen kings cause i see all these refrences to kubriks film but then i see hallorann alive. How tf is that cunt still kicking someone explain how he lived??

  12. Let's all insure every Hollywood movie is : Multi-cultural, has a token lgbtq?, is fully PC, is pro NPR (Negroes, Progressives, and Reprobates), and of course has a few anti-President Trump references spewed here and there… got it? Now with whatever time is left in the 2 hours throw in some half asz script Okay guys? [The Hollywood Movie Industry Today, even netflix, amazon] Wake me up in 20 years after the next World War so we can get back to making real movies that don't suck.

  13. i wonder how much good stuff will be left out from the book, like the rape and the V cut on the raiders of the lost ark date.

  14. Look at the little disgusting black kid FORCED into the fucking movie. Yeah Warner Bros…shove that politically correct bullshit down my throat I want it.

  15. Abra is a red head with blue eyes!! In the book
    I’m excited! To see this I love Steven king!! I hope there is more

  16. I'm really curious about this movie. Stephen King is my favorite writter of all time and Kubrick's "The shinning" was my favorite when I was a kid.

  17. 2:11 what will the Grady twins say this time? "HELLO DANNY, LONG TIME NO SEE" maybe? or "HELLO DANNY, WELCOME BACK"?

  18. 0:03 wow, forty years later Danny Torrence returns to the Overlook hotel, and it hasn't changed a bit, I wonder if Jack Torrance's frozen skeleton is still in the hedge maze

  19. 2:11 won't the Grady twins say anything else this time besides "hello Danny, come and play with us forever and ever"?

  20. Sorry to be that person but Rose doesn't look at all how imagined. Still hyped for it and I'm sure all the cast will do a great job!

  21. Damn saw this in the theater the other day and when i saw the redrum i said "oh shit" and when the old theme played i got chills.

  22. Looks lame, why not just make a shining sequel for the book not the Kubrick movie that only follows certain plot points. The movie is going to be mediocre and not a classic. It can't possibly live up to it and it won't leave the same impression the first did. It was never about power or even really about the ability of shining in the first place. Using the music and recreating a few scenes for Danny to observe.. this is so lame

  23. Damn the Overlook Hotel, Rose the Hat is about to go down as one of the best horror villain's ever! Ppl will be writing on YouTube comment section's in 2030 saying they had nightmare's from Rose the Hat and the True Knot as kid's…I'm grown and she's giving me the creep's.

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