Story Time: My Paranormal Experiences | Haunted Houses, Ghosts, Communicating with the Dead

Story Time: My Paranormal Experiences | Haunted Houses, Ghosts, Communicating with the Dead

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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted but I have been ultra busy and I just went to VidCon which was an Absolutely, amazing experience not so much for like the networking but more for the presentations So I feel energized and ready to get going again. And that’s that’s what the hand gestures are for This is my energy. This is the reflection of all this energy that I have now So today I wanted to do something a little bit different because I had some pretty amazing conversations with friends in LA and we were talking about spoopy stuff and I just think that kind of stuff is so fascinating like Paranormal kind of stuff. I don’t necessarily believe in it But I love talking about my personal weird experiences and I love hearing about other people’s personal weird Experiences even though I don’t necessarily believe in paranormal stuff. I like the idea of it. I kind of wish it existed. So I Enjoyed talking about it and that’s what we’re gonna do today. All right, let’s get started Before we go any further, I’d like to ask you guys to hit the subscribe button and definitely hit the bell button That’s right next to it because that will let you know anytime. I produce new content for you to enjoy hopefully and watch Maybe anything also if you like this video at any point in time I suggest you hit the like button that helps me out a whole bunch It helps me figure out what exactly I’m gonna put on this channel and that’s always a nice thing Yeah, so some of you may be thinking. Ok, if you don’t believe in it, why would you talk about it? Because that seems a little ridiculous well for a couple of reasons one I like to kind of debunk some people’s really bad experiences with paranormal things and You know, I feel like that’s super helpful It’s helpful to realize that sometimes your brain plays tricks on you and you know your house might not necessarily be haunted But you may be creating a haunting in your mind and also that I just find it really entertaining. I love ghost stories I love horror films. I Really enjoy being like freaked out and scared Which seems a little weird my husband acts absolutely hates horror movies. My mother absolutely hates horror movies I have like friends that I have to go see horror movies with so I really like talking about you know Freaky things that kind of give you like a weird vibe and I definitely have a good amount of like weird Experiences that I would classify as paranormal in that, you know They can be interpreted as paranormal. But at the end of the day I have absolutely no idea Really what happened? So I figured I’d talk about a couple of things that I’ve been through with you today, and then at the end, I’ll kind of talk about some of the things that debunk a lot of experiences and why it’s important to keep those things in mind while you’re kind of living your life and maybe Experiencing some things that are maybe creeping you out or making you feel unsafe in your home. So my first experience And this is not my first experience by the way. I’ve I’ve had like a lifetime of really weird should happen but this is the first one that I can remember and my childhood home my mother and I Moved into my childhood home when I was I would assume like four maybe five I actually don’t remember It was like when I was really young at the oldest I would have been six at the youngest I probably would have been around four or maybe like three and a half but I have like very strong memories from the time I was two and a half and on or like some really early before that my brain is weird I remember a lot of stuff so we had just moved into our house and it was this kind of 40s little I guess you would consider it kind of like a little bungalow. Maybe I don’t know It’s like a very very small two-bedroom one-bath house that had a really big front and back yard We moved in and the only previous owner to that point I believe was a an elderly lady and she had passed away in the home. So right off the bat I don’t care if people have died in homes. I don’t think it makes a difference. I First sure had someone died in this home. I believe I think this home has only ever had one Owner it was a man and a woman they raised kids here and everything and I believe the man died in this house I can’t quite remember, but it doesn’t really make a difference to me I feel like anywhere you live anywhere you go someone’s died there So it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but that’s just like setting the stage So we totally didn’t think anything was creepy about the house and we moved into the house My mom took the bedroom if you’re in the hall to the right And I took the bedroom to the left and the bedroom to the left always had like a weird feeling in it I say that to kind of explain that something was for sure happening in that room not to say that, you know it was definitely like a ghost or something because who knows but that something Was in that room whether it’s like a magnetic field or like, you know Maybe it was like right under an electrical pole. I have no idea So one of my earliest memories in this house was of me in my bedroom and I was trying to play this little like Casio keyboard and Back then keyboards weren’t fancy you had to two things that you could do with it on and off and It was like this little mini keyboards like a half a keyboard I was playing with it and I was trying to like do something in particular with it I must have been maybe five or six maybe a little bit older I don’t entirely remember how old I was when this happened so it’s playing it and I was getting really pissed off because you know, I’m a perfectionist and I got really mad and pushed it away from me So I sat there for a second and all of a sudden the keys started moving on their own and playing something Like I said, this was not a fancy Keyboard, it did not have a player piano function as far as I know It was an on and off switch and a volume knob and that was it So I don’t believe that that thing could have done that to be fair. I was really young. So maybe I Hallucinated something and here’s the thing. Like people don’t realize that people hallucinate a lot more than you wouldn’t suspect like people without mental issues that cause hallucinations Hallucinate a lot more than you would think as possible So I don’t know what happened, but I just know that that freaked me out Like I said, I had a lot of experiences in this room in particular and We came to find out that this is the room of the lady who obviously had lived there her entire Well her entire adult life at least and she had I guess her like sewing room in here or in there So it was a special room to her So it kind of made sense that a lot of the stuff that was experienced was experienced in that room primarily We did get creeped out enough about the house that my mom built on in addition to the back So she built on To the existing porch like another room that had like a laundry in it and then she built a big closed-in porch right next to it and When she did that she moved down there so that I could take the other room and neither of us went into that room So that tells you how creepy it was Like I said, it could have been any number of things that could have been a Magnetic field there that was kind of like messing with our brains like scrambling our signals. It could have been Have been you know electricity overhead because there are electric poles around that house and you can still like if you look on Google Maps at that house, you can see like there are electrical lines like right next to it So it could have been any number of things. I just think it’s interesting that it was centered on that room in particular So there’s a hallway here bathroom and two bedrooms Right here So all of that is like one Wing of the house and it’s kind of weird that it almost it was pretty much only in that Part of the house that most of the stuff happened. So I think that’s fascinating I would really love for someone to go in there and figure out if there are like magnetic issues or also Really love to talk to the current owners to see if they’ve experienced anything Because that was like a good solid me like 12 or 13 years That we experienced stuff in that room and like I said It was bad enough for both my mother and I that we did not go into that room at all like that Room ended up being a storage room. Neither of us would go into it So I think it’s kind of fascinating so it wasn’t just one person it was two people well more people than that, but you know the people who live there two people so like I said, That’s just one of the experiences that I had this house but I thought that was the most interesting because it was the I want to say it was like the most visual experience that I had of Something happening because things would like move around when I was trying to go to sleep in my room But in general like I feel like that because the lights were on I was 100% awake I was sitting up That’s the thing that I have the least excuses for like I can’t say Oh, you were having you know sleep terrors or night terrors or whatever. I was 100% awake and Cognizant the lights were on you know, there was really no excuse for me to have that hallucination if that’s what it was alright, so the second one as I remember, my mom was out of town with her then-boyfriend and they had gone like out into the country somewhere to visit his dad and I was staying with one of my I was sleeping in my aunts bed and my aunt was comfortable sleeping on the couch Just she would sleep on the couch since she went to bed later and my little cousin was in the back bedroom So it was a duplex you’d walk in and it was like a kind of a galley so living room kitchen bathroom Two bedrooms one kind of slightly in front of the other and the others bigger I was sleeping in my aunt Mills bed and pretty much everyone in my family needs complete darkness to sleep I think we’re all very sensitive sleepers and I am particular have a really hard time falling asleep in places that are not my Personal home like this whole last week in LA I got the worst sleep and I feel like partially still dead even though I’ve had a couple of nights to recover That’s how bad I sleep in strange places like I wake up all the time, and I have a really hard time falling asleep So I was in my own house bed. I had the fan on I had all like she had blackout curtains So there was absolutely no light coming from anywhere except for a little bit of the TV light from under the door So I was laying there and I always sleep with the covers over my head and I thought I heard my little cousin Yell or scream something. So I pulled the covers off of my head and like just listen for a second I was like, all right I must have imagined that put the covers back over my head and it took me a minute to Process that I had seen a really bright something or another Where the window would be if it wasn’t blacked out, so I was like, that’s weird I know that it was pitch black in here before What is that? So I like pulled down the covers and There it was still and it was kind of I would say it’s the shape of a person except like it was just a amorphous weird white thing in front of me So it looks like it was the shape of a person it could have been anything at that point I didn’t know I just like felt like it was a person so I put the covers back over my head and Then I peeked out with just one eye and the thing was moving towards me and I like got this Horrible cold chill and started shivering and I was just like sitting there and like trying to like slowly back away Yeah, finally and this is the first time I ever cursed in front of anyone I said Get the fuck in here my aunt came in and she was like what is going on and I like Jumped up and started shaking and I was like there was something in the room. There’s something in the room and That’s the first time I was ever like Truly traumatized by something that I saw Now this one I can almost explain like maybe I was dreaming I have no idea I don’t feel like I was asleep because I had just laid down and like I said, I have a very difficult time falling asleep That being said like I do have a history of night terrors So it could have very well been that I fell asleep very quickly and something happened I think it’s weird that I was able to still move Because I did still move Yeah, that one is weird on so many levels because it kind of came out of nowhere there was like a sound attached to it that my aunt said that she didn’t hear at all and That like I was fully I felt like I was fully awake and cognizant and able to move so that one was a really really weird thing and especially since I Like usually with sleep terrors you feel like your mouth is full of honey. Does that make sense? Like you can’t actually properly speak and this one like I had absolutely no issues speaking. I yelled at her Like as soon as I realized that this thing was not going away. I yelled for my aunt So I think that’s kind of an interesting thing again. It could be like weird electric impulses I’ve read that hormones can impact your Ability to process information and kind of create hallucinations for you So maybe I was just going through some sort of hormonal shift I have no idea, but that was I did not go to sleep that night, by the way Because then I had to go back home Like my mom was picking me up late that night like I was trying to get some sleep Before she came to pick me up so she picked me up and that’s when we got her cat cricket But other than that she picked me up and I had to go like back into this room that already had shit going on So I I did not sleep very well that night at all. I think I actually Got up and went to watch TV at some point and so I wouldn’t have to be in my bedroom So that’s the second thing and I’m going to give you one more interesting piece of information that is less like Ghostly and more like knowing things that you couldn’t have possibly known So to give you a little like tiny bit of history my father died when I was very very young and I didn’t really have a chance to get to know him at all And by really, I mean I didn’t have a chance to get to know him at all I was still an infant when he died and he did commit suicide and Yeah, so I didn’t really know much about him He didn’t like having his picture taken and it was the 80s so you could get away with not having your picture taken My mom would tell me like vague things about him, but I didn’t really know a whole lot about him I knew that like I knew some stories like that. He really liked reading encyclopedias and That he was a really sweet person and you know that he really loved my meemaw. Yes. I have a meemaw I’m southern. But other than that, I really didn’t know a whole lot of them. Actually, I wasn’t I was like 14 when I saw him in a video and it literally was a video where like someone just panned across the room and you got Like a glimpse of my dad so I have very little in the way of photos of him like I said He hated being photographed and I only have a memory of that one little video clip of him and I played that like back a million times when When my meemaw found it that being said I must have been around I want to say it was like 12 or 13 When I had this dream and it was of a man and a kind of apartment like I felt like it was an apartment but you can’t really couldn’t really tell it could have been a house for all I knew but it had a Kitchen over here a living room over here, and then the hall was over here. So kitchen living room whole and it was like an open floorplan, but it was Shades of like beige and orange and the couch was like a dusty orange color I remember this all incredibly vividly like like I could go into that apartment Now if it was decorated the same and be like, yes This is the place that was the setting and I remember this man just walking back and forth saying I could have done something Different I should have done something different and thinking like that everything was his fault, and then he walked to the front of the couch and He laid down and he put a blanket over him And then I remember he got a separate smaller blanket for his feet and went to sleep and that’s my entire dream So when I woke up, I told the dream to my mom and she just got this look on her face like this sheet white like look on her face like she was startled almost and she said You know, I don’t think I’ve told you this but your father Used to not be able to sleep unless his feet were covered and he used a separate blanket. I thought that was self It’s so crazy. And you know, it could have been something that was told to me and I just don’t remember It’s it’s entirely possible but when I also Described the apartment She was like that sounds like our first apartment that we got together And there’s no way I would have known that like there are no pictures of it I have no idea what it looks like like I said There are very few pictures even of my mom and my dad together because he didn’t like having pictures taken So there were pretty much no pictures in their first apartment as far as I know And if there are then it would be like a just a very small Section of the apartment like I wouldn’t get to actually see the whole thing And that’s a I would call that less spoopy and more like oh that’s that’s just kind of a weird coincidence or like Maybe you picked up information from the ether and like put it together in your brain, or maybe like that’s a part of your DNA No, these are like just three of my story tastes of like weird shit that has happened So now let’s get into some of the scientific research about why people Sense things that aren’t there and some of the ideas of why people have these very specific Hallucinations. So the first thing that I want to talk about is top-down processing So this refers to a thing that you do in your brain where you have a thought? First and then your senses will follow after that. So if you’re in a Spooky house and that house kind of feels like a little creepy and weird You might think oh This house is probably haunted and then from there your senses will start to like feel you’ll feel paranoid You might feel like a pressure. You might feel like you can’t breathe They’re like you’re cold because you know You’re getting those cold chills up your spine your body basically creates the scenario that you think you’re going to have so that’s a really fascinating one because I know I’ve been in places where I’ve been like ooh dis is spooky and Then I’ve had Experiences that I later like kind of talked to myself out of like mmm Yeah, but I was kind of expecting that something was gonna happen here. So that’s probably what happened I was seeing things that weren’t really there next thing I want to talk about is the brain’s ability to find patterns and pretty much anything so you see this when people see like the Virgin Mary and they’re toast or like Jesus on water-damaged wall so that’s the kind of stuff that I think of when I think of like the human brain finding patterns and like even I if I’m looking at a pattern that’s kind of abstract I will like find faces in it or I’ll find like oh that looks like a horse and it’s the thing that you do like When you’re laying on your back and looking at clouds like that one looks like a cat That one looks like a duck. It’s not actually meant to be shaped like a cat or a duck You’re just seeing it because your brain is built to recognize patterns so what can happen is you take a photo and The photo gets a weird light anomaly which happens often in photography. No matter if it’s digital or analog and You look at the photo and you’re like, oh there’s something in there. Your brain is finding something there It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something in there not to like just Jean ghost photography or anything I have no idea if something has ever really been captured, but I do know that a lot of famous ghost photography has been Debunked as completely fake and I think that’s kind of worth noting. Another thing that tends to happen is You see these like dust particles that are flying through the air and those are now considered orbs Or it’s like you want to see something so your brain processes It adds something that’s phenomenal and fantastic and you know paranormal but really it’s just dust or it’s just a fly Again, I’m not saying that There aren’t people who have captured things I have absolutely no idea But I think it’s worth looking at what your brain naturally does to process information and seeing is it? really paranormal or am I just Thinking it’s paranormal, but in general a lot of these things are made up or there are perfectly reasonable and rational explanations for it So if you’re freaking yourself out thinking oh my god There’s so many orbs all over the place when I take pictures in my apartment You probably need to dust and one of the things that I wanted to talk about that I think is the most intriguing and that I would really love to be a part of a study on this is electromagnetic fields so I talked about how I didn’t know if that portion of the house like my room and my childhood home Was maybe under some sort of electromagnetic field of some sort you can actually get the exact same results of Being in like a haunting if you stand in a in a specific electromagnetic field so you’ll get the sense that someone’s there the sense that someone means you harm you might get Hallucinations you might feel things and this is all incredible and a lot of times it’s I mean I hate to like done someone’s parade if they really like hauntings a lot of times like the hauntings that people experience can be explained by being under like weird electrical lines or weird magnetic force So I think it’s it’s something to be aware of if you’re feeling like stuff is going weird in your home might be something worth Looking into if nothing else you’ll just make yourself less paranoid about what’s going on in your house and I have so so many friends who are like Oh my god, my house is haunted. This is happening and I’m like, okay. Yeah, it is absolutely possible that your house is haunted I don’t know that for certain that that’s not a thing that can happen and I certainly have like weird experiences that I can’t explain however A lot of times it is like your brain creates something and then you feed into it and then it starts happening more and more and more and then the last thing that I wanted to talk about is something that the most people have experiences with and that is Sleep terrors or night terrors more often than not when people experience sleep paralysis And this is a lot of people you’re just kind of Frozen in your body and you can’t move because your body turns itself off when you’re asleep so that you don’t act out your dreams Super handy and also you can look into Documentaries about people who Always act out their dreams when they’re sleeping and see that that is like a very real sleep disorder Which is fascinating too and slightly scary Usually what happens is someone’s frozen in their body They can’t move but they can think they feel like their chest is heavy they feel like they can’t speak and then they’ll usually come out of it within like a minute or so and like it’s Disconcerting it’s horrible to experience but it’s not scary necessarily You just feel trapped for a second. And then you come out of it. The other thing that can happen is You can be locked into your body like that. And then also have your amygdala translate that as Being a dangerous thing for you. So your amygdala lights up and it’s like oh my god Something’s happening And then all of a sudden you feel maybe a presence in the room or you see something in the room and it’s not Really there your brain is producing a hallucination because it’s scared But when you see it you feel very much like you are unsafe like someone is standing right next to you Maybe like someone’s talking to you or touching you and it’s not real but that doesn’t mean your experience with it is any less valid and That’s also something that you need to consider If you’re having a lot of experiences where you wake up in a panic and you feel like someone’s at the foot of your bed You might just have sleep paralysis and if it’s something where you know You’ve thought that your house is haunted before and then all of a sudden you start having sleep paralysis often You’re probably freaking yourself out. It’s very possible that you’re freaking yourself out. Look I want to believe in ghosts I really do I want to believe that there’s something After we die, but we just don’t have any evidence of that and I feel like it’s one thing to have you know paranormal stuff as This kind of fun entertainment value thing and it’s another thing to really freak yourself out and make yourself scared over Absolutely, nothing. So for me, it’s all about Balancing what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking with healthy skepticism, and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that it doesn’t invalidate your experience if you feel 100% like you’ve seen a ghost and You feel comfortable with that then have that I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me But a lot of it is about having that healthy skepticism if something’s going wrong in your life it could be a mix of paranoia of Hallucinations and of you just you know Being human and being prone to error. So I think it’s it’s all worth considering All right, you guys if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up and if you really enjoyed it hit the subscribe button Don’t forget to hit the little bell to get notified every time I release a new video and I have my monetization back It’s almost like they knew I was spending so much money at VidCon. They were like, we’ve got to give you something back. So Expect more videos because I can actually do it and be somewhat compensated for it now Compensated for the incredible amount of time that it’s been not that you guys have to compensate me But you know if I can get a little ad revenue and I mean very little like a cup of coffee once or twice a month but yeah, so have you guys had any paranormal experiences and if you have can you think of any That would explain What you went through or do you feel very strongly? Like it was a genuine Paranormal experience. That’s what I want to know Let’s all leave our comments below let each other know all your spoopy stories. And if I hear some really really good ones I’ll tell them on the next spoopy time video, which I love spoopy time. I love ghost stories I really love scary stories in general. I am kind of that type of freak. I’d also like to invite you to Like me on my other social Platform and what else say hi to me? I want to talk to you. See you next time. Mwah. I Made a group on Facebook. It’s the Osho Lee group and it’s kind of an anything-goes group So a lot of it is stuff that inspires us skincare and makeup but also information on like self-care entertaining stuff inspiring stuff I basically when I hear from you what you guys want


  1. This was a fun, enlightening story-time!

    I've had what I know now as sleep paralysis (woke up to a "shadow man leaning over me"), and probably late night/exhaustion caused hallucinations of a cat thar had passed (that apparently my sister got too?).

    However, I still cannot explain how my little horse figures got knocked off the shelf one night a few weeks after aforementioned kitty had passed. She used to knock them over when she was alive. I was pretty particular about the placement of them (i had about 30 Grand Champion horse toys). So…. the story goes: I had shut the door before going to bed so our other 2 cats couldn't get in. Laid down, then a few minutes later I felt what distinctly felt like the passed-away cat jump up on the bed and then walk across my legs (she was so rude IRL about that sort of thing lol), and up the side of the bed. I thought that was strange, but let it go & went to sleep. When I woke up all my little horse toys (up on a shelf way about my bed) were knocked over and a heavy glass unicorn bust was laying next to my face (glad it didn't land on me!). Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out!

  2. YISSS. MORE SPOOKY TIME VIDS. loves me the spooky times.

    thank you, thank you for injecting the healthy scepticism into this video. 100% with you on that. i've had some "odd" experiences in my time, and i would love to believe there is something beyond this world, but i lean heavily towards trying to find the "logical" explanation for things. if i weren't commenting from my phone (oops) i'd probably take the time to share, but i just wanted to say that this video was so good (the story about your papa made me clutch my heart 💔), and thank you for sharing your experiences! i watch all of your videos. xx!

  3. I absolutely loved every second of this video, Jolie! I also had some weird things in my days… And I truly believe that there is something beyond what we can see and hear in this world. But also totally agree with you that our brain is so powerful that it can create hallucinations of any sort. Good video! Thank you for sharing your stories with us 🙂

  4. Hi my name is Christian I sat in front of you during one of the Vid Con talks I think it was the thumbnail class …great video I’ve subscribed and notifications and shared this..

  5. I have said basically the same exact things where I don't believe in these things but I wish they were true. I suspend disbelief while watching the creepy-hunter channels but I's put huge betting money on people making stuff up or being mistaken. Probably a boring comment I left here. Ummm. I used to hallucinate when I was a kid. Now this comment was worth reading. Good good.

  6. My dogs loved your video…the squeeky parts really got their attention!
    I was going to argue with you not to doubt yourself…if you felt spooky things going on it was probably because there really was something spooky going on!
    But then your explanation of possibilities at the end shut me up. You're so smart…and I love the way you explained things in the end. You are very respectful to those who believe and proved that by saying…hey, Ive had all these spooky unexplainable situations happen to me, but…there can always be a rational explanation! You're awesome!
    Im a skeptic but do also believe there could be a maybe…

  7. No disrespect.. but I hate when people make videos called “my paranormal experience “ but then say they don’t believe in it. Wtf

  8. I tried to force myself to believe it wasn't real all my life by telling people it was hallucinations. But i've always known it was real and it scared me to admit it. To me, it's different than drug induced hallucinations or just scaring yourself into thinking something paranormal is happening. It would happen when I wasn't scared. Physical objects would change, and interact with me at least once. When it was happening, I felt similar to being molested. Which has happened, not in a paranormal way. I felt like I couldn't tell people the truth, or specific things that happened, only the parts that weren't hard to tell. People won't believe you anyway. I had to pretend some things didn't actually happen, and I still do that. But I told my husband finally and it's very relieving. Now my child is mentioning similar situations. He won't elaborate, but just says something and then won't talk about it anymore. I've never told him what happened to me. I just tell him I believe him. Also I would say that the experiences are very mild compared to some I've heard. We still live in the same home I grew up in where it happened.

  9. #1 my credentials board certified emergency medicine physician with 26+ years experience #2 my issue is with your comment that alot of people without mental illness diagnosis have hallucinations. Ah no! Repeat ah, no!!! Unless hallucinations are induced by pharmacologic intervention ie: hallucinatory drugs eg; LSD, mushrooms, peyote etc. Or metabolic lssues severe/rapid temperature shifts esp increased. Then hallucinations are ALWAYS pathoneumonic. Ie: indicative of underlying psychological pathology. Some very remote incidence's of suggestive (self fulfilling prognosis) hallucinations. So you comment is a) misleading b) untrue c)BS next I'm trying to like your videos bit please,(please) lose that freaking squeaky toy!!! It's incredibly discrediting for your cause

  10. It’s still dumb that you still talk about something you don’t believe. Not all the time are things playing tricks on you. It’s like you’re jumping on a band wagon … plus being a fake.

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