Super Scary Sleepover | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

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[GIRLS TALKING] [PHONE RINGING] [GIRLS TALKING]>>LELE PONS: Guys… It’s A.>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: [BLEEP] this is not pretty little liars. It’s Amanda! Move your [BLEEP] thumb.>>LELE PONS: Oh yeah. It’s Amanda. It’s Amanda.>>AMANDA CERNY: WOO! I got the pizza!>>LELE, LOURDES, ARANTZA: Amanda!>>AMANDA CERNY: There you go. And I got one more thing,>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: What?>>AMANDA CERNY: Pillow fight!>>LELE PONS: OH!>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Oh [BLEEP] no!>>AMANDA CERNY: Oh [BLEEP] [MUSIC] [PHONE RINGING]>>AMANDA CERNY: Who’s gonna go?>>LELE, LOURDES, ARANTZA: You!>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: She gonna die. [PHONE RINGING]>>AMANDA CERNY: Oh God.>>LOURDES GONZALES: She’s [BLEEP] [PHONE RINGING]>>AMANDA CERNY: Hello?>>KILLER: Hello Amanda.>>AMANDA CERNY: Who is this?>>KILLER: Guess who?>>AMANDA CERNY: Johnny? [KILLER LAUGHING]>>AMANDA CERNY: Are you with another girl?>>KILLER: What?
>>AMANDA CERNY: Is it really Tiffany again?>>AMANDA CERNY: Oh, oh, you are in big trouble.>>KILLER: What no? Wait, you got the wrong person.
>>AMANDA CERNY: Stay right there.>>AMANDA CERNY: Really Johnny? Huh? Huh?
>>KILLER: Oh my God! Stop it! Stop it!>>LELE PONS: Amanda was kind of annoying.>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: She was annoying.
>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: Yeah.>>AMANDA CERNY: Guys, Johnny and I broke up. [GIRLS AWEING]>>LELE PONS: Babe. Let’s watch a movie.>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Please.>>LELE PONS: What is that?>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: I’m gonna go get the popcorn.>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: What the [BLEEP]? [GROWLING] [BONES CRACKING] [GIRLS OOHING] [BONES CRACKING] [GIRLS OOHING] [BONES CRACKING] [GIRLS OOHING]>>GIRLS: Aye! Oh!>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: Aren’t you guys tired?>>LELE PONS: Oh my God. Thank God. Yeah I’m exhausted.>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Oh [BLEEP]! Guys! Guys! I just beat the [BLEEP] of a ghost.>>LELE PONS: Oh [BLEEP].
>>AMANDA CERNY: What? [KNOCK ON DOOR] [DOOR BELL RING]>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: Don’t open it.>>LELE PONS: Who is it?>>JOHNNY BROWN: Here’s Johnny!>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Johnny Brown?>>JOHNNY BROWN: Yeah! Johnny Brown!>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: ??? [CHEERING] [MUSIC]>>LELE PONS: This is my house! [MUSIC]>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Aye, who is this dude? [SCREAMING]>>LELE PONS: Save yourself!>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: [BLEEP] get the [BLEEP] up!>>LELE PONS: Oh my God!
>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: What the [BLEEP] happened?>>LELE PONS: There’s-what happened out there?
>>ARANTZA FAHNBULLEH: What’s going on?>>AMANDA CERNY: Oh my God, you guys are alive?>>LOURDES GONZALEZ: Guys, we’re safe now. [SIRENS] This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge.>>LELE PONS: Oh [BLEEP]. [GIRLS SCREAMING] [EXIT MUSIC]

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