Superhero Origins: Moon Knight

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Some nights there is a bad moon rising. For the bad guys that is. Mark Spector, the Moon Knight Welcome to and today we’ll go explore the comic book origins of Mark Spector otherwise known as, the Moon Knight Moon Knight was introduced as a rather ambiguous figure Not exactly a villain but not quite a hero either In a 1975 Werewolf By Night storyline, Jack Russel, the titular werewolf found himself hunted by a mysterious, faceless figure clad all in white who was determined to capture him. The figure told Russel that he could call him Moon Knight In fact, Moon Knight’s real name was Mark Spector Under that name, Spector had established a successful career as a mercenary His resume included jobs in hotspots all over the world often specializing in locations in turmoil due to civil wars or revolutions Spector had been invited to a meeting with an organization known only as “The Comitee” Comprised by extremely wealthy businessmen, The Comitee hired Spector to capture Jack Russel and bring him to them for reasons of their own They also supplied Spector with a costume and an alias to use on this mission Spector donned his ghostly outfit and proceeded to utilize his considerable skills to capture his prey After delivering Russel to the Comitee, Moon Knight learned that they planned to use Russel in his werewolf form as their own private killing machine Upon hearing their plans and being goaded by Russels sister and friend, who had also been captured, Moon Knight’s conscience kicked in. He freed Russel And the other captives, and helping them fight their way free of the Comitee Over his next few appearances in various Marvel titles, Moon Knight shifted Into a more strainghtforward hero role His origin was retold in a story arc and began the #1 issue of his own 1980 comic book I hunt thugs to please the Moon God In this retelling, Mark Spector is a mercenary, who is working in Sudan with his colleague Frenchie after their boss, a nasty piece of work named Bushman killed an archaeologist, Spector rescued the archaeologist’s daughter Marlene When Bushman killed more innocent civillians, Spector was pushed too far and rebelled Bushman defeated him and left him for dead in the desert But he crawled back to Marlene just before he died Moments later however, the statue of Konchu, God of the moon and vengeance brought him back to life Taking the statue’s robe, he bagan his career as Moon Knight Along the way, he adopted two other alter egos: A cab driver a millionaire playboy, in order to aid him in his quest for vengeance I am Konchu’s blade of vengeance This version of Moon Knight’s origin was somewhat at odds with the story involved on his first appearance things were then cleared up by the fourth issue, when a flashback revealed that Moon Knight and Frenchie knew of the comitee and wanted to investigate it Frenchie disguised himself as a wealthy and industrialist When he learned of the plans to catch the werewolf, he convinced the comitee to hire Spector for the job He also brought in Moon Knight’s costume Claiming he had created it. Pretending to work for the comitee, Moon Knight actually brouht about its downfall videogame enthousiasts have had ample opportunity to experience Moon Knight, in gaming situations. He can be found in Marvel Ultimate Allience, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Lego Marvel Superheroes Spider-man web of shadows and others Being ressurected by the god of vengeance does make this guy a pretty formidable opponent Are you a fan of Moon Knight? For more comic book origins be sure to subscribe to

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