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I would kill you if you would do that to my Sammy (Sammy is my kitten). But he never came to Sam. Because Sam can’t be subjected. Or maybe because Sam know about him. Who killed him? He was always saying that. Man….imagine your own father tells that you must be killed. He will go to the dark side…for sure. OH GOD! Exactly! Vision… Someone else is having visions about Sam. Something’s wrong. How do you know? What do you mean? I don’t know (nothing happened actually, we were wrong). What happened? Who is this woman? Someone who has same powers as Sam. Look at this Emina. Yellow eyes everywhere. You see that he knew. Someone’s following Sam. How did she find him? Hoe does she know it’s him? How did she find him? Maybe she had a vision where he is. How does she know who is he? The same way Sam finds others. She sees something in dreams. You see. But how? Maybe he… …is the psychiatrist? …he’s killing. Look at Sam. Oh wait, they made a deal for her to go and check on him. Wait a minute… You think it’s not him? That she only went to took the documents? Dean…silly. Who killed that guy? Is it the real… …war? Is it? Is it? What? Is it the real war or some demon war? Well…the demon war is probably worse than this “regular” war. It means… The Earth would be hell! I thought it was Dean. It’s Gordon! He came to kill them. This is that crazy Gordon. I know. Why is he now… Did he knocked him down? Fuck! Sam will come for Dean and stand on the bomb…for sure. It’s a bait. Why doesn’t’ he tell the truth? “My brother’s in trouble.” You see. Listen…he investigated about the demons. How does he know about Sam? Someone told him. The demon told him. This is on purpose. Understand? Yeah. Because the girl told Sam. It’s like…it wasn’t the first one…it was the second one. I didn’t understand this. Oh come on, pierce the bullet through him right now! Don’t wait, rigth? Dean is relieved. I knew it, I knew it. You should stay with my mother. Kill him, kill him. You see…Dean wanted to kill him. To solve it now. He didn’t want to make a same mistake again. They didn’t kill him? Oh, Dean called the cops. Sam. No, Dean. Oh right, Sam. They didn’t find him with weapons in his hands, he has full car of all kind of weapons. He could be killer. Maybe they’ll find a prints because he killed that guy. Look…. He called her, but she didn’t answer. Someone did something to her. He’s dead. She didn’t kill him, right? You know how this looks? It’s same when Meg was killing. Sulfur. Demons. He came after her. Maybe Meg. The ring. It is discovering about the kids. More and more… Just like Sam. I’m wondering…. …would all hunters react the same way Gordon did if they knew about Sam? Or Gordon is the only one a little bit crazier? I don’t know. Anyway…everything is discovering more and more. It’s becoming more complicated. We discovered in this episode that all those children will potentially be soldiers in the upcoming war. Yes. And they will be on hell’s side. Sooo We’ll see. It is scary. This Gordon is insane.

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  1. Another great episode. This is why I love Season 2 so much. Yet so many people just seem to barely even acknowledge it. The show did exist before Season 4 people! Anyway – you really seem like you hardly remember much from these episodes. You did watch them, though, right? But it was fast? I think that's partly what happens when binge watching. You want to catch up so fast, and also so focused on finding out about certain things, that you rush through the episodes, not really paying much attention to everything else that's going on that isn't the main mystery you want answers to. Or something like that. Season 2 has stuck with me over all these years. Very pivotal. I think it was for you too, but now you get to relive it and rediscover why it's so great.

    Sam has always seen himself as a "good guy", I think. And he doesn't want to become a "killer", like his dad and brother. Heck, he didn't want to be a Hunter. Now, with him apparently being destined for some bad thing, he's probably going to be even more determined to show he's a "good guy", and not becoming evil/bad.

    The next episode is one of the few really worthless ones of the season. I have no idea why they even did it. You are welcome to skip it if you like, as far as I'm concerned. There is maybe 5 minutes worth of interesting stuff in the episode. There is some humor though.

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