Supernatural: Season 2 Episode 10 “Hunted” REACTION!

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Hey guys! So today we’re gonna watch episode 10.. – That’s all we know about it. Basically. We just finished watching 9 and we can’t wait so.. You know.. – Let’s just watch! ~ afsjdghfnvxcfkeghjdflhbl You’re stealing a car. – Oh no! He’s going away. – Didn’t you see that name? What name? – I guess you didn’t. I was busy watching Sam. What name? * And this was the beginning of a tiresome discussion that doesn’t really need subtitles * What the.. Is this like a premonition of his own death? – It better be! Sounds like you. – I love Ellen. – Already. You know Sam is being hunted, right? She’s very dramatic. I like her. I saw you dieee. So your fiancé is not wondering where you are? – I guess not. WHO was that? – THE name I saw. – What is he trying to tell him? – HE KNOWS! I hoped that he would say codeword. – I love them! – Wait. What? – I feel like she’s gonna die in a nasty way. In like 3 2 1! Even Dean could appreciate that one. – Can you imagine a dark Sam? It would be kinda entertaining for a little while. It’s like nogitsune Stiles. How can anyone that puppy-like be evil. It’s kinda cute. Couldn’t she have told him like more details.. – Well, he knows there’s gonna be an explosion. – Poor Dean. “You might get tetanus.” Give him a hug. He better get life without parole, guys! Look at him. He’s looking like.. The vicious, pure hatred look. But he’s like.. I was gonna say, I would’ve never.. Blamed Ellen. – Right. Oh Ava! – I liked Ava. – We’re talking like she’s dead already. She is. Amsterdam!? – Sure, come to Amsterdam. Anytime. – But this was like, what 10 years ago? I don’t care. – What happened to Ava? I think they’re gonna find Ava. – Tell me it’s not Ava..

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