Take the Stairs | Short Film  | Crypt TV

Take the Stairs | Short Film | Crypt TV

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(stinging music) – Come on. (heavy breathing) (elevator dings) (BOOM) (gasps) (buttons clicking) – No! (elevator music) (buzzing music) (elevator beeps) – Going down? – No! (thud)


  1. thats why i dont go to creepy places or plaves without working lights.
    i stay in my house. in my room. with my light on. with no serial killers.

  2. I would like to think they took a play from You're next and had a signal jammer or somethin. (For anyone going with the cellphone idea.)

  3. Awww, But I Don't Want To Take The Stairs 🙁 …

    …They're Until Down, And That's Very Far Away And It's Tired 🙁 …

  4. Guys stop hating the girl because she was scared, some people are not commandos. She went to the elevator because that was the closest thing to her. We don't know if the guy was fast or slow, she went in the elevator to survive. If she didn't know there was a woman with an axe waiting for her. You got to understand she was afraid of her life, at least she tried to survive.

  5. i thought it was awesome, but what wouldve made it better was what happened in the beginning with the guy and showed how they got to where they were…. but overall awesome job! 😀

  6. I just watched one about the elevator and read a comment that said she should have taken the stairs then I see this one lol

  7. Her: "Going down?"
    My brain: Hey, how ya doin lil mama? Lemme whisper in your ear, tell you something you might like to hear- it's free real estate

  8. The black man always get killed first the horror movies but thank God we got Jordan Peele & other black horror directors to fix that 🙂

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