Talon Falls Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Talon Falls Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

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Je veux que vous nous disiez tout ce qui s’est passé… Tout ce dont vous pouvez vous souvenir… Je ne me souviens de rien… On a besoin de votre aide pour retrouver vos amis. … Cette maison… Quoi ? … On nous a parlé d’une maison hantée … Qui donc ? … L’homme à la station servicePensez vous que vos amis sont encore là-bas ? Pensez vous qu’il leur est arrivé quelque chose ? … Il les a massacré…


  1. What scares me the most is that anyone can find trailers like this. Very young kids can just randomly come across these trailers, and I find that very disturbing…

  2. OMG YES, this looks awesome! I love the capture, torture horror films! I'm patiently waiting for cannibal farm as well

  3. You guys I live in Kentucky there’s a real place called Talon Falls, it’s Talon Falls Scream park. It’s awesome!

  4. I really enjoyed the film. Fantastic soundtrack too! Check out this playlist of the tracks performed by Mr Strange / The Shanklin Freak Show

  5. For anyone who is looking for the circusy rock songs from the film, they're by Mr. Strange. Here's the playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXJe4ZE5vWBSKDfCU5M97zJOJWay9KWR7

  6. Another retarded bitches scream all trailer… Not gonna watch this shit and listen screaming bitches Heeeeeeeeeeeelp Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp…. Fkin bored of this shit…. .It´s annoying…you should make horror movies only with men….

  7. This looks like it could be a step above straight to video, although it's straight to video. Anyone know how it is? Looks interesting and less on the cheap side.

  8. esta es una copia de una de las películas de masacre en Texas inicia igual y es exactamente la misma historia hasta el señor de la gasolinera llama para avisar que nas victas van hacia allá,solo que en vez de una anciana en talón falls es un hombre

  9. Just watched this movie! Love the gore! If youre a Horror Fanatic like myself and youre looking for something new to watch I def recommend.

  10. I like horror but not things that are mean spirited . Hostel for example. Torture for the sake of torture. Films like ' Saw " are bloody and gruesome but not mean spirited. I'll pass.

  11. Sounds like they ripped off the opening dialogue from Darkness🤔 Could just be my imagination….. But nah!

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