Teen Girls Watch Classic Horror Movies For The First Time

Teen Girls Watch Classic Horror Movies For The First Time

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– Can I not do this anymore? Honestly, kinda scared. (spooky music) – I hate horror movies. I get scared really easily. – I do get scared from them
but I love that feeling. – The Grudge, Ring – When A Stranger Calls or I
Know What You Did Last Summer – Sinister, it’s a really good one. The Conjuring – That’s so not fun. Like why would you put yourself
through being terrified for like an hour and a half? – I really have to go to the bathroom so I hope you don’t play
something really scary ’cause I might pee my pants. (spooky music) – [Girl] No, no, no child, no. No, no (laughs) Oh my God, no. – [Blonde girl] I’m like scared. – Oh ok, I was not expecting that. – [Dark haired girl] No!
– Since when are they British? – The echoing is not helping. – This reminds me of Saw. – [Dark haired girl] Do
not go with them Danny! Oh no! (screams) – That was so random.
– Oh my God. – What a power to have, to see that. – Where are his parents? – I don’t know if that actually happened? – Yeah, ’cause now they’re gone. – Can’t he just go to his room? – He’s definitely crazy.
– What? Talking to his finger. – He’s making direct eye contact with me. (spooky music) – [Girl] Hey, Johnny Depp, looking good. – [Dark haired girl] Oh the crop top. – Boys should wear crop tops more often. Ok! Oh! – Oh my…where’s he going? – Oh shit! So many things just happened! Oh my God! – Oh I was not expecting that. That’s a lot of blood. – Ok, the human body does not
have that much blood in it. (spooky music) – [Dark haired girl]
I feel like somebody’s gonna pop up behind her.
– It’s too quiet. – When her eyes are closed. – [Red haired girl] She’s
too happy, it’s not normal. – [Girl] She’s like over
excessively soaping herself. – Ok there we go. – Oh my God the door opened! How does she not see that? (screams) – Oh my (laughs) – [Red haired girl] My goodness. – Looks like a shark bit her. – How is she not dead yet? – Stop. Oh my God. – This is why I don’t shower home alone. – [Girl] She has to be dead. – What a time to be alive. (laughs) (spooky music) – [Girl] That’s the creepiest
doll I’ve ever seen. – (screams) This is a great start. – Why would you do that?
– I would leave. – [Dark haired girl] No, don’t touch it. Stop it, you’re aggravating it. – The hair (laughs) – The expression on the
doll is like really scary. Is she putting the doll in the fire? – This woman needs some help. (laughs) (screams) – [Girl] Looks like he’s
trying to give her a hickey. Your average Friday night. – [Dark haired girl] For a
small doll that is some words. – Why did she want it
to wake up if it’s gonna do that to her? – She can just leave her house. – This woman is gonna die. (spooky music) – So many things just happened. – I’m pretty sure I was
screaming the whole time. – Yeah. – For it’s time period I’d
say it looked pretty good. – But for now, it seemed a little dated. – You wouldn’t really see
much of what just happened in a horror movie today. – A lot of the ones nowadays
are all kind of the same and very expected. This were really unexpected. – [Girl] Yeah, watching
any horror movie in a dark basement alone would scare you. I don’t think there’s any way
not to be scared from that.


  1. I know you're probably not supposed to but I do, anytime I watch a horror movie I kinda laugh out out…..

  2. the movie which I find very scared is Ring the ghost girl really creeps me out I watched it's trailer and I couldn't even sleep that night

  3. me and my dad watch scary movies outside almost every night and when the movies over i go straight to the bathroom????

  4. Physco was hilarious. She's really happy in the shower then when shes getting stabbed it makes the "eek eeek eek eek" noises ????

  5. How the hell have these girls never heard of the infamous scene in psycho in the shower or the shining or nightmare on elm street like what the hell im younger than them and i have heard of all of these movies

  6. My literal favorite movie EVER is Little Shop of Horrors. It’s just so good. The songs are phenomenal, the acting is A+. I could watch that movie forever and never get bored if it.

  7. uuuuuggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…THESE VIDEOS ANNOY ME SO MUCH! I am a fan of horror movies and the fact that these bitches haven't watched Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street, I-I-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. How have they not seen psycho and Chucky? Oml and I wouldn’t make it 20 minutes watching a movie with them before giving up.

  9. Bruh I'm 12 watched probably all the horror movies like exorcist, conjuring, Annabelle, grudge, chainsaw, etc etc I can't even remember the names and not even have blinked a eye and this Asian girl…………

  10. Hello people rolling through the comment section ?? we have lots of food for you! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? it’s ok you are probably scared if you are not then that’s ok ?

  11. Ok question…..how do they not know what's gonna happen in the shower scene in Psycho? It's only the most iconic scene in movie history!!!!

  12. Okay this generations has no clue about horror beacse horror today is NOT HORROR!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!! all horror today is nothing but jump scares

  13. I'm guessing they just watched that without cocntext, because those aren't even the most unnerving parts of any of those movies (except, maybe psycho)

  14. 1.The shinning.
    2.Nightmare on Elm street (My personal favorite).
    4.Child's play.

    I've seen all of these movies when I was 5

  15. I have no soul, I watch movies in the dark before bed all the time and I don't get scared and I am immune to jumpscares. someone plz give me an actual scary movie

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