Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs

Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs

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– Ooh, ooh!
I saw some eyeballs. That’s disgusting.
– (FBE) Beverly’s reaction in the trailer lead some
to believe that maybe something’s up
with her tea in this scene. – Oh, hell no.
♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ (doorbell rings)
(door creaks) – Okay, what’s this? – (Beverly) I used to live here.
– It’s a scary movie. – Ah, hell yeah, baby!
(door creaking) – (Mrs. Kersh) Yes?
May I help you? – (Beverly) I used to live here.
– Is this the new “It” trailer? – It’s “It.”
– This is the new “It” trailer. – (Mrs. Kersh) It’s
the least I can do. – I haven’t seen the trailer
for the new one, but I have seen
the first one that came out. – (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel free
to look around while I get the water boiling.
– (Beverly) “Your hair is winter fire. January embers.”
– It’s like all of them a lot older.
– That’s Beverly? So, that’s them
when they’re older? ♪ (heartwarming music fades eerily) ♪ – Oh, no, no, no, no, no! – Ooh!
– (Mrs. Kersh) There you go. – That was weird.
– (Mrs. Kersh) There you go. – (Beverly) Thank you.
– (Mrs. Kersh) Now, some music. – Okay, this old lady
is giving me creepy vibes. – (Mrs. Kersh) I do apologize.
It gets so very hot here this time of year.
– (Beverly) It’s fine. – (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel
like you could just about die. (chuckles)
– Oh my goodness. – (Mrs. Kersh) But you know
what they say about Derry. – (Beverly) Hm.
– (Mrs. Kersh) No one who dies here ever really dies.
– Okay, you gotta stop talking about death.
There’s some foreshadowing here. – (Mrs. Kersh) No one who dies here
ever really dies. – That’s disconcerting.
– She’s probably It. Like, not gonna lie. – Oh my gosh.
That’s so creepy. – (Mrs. Kersh) But tell me,
how is it being back in Derry? – (Beverly) It’s good. Strange.
– (Mrs. Kersh) Strange? Oh my.
– (gasps) – (Mrs. Kersh) Oh my.
– Oh my go– wha– (gags) – (Mrs. Kersh) I had some cookies
in the oven before you came. Stay right there.
– I shouldn’t impose. – Yeah, time to dip.
– At this point, it’s time to GTFO. – (Beverly) Your photos
are lovely Ms. Kersh. Are these your family?
– (Mrs. Kersh) My father came to this country with $14
in his pocket. – (Beverly) What did he do,
Mrs. Kersh? – (Mrs. Kersh) My father
joined the circus. – Ohh, Pennywise.
– It’s Pennywise. Yes. – I love that this isn’t a trailer.
It’s like an actual clip from the movie,
which is scarier, honestly. – Oh, that kind of scared me.
(laughs) – Oh my god!
Is she naked? – (gasps) Put some clothes on, girl. – “Shining” had a naked grandma.
This has a naked grandma. What’s with horror movies
and naked grandmas? – (Mrs. Kersh) Are you still
his little girl, Beverly? ♪ (ominous music) ♪
– Oh my god. I can’t even. – (squeals)
– (Mrs. Kersh) Are you? (stomping) – I don’t like the sound of this.
What the heck?! – Ooh, girl, run.
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (Richie) This meeting
of the Losers Club has officially begun. – No way!
Oh my god, it’s all of them in the future. Bill Hader!
Hell yeah! – Hell no. – Ooh, ooh,
I saw some eyeballs. That’s disgusting. – I can’t– oh my god.
I can’t. I really can’t look at stuff like that. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– (Jaxon and Pennywise) Hello. – (claps)
– (Pennywise chuckles creepily) – All right, I’m seeing
the first one today right when I get home.
– I’m excited. The first one was really scary.
I saw it in theaters when it first came out,
and I was like, yeah. I was front row,
so everything was popping out at me, and I was like,
“Nope, can’t do this.” – God, this is gonna be great.
This is gonna be a great movie. I can already tell.
– I liked the first one. I just kind of thought
it was okay. But this is actually, like,
oh, this is getting the blood pumping. – (FBE) So, we have more
to show you in a second, but that was the new teaser trailer
for “It: Chapter Two” that was released recently.
The new film is set in 2016, and it follows the kids
from the first film 27 years later now as adults.
– Right. Okay. Interesting. – (FBE) So, for many fans,
the biggest thing to do is comb through the trailer,
find as many hints about the story as possible.
– Right. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna play
the trailer again and pause during a few of the most
talked about moments from the trailer to see
what your thoughts are. But remember…
– Ooh. – (FBE) …all speculation.
– Yeah. I’m so excited for this.
– Trailer speculation. An art form. – (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel free
to look around while I get the water boiling.
– (Beverly) “Your hair is winter fire. January embers.
My heart burns there, too.” – She was in shackles or something.
– Oh, does this have to do with abuse or something?
– Well, wasn’t her dad abusive? But didn’t he die
in the first one? – Maybe bruises stuck around
since she was a kid, like from her dad?
How they never really went away? – (FBE) So, fans seem to think
that this image confirms that Beverly’s storyline
from the book will also appear in the film.
In the book, Beverly is a victim of domestic violence,
and these are her bruised arms. – Ohh. I feel like
that’s exciting for fans who follow the book.
There’s so much attention to detail. – Obviously, they didn’t
do that by accident. I’m just surprised people
look that in detail to notice that, ’cause I did not see that at all.
– I feel like she’s just been so vulnerable her whole life
that she can’t find the right person. And when she’s with a person
that abuses her, she feels like she has to stay,
because she’s had that past as well. – That’s freaky to me, those flies. – (Mrs. Kersh) It gets
so very hot here this time of year. – (Beverly) It’s fine.
– (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel like you could just about die. (chuckles)
– (FBE) So, she makes a little bit of a face after drinking that tea.
– Ohh. Yeah. – (FBE) What do you think
that could mean? – Ummm, I don’t know.
The old lady put something in it? – She’s dead. (chuckles) Yeah.
I think that’s pretty clear. She’s dead.
You see the flies out there. Flies decompose things. – (FBE) In the book,
the teacup seen here is actually full of excrements.
Appropriate given that Pennywise lives in the town sewage system.
– No. No. – Oh my god. That could be
the reasoning for the flies. – (FBE) Beverly’s reaction
in the trailer lead some to believe that maybe something’s up
with her tea in this scene. – Oh, hell no.
Ohh, just seeing her as she’s getting the cookie,
she looks down to see what it is. That– ughhh!
– I would just be like, “Uh, okay,” and then
just run the heck away! (laughs) I’d be like, “No!”
– Well, that is the tea, am I right? ♪ (ba-dum-tss) ♪
(canned laughter) – (Mrs. Kersh) Tell me,
how is it being back in Derry? – She’s so sweaty.
She anxious about something? – (Mrs. Kersh) Oh my.
– Ughhhhhhhh! And then y’all had to stop it
and zero in on it. – Not really sure what it is,
but it looks like her skin is deteriorating,
and it looks disgusting. – Well, they’re wounds.
Wounds that Pennywise had on him when he was attacked.
– (FBE) Many fans think that the mark on the old woman’s chest confirms
that she is, in fact, Pennywise. – Oh. Oh.
Bridging gender roles. Okay. – (FBE) So, in the first film,
Mike stabs Pennywise with a fence post right in the chest
that almost killed him. – That’s interesting.
So, maybe it’s like being Pennywise passes down through the family
or something. – I can see that.
Plus, she’s weird. At the end of the trailer,
she had those weird legs, and she was running
towards her. That’s a Pennywise move.
– I kind of thought that she was Pennywise,
but I thought he lived in a sewer. – The lumberjack.
– Paul Bunyan. – Was that important, I guess,
back 20-something years ago in the first one?
– You’re gonna have to help me out here. (laughs)
– (FBE) So, in the novel that the movie is adapted from,
Richie, who’s played by Bill Hader in the second film,
comes face to face with Pennywise the Clown,
and Pennywise transforms into this statue
and attacks Richie. So, the image in the trailer
may confirm that this could happen in the film.
– Oh my gosh. That’s so scary. That’s like their biggest fear
is following them into adulthood. – It seems like they’re taking
a lot more details from the book now and really using that in this movie,
which is really cool. – It’s really cool that they’re
staying pretty faithful to the actual book,
’cause a lot of movie adaptations don’t do that.
And so, it’s also nice, ’cause then you leave hints like this,
so then people who’ve read the book will be like, “Oh my god!”
They’ll feel special for having actually read it. – (FBE) This second film
sees the kids now as adults. So, we now have an image
that’s a side-by-side comparison of the kid actors
with their adult counterparts. We want to see what you think
of how they did with the casting. – Wow!
That is pretty on point. – Oh my gosh.
It’s pretty spot on. That could definitely be
all of them grown up. – They did a good job
with Beverly. Finn Wolfhard?
I don’t really know to be honest. But I could see the resemblance.
– I mean, who wouldn’t be excited for Bill Hader?
That’s gonna be great. – That’s the guy from “Split.”
He’s a REALLY good actor. – He’s so talented
in bringing raw emotion and being really vulnerable
in front of the camera. So, I think that’s good
that they cast him as lead, because there’s so much
emotional trauma in him. – (chuckles)
All right, that happens. People lose weight, I guess.
Maybe in the first one, he realized that when he gotta run,
he gotta get in shape. – They got a lot
of star power in it. And star power may
not always translate into actually being a good movie,
but these are definitely reliable people who hopefully
will do justice to the second part of “It.” – (FBE) So, there has been a lot
of anticipation for this movie thanks to how the first film
in the series ended and how well it did
with both critics and audiences. – Well, it deserves it,
because it’s a great movie. – (FBE) So, you are obviously a teen,
and some of you guys here aren’t even able to see
an R-rated film without a parent. – But we do it anyway. (giggles) – (FBE) But we wanted to ask,
have you seen the first “It” movie, and if so, what were
your opinions on that? – I have not seen “It,”
but I feel like I have seen it just because the hype around it
was so huge. – No, I have not. (chuckles)
My parents are like, “No rated R movies.
You can’t do that.” – I loved it.
I saw it with a bunch of friends, and it was a great movie.
– I saw it. I believe it was when I was 18,
so I could see it. And yeah, it was pretty terrifying,
and there were a lot of curse words in there, especially
from the little kids. Like, you wouldn’t expect that.
But yeah, it makes sense that it’s rated R.
– I actually liked the movie a lot. The acting was good.
The story was pretty good. I just…
I don’t know how the book is compared to the movie.
And that’s why I want to read it, because most of the time,
the book is a lot better. – When I saw the first one,
I remember it was in the movie theater with my family.
And they were super into it. And there were some jump scares
with the clown, but I was so sad the whole movie,
because I was like, “This little boy is just dead now.”
And I thought– The whole movie I was saying–
I was like, “He’s gonna come back to life.
They’re gonna save him.” But then at the end, he died.
And I was like, “What was the point of that?” – (FBE) So, Stephen King,
who is the author of “It,” along with many
other classic thrillers, has been known to dislike
the movie adaptations of his books. For example, he hated
“The Shining” movie… – I heard that.
– (FBE) Yeah, that was directed by Stanley Kubrick,
calling it “a big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside of it,”
saying that “the characters had no real story arc in the film.”
– Yeah, I think– it’s interesting ’cause there’s
a certain element of how much of adapting a book
is portraying the author’s vision and how much is actually
adapting it to make it more suitable for a film medium.
You can’t really deny that Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”
is a cinematic masterpiece. – (FBE) And on May 7th,
he tweeted out about the sequel of this film, stating,
“I’ve seen it, and it’s terrific.” So, as a teen, do you care more
about what the author of the source material
or critics might think or would you care more
about what your friends think when it comes to a movie?
– Definitely my friends. If I read a review saying
that the movie is terrible, but then I have five
of my friends saying, “Oh my god. It was so good,”
I’m gonna see the movie. – Friends, they got
their weird opinions. Critics, that’s their job.
So, they’re a little smarter in that area. So, I would
go with what the critics say. – If the author thinks it’s good,
then it’s good, because when the author
is writing something, they have a vision in their head
of how it’s supposed to be. And if his vision sort of matches up
with what the movie is, then that’s amazing.
– Some of my friends have… pretty crappy taste in movies.
So, the fact that the original author appreciates it and thinks
that it shows his material in the right way,
and it’s well done, I think that shows
that it’s gonna be really good. – If I haven’t necessarily
read the book, I kind of care a little bit more
what my friends think, ’cause I have more trust
in them at that point, you know? ‘Cause I know that
we typically like the same things, so if they liked it,
I’m gonna like it, whereas I might not know
if I like the book or the author. – (FBE) So finally,
will you float to the theater and watch “It: Chapter Two,”
or will you be floating in the opposite direction?
– I’m gonna float to the theaters. – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna
float on and watch it. – I’ll see. I might watch it
with some friends or something. – Probably the opposite direction
just ’cause I haven’t seen the first one.
I’m not sure it would be best for my mental health
to see the first one. – I will go see the movie.
It’s gonna be a great time, and I can’t wait to see it.
Ooh! I can’t wait. – I’m gonna be floating there
and hopefully I don’t float back and Pennywise
doesn’t come after me. – I definitely wanna watch “It”
and “It: Chapter Two,” but I don’t know if I wanna
watch it in theaters, ’cause when you watch
a movie in theaters, you can’t pause it.
– Oh, no, I’m floating into the theater
with the balloons and everything. I’m going in there. (laughs)
– This happens a lot when it’s rated R movies.
People talk about it. I can’t see it.
I’m left out the conversation. I hate that.
I wanna be in the conversation and also because it’s a good movie
from what I’ve heard, I wanna see it. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. Shoutout to Brie Taylor
and Nice Stuff. – Hi, everyone!
It’s Reina. I can’t believe I am moving on
to Adults React. I’m no longer a teen,
which is so weird. But wow, Teens React
really helped me get out of my comfort zone
and see all of you wonderful fans out there
who support us. All right.
Bye, guys!


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