Terrifying Clown Movies You Never Knew Existed

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Just as Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT has
many faces, the terrifying monster clown is too big an idea for just one franchise. Creepy clowns have appeared in a wide variety
of movies over the years, and they’re just as terrifying now as they ever were. Here are some movies featuring deadly clowns
you might not have met—and who may haunt your nightmares once you do. “See you in your dreams.” Clown Brought to you by future Spider-Man: Homecoming
director Jon Watts, Clown was shot in 2012, but it took until 2016 to find distribution
in the U.S. It’s a genuinely disturbing film, featuring
one of the most terrifyingly inhuman clowns ever to appear onscreen. Kent’s just a regular guy, but when his son’s
birthday party is almost ruined after the clown cancels, Kent puts on an old suit and
plays the role himself. Unfortunately, the suit is cursed, and he
starts transforming into a demonic clown with an insatiable need to eat the flesh of children. So… have fun with that. Stitches Stitches wasn’t a very good clown to begin
with, but his career—and his life—ended when some kids tied his shoelaces together
and he fell onto an upturned knife and died. Six years later, those kids are teenagers
having a party in the same house, and Stitches rises again to take his revenge, complete
with Go Go Gadget clown murder arms. All Hallows’ Eve In the three part anthology All Hallows’ Eve,
a babysitter working on Halloween finds a videotape of a murdering clown in a kid’s
Trick or Treat bag. Soon, the clown on the tape begins to appear
in the real world. All Hallows’ Eve director Damien Leone created
Art the Clown years before the movie’s 2013 release for his short films Terrifier and
The 9th Circle, both of which were incorporated into All Hallow’s Eve. The killer clown is set to return in Leone’s
next film, a feature-length version of Terrifier. Amusement This 2008 film is split into sections focusing
on three girls attempting to escape from a maniac in clown makeup. Before he became the masked clown, this movie’s
main character was a psychologically unbalanced child who was picked on by those same three
girls. Now that they’re all grown, he’s hunting them
down and taking revenge. Clownhouse It’s basically the perfect setup for a low-budget
1989 horror movie: three escaped mental patients kill some clowns at the circus and steal their
costumes, then follow three teenage brothers home to their big, isolated house. Creepy music and murder ensue. Unfortunately, the real-life circumstances
of Clownhouse’s production turned out to be far more disturbing than its story. Director Victor Salva was convicted of molesting
the actor who played the youngest brother, and the story resurfaced when Salva, after
a brief prison stay, was hired by Disney to direct Powder in 1995. Anyone who knows the story is understandably
going to find Clownhouse hard to watch. Blood Harvest Mervo the Marvelous is unique among the clowns
on this list—he’s not necessarily the killer in Blood Harvest, he’s just hanging around,
being creepy, in the town where the killings are happening. Played by Tiny Tim, the falsetto-singing ukulele
player, Mervo is the older brother of the ex-boyfriend of Jill, the film’s protagonist. “I brought you some flowers, Jill.” When everyone who Jill cares about starts
dying, Mervo is one of the possible suspects, obviously – when people are mysteriously dropping
dead, that guy in town who likes to wear clown makeup is going to look pretty suspicious. Blood Harvest turned out to be little more
than a footnote in Tiny Tim’s unusual career, but it’s certainly weird enough to be worth
a look for enthusiasts of the clown horror subgenre. Vulgar Have you ever wanted to watch Jay and Silent
Bob fight a killer clown? Well, Vulgar’s your chance. Kevin Smith produced and acted in this ultra
low budget 2000 horror comedy about a murderous clown named Vulgar who wants revenge on the
men who assaulted him. Vulgar was directed by Bryan Johnson, and
stars Brian O’Halloran, best known as Dante from Clerks, in the title role. Killer Klowns from Outer Space After its 1988 release, Killer Klowns from
Outer Space became a minor cult classic, but it’s not as widely remembered or beloved as
it once was. It tells the story of clownlike aliens who
arrive on Earth in flying saucers that look like circus tents and begin massacring and
eating all the humans they find, often in ridiculous ways that resemble circus performances. Killer Klowns from Outer Space was the only
film written and directed by the Chiodo Brothers, special effects artists who also created the
titular monsters for the Critters movies. Gacy John Wayne Gacy might be the scariest killer
clown of all, for the simple reason that he actually existed. A family man and respected community member,
Gacy turned out to have the bodies of more than 30 people buried underneath his house. The bio-pic Gacy came out in 2003, and while
it’s not a widely remembered or popular film, it’s a must-see if you’re interested in true
crime or killer clowns. “Now we aren’t strangers, are we?” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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