TERROR IN THE WOODS 🌲 Bigfoot Encounter (Stalked & Hunted) ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

TERROR IN THE WOODS 🌲 Bigfoot Encounter (Stalked & Hunted) ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

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my name is Eric stair Worth in 2013 I
was doing what was called the hikers challenge I arrived at the trailhead the second
week of August 2013 and the weather was pleasant it was probably in the 80s
hardly a cloud in the sky I like to walk alone because it’s kind of meditative to
me it’s a great for thinking and hashing things out in your mind the section I’m
hiking is on the border of Rockcastle in Laurel County in Kentucky the day was
only about 15 miles and I wanted to go a whole lot longer just so I didn’t have
to hike as much the next day the trail was well-maintained but it was a it was
thick nonetheless there were parts of it that weren’t really blazed well so you
could easily get lost it was exactly what I was looking for that was dense it was hilly it was a
challenge by the time I got into the thick of the
woods it was probably about 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning so I decided to sit
down and take a quick snack and get a drink that day I carried with me a small
pocket knife that has like a corkscrew on it and a pair of scissors and that’s
it I got up and I went right back to hiking I was feeling really excited you know I was are I was roughly halfway
finished with the trail it started getting dark so I decided
this stuff there it’s pretty much a frame tent so you can
see out of it either end but on the sides you can you’re covered
usually in the forest you take your food and you put it in a dry sack and you
throw it up over a tree to keep it away from bears but uh that night I decided
to just take my food and sleep with it because I was way too tired I just took
it in the tarp with me I know a lot of people were screaming at me right now
saying that’s a bad thing to do but I’ve spent months out in the woods by myself
and never really had a problem when I got into the sleeping bag the Sun
was just setting over the horizon it was a long day it was a 26-mile day so as
soon as my head hit the pillow I was out a couple hours into sleep I wake up to
something crawling on me got up out of my tarp started running around like a
crazy man I must have set my tent up over an anthill the ants are crawling
all over my body all over my arms all over my face I just want them off me and
that just angers them and they start biting me all over I hear sound down the ridge a little bit
and it stops me in my tracks being out in the woods in the night you know you
you hear any kind of noise and you immediately think like oh man what’s out
there it was moving around like it was startled hey who’s there who’s there I figured it was a big animal because
nothing in the woods is that clumsy and makes that big of noise I’ve seen bears
before so I just you know head back pick up my tarp and move it away from the
anthill I crawled back to my sleeping bag and
don’t even worry about the sound and fall right back asleep I wake up again to something big on the
side of my tent this thing it definitely had mass to it it wasn’t just like a
deers hoofs walking and did it it was something with large feet I’ve came
across pretty much every single animal that is believed to be in the eastern
United States and none of them really fit the description it sounded like it
was inches away from my head the tarp itself was like swaying with with every
step it took look what many other hikers like
backpacked with told me that when they’ve had encounters with bears
barking like a dog would scare him off what ruff started running away like I startled it
I hear the impact of the feet wrestling with the leaves along the way the sound like seems like super
aggressive and it seemed like it was coming from a creature that was very
very big it didn’t sound like any animal that I’ve ever heard of I know like deer
make a wheezing noise but this sounded much deeper much more guttural so it was
either a mutant deer or it was something entirely different I wanted to run but I didn’t know like
where to run to a lot of times with like large predators if you run they think
that you are some sort of prey it terrified me I knew it was probably afraid of me but I was just as equally afraid of it when I didn’t hear anything out there
anymore I packed up my tarp packed up my sleeping bag and my sleeping pad and I made a pretty large fire then I
took out my knife and I made sure I had it you know ready and i sat there with
my little pocket knife I don’t know what good it would have done I knew whatever
was out in the woods it probably wouldn’t have done any good fighting it
with this knife I was too worried that if I would leave
in the middle of the night I would either fall off a cliff or run into this
creature I was actually too scared to do anything
and that was kind of waiting for it to make the next move
so I sat next to the fire for the rest of the night jumping at shadows I put out the fire and I hightail it out
of there if a guy like me can have an experience
like this there’s definitely a possibility that some large unknown
creature exists that you know we don’t even know about and I thought about it
all the way until I got to my truck I think a lot of people like have these
very like valid experiences and a lot of times people just discard them just
because there’s so much like stigma surrounding you know the legend of
Bigfoot after the experience I’m definitely more tolerant of people’s
stories I don’t just like you know like okay wait whatever buddy you know I I
take time to listen to him I never really like considered I’d come across
to something of this nature you know it wasn’t even in my mind


  1. TERROR IN THE WOODS 🌲 Bigfoot Encounter (Stalked & Hunted) ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

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  2. We've all heard about legends of skin walkers big foot is sort of a skin walker but you don't know you don't know whats crawling around in the woods at night

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